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  1. LLP's major focus is on Suites. It's a huge money maker. You double the price and then give them a few trinkets (perks) that don't cost anywhere close to what they are making. To hell with your stinken foot stools! 😏 Just got off 14 days on Millennium. They did a great job in redoing Michael's Club -- never saw more than 2 people in there when I walked by. Most of the times it was completely empty. 🍷
  2. VISA is the most prevalent of all the cards in Europe. Additionally, I disagree with the reason merchants don't use the AMEX. The ones I've talked with say the fees are too high. 🍷
  3. They've changed their policy for cruises booked 1 June 2019 and beyond. It not can be combined. 🍷
  4. I emailed mine and received email confirmation back. 🍷
  5. Yes, you will get $125 OBC. But the question remains, can you use the Stock $50 OBC for gratuities. You can definitely use the TA $75 OBC for gratuities. 🍷
  6. Now quite. That's good to know that the SH OBC appears for use in the Cruise Planner. You said you used the OBC through your Cruise Planner? Was that the SH OBC? I suspect it was. If you used OBC for on board for gratuities, I suspect it was not SH OBC but it was probably the other, i.e. RCL non refundable (which can be used for gratuities), or TA OBC. There are different types of OBC. SH OBC (non-refundable), RCL non-refundable OBC (for whatever), and TA fully refundable OBC. The TA fully refundable is the last OBC that is deducted from your onboard account. My guess is you used the SH OBC first thru the cruise planner, then the RCL non-refundable OBC, then the TA refundable OBC, in that order for gratuities. So the question still remains, if you only have $250 SH OBC and TA refundable OBC, and then make no other purchases on board, will the SH OBC be deducted first for gratuities, then the remainder TA OBC deducted after that, or will you lose the non-refundable SH OBC, because you can't use it for gratuities? There are still a lot of questions out there. Could you find them out and let us know? 🍷
  7. The program is only 2 months old, so it would have to be someone who booked a last minute cruise and knew about the new program. We'll just have to wait & see and have someone report back. 🍷
  8. That's the question -- what does that mean? The program is new for bookings after 1 June, so we really need to hear back from folks that have cruised under the new Shareholder program. Could the onboard service charges equal the 20% gratuity on drinks/spa treatments or just the normal gratuities? I think we need further clarification. 🍷
  9. A lot of merchants don't take AMEX because they charge a larger percentage of the sale. 🍷
  10. None of those staterooms has a square or triangle. The Sticky is sometimes wrong, so you have to verify from the deck plans. The mirror image is from the decks below. Deck 11 has suites, so go down to Deck 10. Corresponding stateroom to 2109 would be 1247, which has a square = bed by the bath. The 1st and 3rd staterooms off the flat portion of the hump have the largest balconies, whereas the 2nd and 4th have large balconies, but not as large as the others. Here's a thumbnail that shows the comparable sizes. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/1136984-equinox-cabin/?tab=comments#comment-23009392 🍷
  11. Stateroom 2109 had the largest balcony with bed by the bath. 2111 has bed by the balcony with a large balcony, but not as large. Stateroom 2110 has the largest balcony with bed by the balcony, with 2112 having a large balcony with bed by the bath. With regard to noise, they are pretty much under the carpeted area of the Oceanview Cafe. 🍷
  12. I understand that, but the question is, can it be used to pay gratuities or a portion thereof? I read somewhere that it cannot. I don't think you can use any OBC for booking a new cruise, refundable or non-refundable. I've always had my credit card charged. 🍷
  13. Someone mentioned that the Shareholder Benefit is "use or lose" OBC (non-refundable), and you can't use it to pay a portion of your gratuities, as other non-refundable OBC you can use it for a portion of the gratuities. Can someone confirm that? If that's the case, then the Shareholder non-refundable OBC will be the first deducted from your expenditures on board, then the RCL non-refundable, and lastly the TA fully refundable, with the RCL non-refundable and the TA fully refundable can be used to pay gratuities. 🍷
  14. My understand if you purchase anything on board a cruise that is all EU ports, you will be hit with the 21% VAT. We were on a TA out of Rome and had a port visit to Barcelona. We were advised by the crew that in Spanish waters, we would be charged VAT on all purchased on board the ship. 🍷
  15. TD bank has a great ATM Debit Card. You have to check out their rates as they differ depending on the account you have. From my experience, Credit Cards used as an ATM card, will charge you for a cash advance. You pay an initial fee + interest starts the date of transaction. ATM Debit cards, on the other hand, debit from your checking account. Depending on your bank, that's the best and cheapest means of getting cash from a Bank ATM, and you get the interbank rate for the day of the transaction. Normally, bank ATM's don't charge a fee, but non-Bank ATMs, such as 7eleven mentioned above, seem to charge a nominal fee. 🍷
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