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  1. Airlines allowed to fly with the middle row occupied, bars open, theaters open, beaches open and very crowded this weekend..... So why is the cruise industry treated as if they are making no attempt to protect passengers? Would I sail now? No, but I think that should be my choice not the choice of the CDC....
  2. Thinking of booking cabin 4166 because of the large balcony. This would be for a 18 day Panama Canal cruise. Any information on noise issues with either of these cabins? Thanks for any info.
  3. Planing a full transit in early 2021 but unsure of the ship to choose. Very little difference in price between the two ships, Rotterdam or Zaandam ? Thinking of booking a Cat. L cabin under the dining room. Have done a partial from Ft Lauderdale. Thinking of doing this one from San Diego. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Freedom 8348. Art storage room across hall. Staff moves art beginning at 4:00 am. Out of 7 days our alarm woke us twice and the art staff the other 5 days. Beware of this cabin!!!!!
  5. Leaving from Galveston and wanting to know about your experience with the persons screening your carry on sodas. Do they check or require names, cabin numbers and/or photo ids. Thanks
  6. Soda options now available on website. $10 a six pack.
  7. Will be driving to Galveston and will bring our 2 twelve packs of soda in carry on roller bag. Friends will be flying in day of cruise and wont be able to stop for sodas, etc. Any possible way we can carry their drinks onboard?? I can get a copy of their boarding passes. Thanks
  8. When ordering a soft drink using the Signature Drink Package, do you receive a glass or can? Thanks
  9. How many sodas per person on a 14 day cruise. Not b2b, just a 14 day cruise. Thanks
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