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  1. Keep an eye out around Canada Day/July 4th and Labour Day. I’ve noticed Flash Sales before during those times.
  2. It’s April 8 on the silhouette.
  3. Keep an eye on the app. Sometimes they offer the drink package at 50% off. We booked the drink package at 50% off for our upcoming April cruise during the Black Friday Sale.
  4. Hey there! If you get a chance can you take a picture of the wine package cost? When we were on board the Equinox last April the sommelier gave us a menu that had wine package options. I think it was 3, 5 and 7. There was a classic option and premium. TIA!
  5. Can you let me know if there are any spa discounts once you board. Looking specifically at a couple massage. Thanks so much!!
  6. Can anyone tell me if the Porch is still open? It shows up up on the app but you can’t make a reservation.
  7. Thanks everyone I appreciate the feedback! When do you find out about the room you are assigned if you book a guarantee?
  8. The concierge guarantee is a lower cost than the Prime Verandah. The cabins for the verandah are on the 9th deck close to the front. If we select the concierge guarantee, I’m a bit worried that we will get an obstructed view and be on a lower deck. At least with prime verandah we will know where our room is, even if it is right at the front! If I book the guarantee when do you find out what room you have? And if you don’t like the location can you switch?
  9. Looking at booking through AC Vacations. When I look at the various price options there is this code: NOPRKBO75 NRD. I can guess what the codes stand for but when you hover over it, it says Non-Refundable. Does that mean that just the deposit is non-refundable or the whole cruise cost is non-refundable?
  10. I started to look at this cruise when we got off of another Equinox cruise in April. Now looking at cabin availabilty it looks like there is not much selection left. Is this cruise selling out? Or do travel agencies have the rooms blocked off?
  11. @Jim_Iainwhat size is the bottle of liquor?
  12. Who did you book with for snorkeling?
  13. Here are the steps for the app. Make sure you have your cruise chosen: Go to Dining Choose Main Dining Choose Celebrity Select Dining at Silhoutte You will then have an option for reservations
  14. We have anytime booked for April. How do you book your dining time before the cruise. This is our first time sailing with Celebrity.
  15. I ran into the same issue when I booked through air Canada vacations. I ended up booking three cruises! Check your credit card to see if your deposit went through, also check to see if the cabin you selected is gone if it is then most likely your reservation has gone through, and also check your celebrity account. The CC charge and the info on my celebrity account didn’t show up til the next day. But the cabin not being available I noticed right away.
  16. Hi there, wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the balcony cabins on the 8th deck on the Equinox. I have a choice between: 8273 (Connected); 8275 (Connected) & 8251 (No connected but on an angle). There are two of us travelling. Any help would be great!
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