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  1. Any help. Move to another forum if you must! Been trying to search for some decent reviews of the Constellation and the Alaska itinerary. I've done ACL on Mississippi River and loved it and fell in love with small ship cruising. So much so, I booked a future cruise, Seattle to Juneau, 15 days in May of 2024. I'm going back and forth on whether I still want to finalize my payment. Been to Alaska 4 times so I know a little about the ports, glaciers and Inside Passage. Being from the Puget Sound area, the first few stops don't excite me. I can't seem to find any reviews of this itinerary. Sure the Constellation review are pretty much spot on if you've been on an American Cruise Line ship. Would appreciate what makes this itinerary unique being its a small ship and is it that much different of an Inside Passage cruise. To be honest, I'm getting cold feet and thinking of other trips other than this $$$ one.
  2. We stayed at the intercontinental in May 2022. Nice hotel and in a decent area of business hotels. You can walk to the French Quarter, but Iber would be a better option. We walked to the Creole House over on Canal St. Once on Canal, you can catch the light rail into the FQ. The New Orleans to Memphis cruise was wonderful. On the American Melody.
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