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  1. Hmm, so it is possible to look at the wording as hopeful for those that are already booked, and not negatively. I’ll hold on to hope. What I would really appreciate though is if MSC would let us upcoming cruisers know that they will have no problem staffing and supplying their ships by November 1. I’d like some confidence, and rather not learn on October 30th that the cruises won’t go. That cuts it too close for my happiness!😄
  2. I have a cruise planned November 8th from Port Canaveral on the Seaside. I have been waiting to hear if it is happening because my family and I need to make our plans for pet care and work while we are gone. If there is no cruise, I would prefer to know before we are locked into our vacation time from work and pet sitters. This morning, I read an article in the Orlando Sentinel regarding cruises to Port Canaveral, and this stood out - Carnival, along with Royal Caribbean and Norwegian, continue to have November sailings from Port Canaveral available for booking, while Disney Cruise Line and MSC Cruises have December options available. This is news to me. Possibly the reporter just didn't have all the facts in yet? Definitive word from MSC would be nice. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/coronavirus/jobs-economy/os-tr-cru-cdc-no-sail-extension-through-october-port-canaveral-20201001-qqkq54idivcrxjdkjzs6m33lum-story.html
  3. Thanks everyone for the information. I suppose I will just wait and see what happens once we get to Ocean Cay. I figure our first day there will be spent exploring around Ocean Cay and climbing up the lighthouse. If we end up only using the included umbrellas on the second day, so be it. I have come to realize that the cabanas are not quite the relaxing and luxurious experience I was anticipating (the pictures online do cause one to pause, but I thought that surely for $400 there was more than just 3 walls and a roof and I was just missing that view?)!
  4. Thanks for the info, Até. Do you happen to know if there are enough umbrellas for all of the Yacht Club passengers? Are they all set up when you arrive, or do I have to order those ahead of time, too? I like the idea of the Cabana, and when we have rented them on Disney's island we have always felt they were absolutely worth the expense. However, if I miss out on the cabana but can still have some good shade to retreat to if needed, then I may just spend that saved money on some golden, shiny souvenir! 😁
  5. We just booked a November 8 Seaside departure from Port Canaveral. I tried to reserve a cabana on Ocean Cay, but every single option is showing that the excursion is sold out. We are staying in Yacht Club, but I will take any cabana. I love the beach, but I get major headaches from too much sun, and need to be in shade often. For everyone's happiness, it is best for this mom to be happy, too! I called MSC. After a long hold, I had a very nice agent try to figure out if anything was available (maybe there was a glitch on the regular website?), but she said she can only book from November 13th and beyond. She said that the cabanas for the just changed sailings will only be available to book onboard. Hmmm. Is anyone on a changed sailing for early November able to book an Ocean Cay cabana online? Has anyone else been told that it is only available to book onboard?
  6. Thank you, lambs2, I appreciate your help. I must have checked too soon after cancellation because it wasn't there earlier, but it is there now.
  7. I just completed the cancellation of my cruise with the online form. The total does not include the $250 CruiseNext certificate. I am not sure if everyone else with those certificates has also had this happen? The certificate expires on May 1. When I spoke to an NCL rep last week, I was told that the CruiseNext certificates would be included in the refund, and then they would be voided. I suppose the rep had incorrect information. Does anyone know what is happening with those expiring certificates? I figure I will call NCL in a couple days, just to give the phone lines time to quiet down, if I don't hear anything before then, but maybe someone here already knows what happens to those expiring certificates?
  8. My husband and I are on the March 29 sailing of the Star. Back in November, I wanted to cancel after receiving an email, one week after final payment, that one of the anticipated islands we had never been to was being changed to Nassau. We have been there numerous times, it's ok, but we really were looking forward to seeing the ABC islands (we sail for the destinations, not the ship). NCL stated that we were missing Bonaire because our utmost safety was their concern🙄. One week after final payment, and now there is a concern that the ship has issues. Great. Can't rebook to a different cruise. DH can not take extra time off work, and our pets and small farm will be concern. Yet, we decided that, if there is a problem, we can fly home from another port, maybe a day or two of delay. Now, COVID-19. Oh great. If there is a problem now, we may not be able to get home for 14 days. I am not worried about us becoming ill, we are both healthy and strong and no flu or cold has ever knocked us down (yet!), but I am worried about our jobs, our pets, and our home. There is no one available that we could count on to care for everything for an extra 14 days; sure, an extra day or two, but not 14. We do have insurance, but it won't let us leave a quarantine! And I waited too long to purchase the cancel for any reason option😠. The days just got away from me. I would welcome the option to rebook for a different date. It is one thing to catch any sort of virus on a ship, it is another when there is the looming possibility of a long quarantine. This is what worries us. Maybe the powers-that-be at NCL can put their lives on hold for an extra 14 days, but there aren't many other people with that option.
  9. Thanks to both of you! I will be sure to reserve some meals at those venues!
  10. My husband is a beef and pork eater, whereas I do not care for the taste of meat, but I do love seafood. Problem is, I can't have shrimp or lobster (sensitivity of some sort - I flush and turn beet red). Crab legs and most other fish do not cause a reaction. A few years ago, in Haven restaurants, there was a sea bass that melted like butter and was my favorite option. I am traveling on the Star this time, and there is no Haven restaurant, nor is there a seafood restaurant. What seafood I do find while searching online are lobster, shrimp, and salmon. Salmon is fine if there is nothing else, but I ate so much of it after salmon season in CO that I am sick of salmon. Plus, cruise ship salmon leaves much to be desired after eating fresh caught salmon. Knowing this, of the paid restaurants available for reservation, which ones will have some choices on the menu that aren't salmon, lobster, or shrimp? I have tried to find menus from the Star, but none of them reflect the recent changes that I have heard of regarding NCL's cost-cutting measures at the restaurants. I am guessing that crab legs and melt-like-butter sea bass are completely gone, but will I have other options at one or two restaurants? I don't mind reserving the meat heavy restaurants for my husband, but it would be nice if at least one night there were some options that I enjoy, too.
  11. Oops! Sorry, I knew that, I guess it was wishful thinking in the subconscious! Thanks for making sure that I was aware of this, I do appreciate it.
  12. At this moment, the cruise is still being sold with the original ports. The room for my family is now going for over $7,000. I would be a very upset client if I booked this cruise, paid it in full (as it has to be for a Haven room at this stage), and then found out in a couple days that NCL "made this difficult decision with my safety and well-being in mind". I would expect a cruise line to update its information as soon as it makes the decision to change the itinerary. You all may not find this deceptive, but I do. I also find the handling of this to be rather inept on the part of NCL, and not getting the parts is no excuse for selling an itinerary and then providing no means for the consumer to change to a different ship when "my safety and well-being" is in mind. I intensely dislike when companies are inept. The vast majority of you may be perfectly fine with playing the odds and have no qualms about being on a ship with known issues that will not be repaired 4 months in advance (and many people do not read discussion boards before choosing a trip, and thus would not know there were issues with any ships). I do not wish to be stuck at sea, bobbing around. If others wish to be, then go, and enjoy yourselves, it might be fun. But for me, and my family, we need to get back home, and while missing a much desired port can be dealt with, the possibility of a problem with the ship at sea, that is too much of a gamble for me. I am kicking myself for not purchasing Cancel for Any Reason insurance. I always purchase it! But my husband said it's his birthday, we would not cancel this cruise, why bother, save the money and do some nice excursions. I am never listening to him again!
  13. First, I would like to apologize for the blue highlighting in my original post. I didn't see it on my phone, but I see it on my desktop! Oops! Second, I really only read the boards when I have a cruise in consideration. Thus, while I had heard of problems with some of the NCL ships, I had no idea that a company would allow a ship to just keep sailing, months later, with the problems continuing on. I suppose I made the great mistake of trusting a corporation that the ship I set foot upon was in the best condition possible on the day it was leaving port. Then, if we missed a port due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstance, oh well, it happens and we make do, but this, this just feels sneaky. The more I read now, the more my eyes are opened and I see that this is happening on a few ships in the NCL fleet. I suppose I wouldn't be as irritated by this if we had booked just a standard Caribbean cruise with islands that we had done numerous times before and this was just a cruise for fun, but no, this was booked specifically because it left from a port close to our home, and it went to islands we have never seen, plus it's during my husband's birthday. If we had received the information of the port changes before we made final payment 10 days ago, then I would have looked into other options for his birthday, but for the cost of this trip, I am not pleased about the change in the itinerary. I didn't think NCL was like this in the past. I thought customer service was more important at one time. I suppose my Pollyanna view of cruising is incorrect and needs a reality check.
  14. Norwegian Star has experienced technical issues that affect the overall speed of the vessel resulting in a revised itinerary on your upcoming sailing March 29, 2020. While we regret this change, we assure you that we have made this difficult decision with your safety and wellbeing in mind Just received an email with the above information. Bonaire being removed for Nassau, and Curaçao stop shortened. Ok, things happen, but 4 months out, wouldn’t it be expected that a problem would be fixed in that time? Now I’m wondering if this could turn into a cruise with a ship that doesn’t move (was that a Carnival cruise that happened to a couple years ago?). We booked this cruise for the ABC islands. Final payment was due about a week ago and NCL conveniently decided this now? Nice of them to let us passengers know ahead of time, but the timing is not producing any goodwill. I know ports can change, my family has had many cruises over the years and we get that. Sure would’ve been nice though to be informed before final payment was due last week, since the price we paid for this cruise is not the price we would pay for a cruise with Nassau. Been there, done that 10+ times, not wanting it again, really looking forward to the ABC islands! Most of all, sure do hope we don’t end up just bobbing in the ocean!
  15. I have been following this because my husband and I were booked on a cruise for this month, with the specific desire to go see Ocean Cay. We have cruised a lot, been to many Caribbean Islands, and seeing the private islands is part of the fun for us. We cancelled and will rebook for later next fall, with the hope that all things run smoothly by then. Until then, I am learning so much from all of you, and one of my worries was the shark situation in that area of the Bahamas. I am thrilled to read that there will be a shark net. Yes, I know sharks are in the ocean and we just visit their home, but I have a fear and knowledge of a net will help me relax. There was a question as to which other line has a net around the island. Disney Cruise Line does (we are friends with some former cruise line cast and also learned all about it on travel agent sessions back in the day)! It is only around the family beach, not the adult beach. The adult beach is on the other side of the island and it is left to look like an actual, natural Bahamian beach. The family beach is regularly inspected for any holes and wiggle-in spots for the sharks, and the swimming area is regularly swum and explored by the live-on-island castmembers. There have been barracudas in the family beach swimming area, but unless too large or aggressive, they are left alone. That net, however, is what encourages me to snorkel without a pounding heart and darting eyes in all directions! I am so glad MSC will be doing the same!
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