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  1. They told me that they don't have an arrangement with AMAC. Hadn't even heard of it.
  2. I'm curious how they handled the AMAC membership, if at all. I have an AMAC membership and was going to look to see if that work.
  3. If you want to stay with category F (that is what we have right now) I did find two category F staterooms on deck 6. The windows face out over the bow of the ship. If Club Orange gives an upgrade to any other Ocean View staterooms, I might go with that. Which sailing are you going to be on? We are also on NA for May 19th north bound. You should consider finding the Roll Call board for your ship and sailing.
  4. I just watched a video on YouTube about this ship that indicated that the deck 4 balconies are larger than elsewhere on the ship. We are heading out on the May 19th Alaska cruise and have been binge watching as much info as we can find.
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