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  1. Might check the CWC FAQ. CWC must be booked by Oct 31,2021 and sail by April 30,2022. FCC issued through the promotion must be book by April 30, 2022 and sail by Dec. 31 2022. (Or one year from issue date.....)
  2. The price protection is part of the CWC promotion.
  3. Very tempting for me too. Wanted to book some fall sailings...But with CWC expiring April 30, I will have to pass.
  4. Just off Independence yesterday. Smoothest self assist ever. No more gathering in public venu to wait for ship to be cleared. Wait in stateroom until your tag number displayed on TV. Face recognition technology in terminal is super fast. I was pleasantly surprised by the new procedure.
  5. If your not prone to motion sickness you'll be fine. Potential for motion in even moderate seas. Cooler weather often results in higher seas.
  6. Try clearing cache. On my android they are side by side instead of up and down. Normally swipe down but here I have to swipe left to see second boarding pass.
  7. No, sailing this Sunday. Booked last minute. Not likely to change. Been watching this cruise for weeks but too concerned about tropical storms to book until yesterday. Live about 2 hours from Port and weather looking better for next 10 days. (Famous last words) Keeping fingers crossed. Thanks all.
  8. EZ cruise. Said they couldn't take anyone to Independence before noon and 2:00 was the last shuttle. Don't think a 2 hour window would be enough time. But maybe business is really slow. Have used them in the past for Liberty and left as early as 11 am. Thinking this may be their rule not Royal. Are you happy with Lighthouse parking? Going on Liberty in Oct. and may be looking for new parking options.
  9. Checked in for Independence and only 3-3:30 boarding available. Problem because last shuttle from parking facility is 2:00. Thoughts and experiences about arriving early in Galveston. Thanks
  10. Got approved and shipped email on Wednesday. Now 11:00 am on Friday. Status "out for delivery". Our closest major airport is Houston IAH. Tracking shows picked up in Memphis. Then sent to Indianapolis, then back to Houston. In Houston facility from 10:59 am Thursday until...Next scan arrived at local facility at 8:42 am this morning. Too much potential for excess heat exposure. Already low 90s here today. Not happy!!
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