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  1. Is there a general search category for looking for repositioning cruises, say, Atlantic ocean from Europe to the USA in August of September. We took a TransPacific last year, loved it. Not sure where to start to look, Europe to USA on Princess only. Thanks for pointers KEN
  2. kwahl1

    Sun in drydock

    After the Sun leave dry dock on April 19th, where does she head? What here summer time look like? I see the Norwegian Sun will be in Seattle on the 19th, a quick jump from Victoria. Where to after that?? KEN
  3. kwahl1

    Is CCL going to follow RCL's lead on this

    Unrelated Pam. You are still cruisin? We met on a South America ship in '14, Chile to LA. Or on the Crown or the Grand. Anway I decided to look to see what's up with Princess on this issue. And saw your post and said "I know that lady from years ago". We leave next week Seattle to Sydney on RCL. Excited!
  4. kwahl1

    In a cabin with your kids, do you...

    How far would $5 go in the arcade? Maybe 2 minutes? Or do kids still play in the arcade unaccompanied? These older posts are a hoot!
  5. kwahl1

    Beware Of The Quest

    Are they still doing this, ten year later. On the EOS next week. No one has mentioned this is on our M & M. Great sailing folks woohoo
  6. Has RCI updated this policy yet? Will OBCs be offered on the Explorer of the Seas TransPacific coming up?
  7. kwahl1

    Cannot Chew- will this be tacky?

    I cruised once and there was this lady who wouldn't shut up unless there was food in here mouth.
  8. Is there a CC Board or any other type forum, other than CruiseCritic, where the crew "lets it all hang out" and gossips about what goes on behind the scene? Or great adventure stories? Anything we can read from the crew? It would be interesting, I think.
  9. kwahl1

    Special Diet- bringing food onboard

    Is this that "Balance of Nature" food I hear advertised on the radio? I'm with the general audience, they will not heat up your food. Must get creative with in-room heating with hot water bath or a hot water from the teapot. There are some creative food heaters out there at REI, survival stores, or MRE packets. All done without plugging in a single electrical device.
  10. Do you know if the Junior suite, deck 9, have coffee makers or french presses? can you bring your own coffee grounds
  11. kwahl1

    Replacing stateroom air filter

    \ The cough and sore throat! Been there a few times. It's the A/C air is so dry in the cabins. So I grabbed a blanket and slept on the deck chair a few nights. Cleared it up. Another thought is to open your sliding glass door and let the sea air filter in. All weather permitting of coarse.
  12. kwahl1

    Corkage fee...

    As a former California wine snob this is disgusting stuff! Aged for 30 minutes then bottled aged on the shelf. May as well be MD 20-20.
  13. I have the iphone 7S. Is there an "advanced calling" in the settings so I can to the same wi-fi calling?
  14. We are arrive on Oct 29th on the Explorer of the Seas from Seattle. Can I assume this will be docking at the Overseas Passenger Terminal there in Circular Quay? Big ship. I understand there is a smaller terminal but the smaller ships go there. True? Our hotel is not far from the Overseas Terminal. Also, can I get a link to riding the train or subway, the one that goes to the airport from Martin Place. KEN