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  1. I got an email yesterday of upgrade notice for my February 2021 cruise on the Sky. Obstructed deluxe balcony to non obstructed deluxe balcony. I had chosen my original cabin as it is one of those midship on Emerald deck with a much larger balcony, so I immediately called and the pleasant Princess agent (and I got right through on the phone!) got my original cabin back. I booked this on board and had asked the future cruise consultant to mark it do not upgrade, but apparently he didn’t. No harm! I was impressed at the gesture by Princess and told the agent how much I appreciated
  2. Yes!! No doubt about it! Have one booked for next February and possibly can fit in another later this year. With the way Princess is handling this, I won’t consider another cruise line.
  3. We also found Blarney to be very touristy and crowded. The line for the Blarney Stone was two hours, we did not wait in it. And the drive from Cobh seemed quite long too. While we had a nice day, we saw much nicer castles on other stops on the trip, most notably Stirling Castle.
  4. Whatever you do touring, make sure to leave time to wander into the little town of Cobh. We were sorry we didn’t allow more time there. It is a short, and I mean very short, walk from the ship. A nice promenade with a small Titanic Museum ( we didn’t have time for this but our friend did and she enjoyed it quite a bit), shops, pubs, a cute train station, etc. We stopped in at a pub for a pint and heard excellent Irish music being performed. Cobh really is a gem and one of the ports where you are right in town rather than in a commercial area.
  5. I’m sure I would have said something to the person when it happened, that is way too shocking and a Potential danger to fellow passengers health. I would probably Then point it out to the closest employee I could find so they could remove the food item and then ask someone to find a buffet supervisor ASAP to talk to and report it. Some of the employees in the buffet, especially those behind the counter, have very limited English and I think a supervisor would be better equipped to handle it and report it up the line. And I think I agree with Coral that perhaps the buffet should no
  6. Sorry I just re read your post and you said you didn’t want any insurance lectures. Mine wasn’t intended to be a lecture, just that you said you are turning 65 and Medicare changes things!
  7. Have a great cruise, assuming you go and happy birthday! This is my 65 year too, Medicare choices just around the corner. You may want to re consider getting insurance going forward With your future travel unless you are sure you have medical coverage out of the country. It is my understanding that Medicare does Not cover medical expenses incurred outside the US. Without insurance, the cost of something Medically happening on the cruise or, God forbid, an evacuation could be quite high. Much as we like to think we are still young and nothing ever happens, reality says it does!
  8. We did British Isles cruise in 2018, and also five nights pre cruise in London. Loved every minute, it’s a great cruise.
  9. Interesting! They did not offer the Pub Lunch on our recent cruise on the Sky. And unless I missed it or it has been eliminated, they did not have the elaborate sushi buffet or the chocolate buffet that we have previously seen on the Royal
  10. Exactly! Our daughter and son in law opted for this from our British Isles cruise, as they had been to Paris but theit two young girls had not. They did the “on your own “ Princess bus and were very pleased. The girls got some great photo ops, a few souvenirs, saw some sights and and it saved son in law paying for a separate trip to Paris, for at least awhile!
  11. No library. There is a very small book exchange on a table at the back of the computer room, but I would bring my own if I were you.
  12. The large Irish group was on our cruise on the Sky in late January. They brought their own entertainment, but had to use the Princess Theater at very off times, most often late at night or mid afternoon. I understand some of their entertainment took place later at night in the piazza (which was open to all passengers) but we were in bed by then. I also heard from other passengers that they one of the early traditional seatings at one of the dining rooms was for their group, but that was here say. Nice folks and in no way did the group interfere with our enjoyment of the cruise. Yo
  13. No, 50% of the base fare you paid for the cancelled cruise (not including fees, taxes) is deposited in your captains circle account. You then can apply this amount to a future booking, just like using a gift card. It has nothing to do with the actual price of the future booking. But if for instance you booked a shorter or less expensive cruise the amount of the credit could conceivably pay for most of the cruise.
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