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  1. I agree with you entirely about the GTY category. But the spirit on this category, I assumed, was that they have every right to put me in the worst cabin, if the sailing was full and I would get this allocated 7 days beforehand - I would totally understand. My complaint is that my cabin was allocated in April, 7 months before sailing, so if the ship is only half full (for example) would I still be in the worst cabin - so why allocate now, why not allocate 7 days before????
  2. Hello all - this is the first time I have booked with Seabourn, its the most expensive cruise we have booked, to date, but so far have been truly disappointed with them. Firstly, they have already allocated me the worst cabin on the ship (although I did book at GTY category, but on other ships, the cabin is not allocated until the last minute, which I quite understand). Also, Seabourn are offering free wifi, some OBC and £400 air credit per guest. We are flying into Miami from London (return) using our BA Airmiles, so will not be using the air credit, BUT, our cruise leaves Miami, but then arrives in San Juan, so I have to get AA flights from San Juan back to Miami, but apparently and quite conveniently, Seabourn are saying that the £400 air credit only applies to flights to and from the UK????? The internal flights are only £189 each, so we are not asking for the full amount. Does anyone know where I can find the terms and conditions of this Air Credit, so I can check. Like I say, soooo disappointed with Seabourn, so far... Sandy
  3. Hello - I have just booked the Sojourn for 16 November 2020 and this is my first time with Seabourn, so would welcome a $400 OBC referral thingy. I am from the UK, so does it have to be a UK referral? Not too happy with Seabourn though at present, as I booked a GTY cabin and 7 months before sailing my cabin has been allocated, the worst verandah cabin on the ship, close to anchor, etc. Strange, as I thought the cabins don't generally get allocated until a few weeks before sailing?
  4. Hello all - I have sailed with many cruise lines, but this is the first time with Seabourn. Generally, we book at Guarantee cabin and generally strike lucky and get a good cabin, but the cabin numbers aren't generally allocated until a couple of weeks before sailing. So, I booked on the Seabourn Sojourn for 16 November sailing a couple of weeks ago on a GTY VOB, a verandah cabin and today was told that my cabin has already been allocated, ie Cabin 506, which I would say is the worst on the ship, ie a very small balcony. Now, of course, I understand I take the risk when booking a guarantee cabin, but my TA told me that the sailing was only half full. So, I just wondered whether this was usual practice for Seabourn to allocate cabins so early, or have they simply allocated the cabin I have paid for, then perhaps will change it again nearer to the sailing????? Thanks
  5. Hello - we are on a 12 night cruise on the Summit later this month and I really do want access to the internet during this time, but the charges are really expensive. The current deal is $269 for one device - if I prebook this package, minus my 25% discount as a Select member - its still $201. My question is: Is it really 10% cheaper if I pre-book, or will there be other deals once I board the ship? Also, I did read somewhere that they also discount internet packages half way through the cruise, but not sure if I can cope with keep popping off the ship to find a bar with wifi at every port a few times a day??? Thanks Sandy
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