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  1. sunsetbeachgal

    PSA: Taxi/Tour drivers, and common scam/deception. PLAYA/MAYA Palancar

    We we’re almost scammed at Cozumel with a taxi driver. I had researched the various Beach clubs and decided to go to Paradise Beach. At the taxi stand at Puerto Maya , a taxi driver told some of our group who arrived early that Paradise Beach was not the price I had been quoted (a lie of course)and was not that nice, and that he had a much better place he could take us to. Although some of our group seemed interested, I said no, we wanted to go to Paradise Beach. I’m sure he was getting a kickback for everyone he brought into the place he suggested. And Paradise beach is still our go to place in Cozumel. Be very wary of taxi drivers!
  2. sunsetbeachgal


    Definitely fly into LGA if you can and if you plan on sightseeing, stay for several nights in Manhattan. We like theater so prefer Times Square area for the convenience for hotel, preferably on a quieter side street such as 44 th or 45 th. I would look at TripAdvisor for hotels, but plan on spending at least $250 plus per night, and that is not even for a deluxe or 4* property! Also very easy to catch a subway from there to WTC, there is a direct line from Port Authority subway station. Car service to Brooklyn, we used Carmel Limo and booked in advance.
  3. sunsetbeachgal


    Second the recommendations!! Love the sangria and it is one of the better drink bargains on the ship, more than enough to share. We like both the red and the white. Also love the veal ravioli in the sinfully wonderful sauce, the veggie antipasto salad, the eggplant rollatini, the pizzas, etc. You get the point!
  4. sunsetbeachgal

    ocean medallion on royal ?

    Hey!! i know it’s a little off topic but since you are on Royal now and we Board on Saturday, can you please tell me what time late traditional dining is on your sailing? Folks have been reporting it is 7:45 but those were holiday sailings so wondering what it is now. thanks and have a great cruise!!
  5. sunsetbeachgal

    Docking in Roatan

    Thx for the link. We will be on the Royal Princess docking at Roatan on Jan 22. I just looked at the link to see if any other ships are there with us and noticed a ship called Artania is also docking at Roatan. I’ve never heard of this ship, so Looked It up and found out it was originally built in 1984 by Princess as the Royal Princess. Funny coincidence!!
  6. sunsetbeachgal

    Shore Excursion Best Price Guarantee Question

    It is for a cruise I am on that departs on January 19.
  7. I agree! We board the Royal on January 19, I will report back once I’m on board and see the Patter.
  8. sunsetbeachgal

    Shore Excursion Best Price Guarantee Question

    It took longer than it should have. Submitted form,, no response, I sent another email after four business days and they said they had not received original but would respond within two days. Credit issued within one day. Suggest you send another email. Good luck
  9. sunsetbeachgal

    Shore Excursion Best Price Guarantee Question

    Heard back from Princess Shore Excursion Department and they issued OBC in the amount of $61 per person! Wahoo! $122 will come in very handy!!
  10. sunsetbeachgal

    Carnival price protection Lamanai excursion

    Just wanted to thank everyone, you guys and this thread are the greatest!!! I filed it with Princess Shore Excursion Department for their price guarantee, and just received notification that I was receiving $61 per person OBC for the difference (Princess comparable tour price is higher than Carnival, crazy!!) thank you again, $122 will come in very handy!
  11. sunsetbeachgal

    New fixed dining times

    Would love to hear from someone on the Royal now as to what time late traditional dining is, 7:15 or 7:45???
  12. sunsetbeachgal


    Also, Alaska is a very popular family destination so I would definitely get going on this booking especially since you need a triple cabins. As said, if you go with the Royal in a deluxe balcony there is a small sofa bed. We have had one of those child’s inflatable beds with a built up side so they don’t roll out ( I think I bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond on line) for grandkids and it is excellent and has lasted well and little ones love it. The Royal also has some cabins with connecting interior doors, both insides and balconies. Oh, one more very important piece of advice, after you chose your cabins have them marked DO NOT UPGRADE
  13. sunsetbeachgal

    Question for anyone on Royal now

    Could you check the Patter and let me know what time late seating Traditional dining is? The confirmation for our January 19 sailing shows 7:15 PM but have read that on some ships the late traditional time has been changed to 7:45. Thanks and and have a great cruise!
  14. sunsetbeachgal

    Live from the Regal: Christmas Edition!

    I wish they would just announce a dining time, and then stay with that! We signed up for Traditional at 7:15 and also have a group. I won’t be too happy if we get on board and the matre d changes what was published. Gkad yoy are home safely! Happy new year
  15. sunsetbeachgal

    4 countries; 4 currencies - what do people do?

    Agree with above. If you feel you need a small amount of local currency, say for the bathroom or whatever, guest services on the ship can sell it to you, As said, exchange rate won’t be great but if you only want say $20 or so it won’t matter. Europe especially Northern Europe everyone uses credit card or cashless