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  1. Would you have a link to the site? Thank you 😊
  2. our cruise has a stop in Boston. We wanted to do the hop on and hop off bus from the cruise but it’s all sold out. I see that there are several other buses in the city but I can’t find out if they will pick you up at the terminal. Does anyone have this information I have tried calling, but don’t seem to get a reply. Thanks in advance.
  3. we will be departing the Liberty of Sea on October 28th. Looking for transportation from port to EWR. any sugggestions do not want Royal Caribean shuttle . Are uber easy to call, what about taxi are they plentiful or if someone can suggestion a reliable shuttle service Thank you
  4. Going on Canada cruise from Bayonne,, is it better to fly into EWR or LGA, we are coming from Cincinati and lots of opitions for both
  5. I saw most have shuttle from airport, but what would the cost be for an uber from airport. we have a wheelchair and it might be easier for us
  6. we have cruised many many times but this will be our first time using a wheelchair. Which would be more user friendlly, Boston or Port of Bayonne. Have cruised from both but cant recall if it was difficut to get off and on. Both cruised are similair so we could do either one. Thanks for any input
  7. I am considering two cruises for fall , one from Boston and one from Bayonne. which one would be the easiest for wheel chair user. Both iternaries are great and just want the one that would be easiest. This would be our first time sailing with a wheel chair any help woul be appreciates.
  8. looking for things to do after a Baltimore cruise. our flight does not leave until 5 and really dont want to sit in airport all day. Thanks
  9. you could do this years ago before9/11 you could go to dock and wait for cabin, did it many times back in the 80's. before all the security changed. Now you just buy it at last minute for a good deal1
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