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  1. These look like good suggestions, Don. Our group of four are booked on the Star Flyer for the Oct 8-15, 2022 Northern Cyclades cruise. We have no idea how to find out about available shore excursions. I don't see anything on the website and we haven't received ANYTHING from Start Clippers other than our paid-in-full passenger confirmation invoices. We would appreciate tips, or links, or contact info to find out about the Star Clippers, Roll Call, and ToursByLocals excursions that you mention. Thank you in advance! Ray
  2. Hi Don, I'm new today to Cruise Critic and new to Star Clippers, as well, so please excuse my ignorance, but how do you find out about Star Flyer shore excursions? My group of four are booked on the Oct 8-15 Northern Cyclades cruise on the Star Flyer and have heard nothing from Star Clippers other than the Passenger Confirmation Invoices. When our travel agent and myself have tried to contact them we've heard nothing and I don't see anything on their website other than ancient PDF summary of shore excursions. The StarClippers.com email addresses I've tried are sales@, info@, and confirmation@, but haven't even received a reply. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks. Ray
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