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  1. Our refundable air was cancelled also. I was told 3 billing cycles by Choice Air. I disputed the charge with my CC and still waiting. 🍷
  2. You may see a little rust on the outside -- HELLO salt water -- but the interior will be just fine. Love the M-Class ships. 🍷
  3. Yes, those cabins are still included in Cruising Power and are post revolution. I'm not sure if the 7 staterooms on the port side were there prior to the proposed revolution ( 3115-3127). 🍷
  4. I just wonder what they are going to do when people book staterooms that won't be installed without the refit. For example, those three new 06 category staterooms on Deck 3 in replace of the restrooms. Also, the 2C's on Deck 10. 🍷
  5. The OP is from the UK. They have different booking rules than the U.S. 🍷
  6. They are still showing the revolutionized deck plans as well as the added staterooms on Deck 10 on cruising power. 🍷
  7. Thanks for the clarification. That's what I suspected. 🍷
  8. Someone help me with the Math. Let's just say for example I made final payment on a cruise that Royal cancels. Final payment and cruise price total $2000. If I accept the 125% FCC, will I get a FCC for $2500 total (split between the two of us), or will taxes and port charges be deducted from the $2000 and refunded to me. If the latter is the case, let's say taxes/port charges are $500, would I then get that refunded to me and the remainder $1500 be applied toward the 125% FCC? I understand if I choose the full refund, I would get $2000 back. 🍷
  9. My final payment date is 28 May for a 27 August cruise. I don't think I will be making final payment and just transfer my non-refundable deposit to a future cruise. I would have hoped they would have cancelled all Med cruises by now considering the current climate in Europe. 🍷
  10. My TA takes the commission as part of my final payment, and that was the first thing I got back when I cancelled, within 5-7 days. 🍷
  11. I thought 1 July was the magical/mystical date in which Canada closed their borders. 🍷
  12. There is basically no difference if the reservation is with the TA or with Celebrity. The only reason I use a TA is for OBC they provide me. Your sister should be just fine right where she is at. You can plan your air transportation, etc. separately without using either the TA or Celebrity. Now that you have your reservation, you can do everything else on your own. That's what we do. Our TA is just a conduit to get extra booking perks, and nothing more. If you have her booking Res #, you can even order her luggage tags for her, sign her up for the cruise connection party, etc. 🍷
  13. I made a claim with my credit card, and got full refund to our statement within 7-10 days. 🍷
  14. I used them one time around 8-10 years ago, and never again. I agree with the other poster that they are "order takers." 🍷
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