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  1. I understand. I had two bad experiences with a large online TA who con-ned me so I moved on. I've been using my current TA for almost 10 years. I found them by making the TA's compete for my cruises. Don't need to do that anymore since they take better care of me and give me more OBC than anyone else has offered. OBC is nice but if they can't do the former, then it's no deal. Glad you're happy with your CVPs.
  2. Have you considered taking your mothers advice? By using my TA and not booking directly, I usually receive an additional $500-$900 OBC. The TA OBC is refundable in cash at the guest services desk on board. That way it's not refunded to my credit card so I get to keep the 3% cash back reward. Plus when I needed a lift and shift or there's a new promotion I quality for, my TA is the one who waits on hold to get it accomplished. Just this week she got me another $750 Azamara OBC for a six night cruise booked next June. Why would I give all that up to do my own bookings?
  3. I don't believe that Celebrity's "Always Included" program is an attempt to be like Azamara. IMO it's an attempt to force generate revenue by requiring people to pay the not so hidden charge whether they want it or not. Celebrity will never be able to imitate Azamara as long as Lisa is in charge of the penny pinching. That was her job at Royal Caribbean and why she was transferred to Celebrity to her do her hatchet job there. When Azamara attempts the same, I'll move up the line. Remember the double/double program? https://www.offshore-energy.biz/rcl-beats-the-double-doub
  4. How did you get the fruit to keep from falling off the plate when held upside down?
  5. To use an analogy; people who have never tasted steak think hamburger is great and good enough
  6. The key is whether the marketing firm knows what they're doing or not. A huge number of them question the client and just feed boiler plate garbage back to them based upon the client's input. Then they charge an exorbitant rate for that garbage. Based upon your myriad of CC postings, I suspect you may fit in that category. 🤣
  7. I thought it was for your first sail only? No? Azamara matches status and co earns. RC lets you be Diamond. but not matched.
  8. Or maybe: we don't care about your expectations, we just want your money. 😂
  9. I know that. I didn't say they just started it. We were talking about excesses and entitlement.
  10. Yes but even Carnival had to start limiting the number of drinks per day that the younguns felt they were entitled to.
  11. Don't they feed you in Canada? OMG. 🤢 Talk about always included.....
  12. Thirty Six but not all at the same time.
  13. It sounds like you don't appreciate Queen Lisa treating you like a mushroom. They keep you in the dark and feed you manure.
  14. I suspect they've been busy trying to comply with the CLIA and CDC guidelines/requirements preparing to sail again. They have to refit the ships for air, quarantine and social distancing areas. They're developing protocols. Their plate is. I'd guess when there is something concrete to announce, they'll do it. Dispensing partial information would not necessarily be productive. I personally don't need to know how they're making the sausage. I just want it to taste good when they're done.
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