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  1. Trying to come up with other options traveling from Dallas area to Houston? (Our car is aging). Car rentals are pretty high (one day and weekly rates). Airfare pretty high also. Has anyone taken Greyhound bus which is pretty cost efficient? Would uber from Houston to Port of Galveston. Appreciate feedback from anyone who has utilized Greyhound bus. Thanks!
  2. Woo woo! Boarding the Celebration on Sunday! First time on Excel style. Can't wait. Have fun everyone cruising next week. Pray for nice weather and calm seas.
  3. Thank you so much! This MORE than answers my questions!!!
  4. Can anyone who has cruised on the Celebration tell me if the nighttime shows (specifically the circus style show) is shown twice a night or just once nightly or do they show the circus themed show on multiple nights? Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone. Do they still hand out the folded cardboard deck plans on the Celebration? Will be first time on her in Nov....am sure they would be helpful with the size of the ship. Thanks!
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