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  1. Wine-O

    Reflection 6210 Smoke from below??

    Stateroom 6210 is on the Starboard side, so you have nothing much to worry about. In the case you are in port and docked, when the ship takes on fuel to the Port side, just for that timeframe, they will move the smoking to the Starboard side. This is only on rare occasions. Just enjoy your cruise and your huge balcony.
  2. Wine-O

    Classic Beverage Package Question (BEER)

    I thought the maximum prices between beer and spirits for the two Packages differ. For Example, beer $7 and Spirits $11, and for the Premium, beers $9 and Spirits $15. $$ amounts just used as examples, not what they currently are.
  3. Wine-O

    Classic Beverage Package Question (BEER)

    Yeah, Bud Light is on the list on just about every ship. There are a lot of beers, but some vary from ship to ship. If you order one not on the list that is on the premium package, you just pay the difference + the 18%
  4. Wine-O

    Millennium Revolution -

    We had 8170 on Millennium, and the table/chairs that you can barely see to the left of the picture was two chairs and a very large table. The other two were loungers like you get up on the pool deck. I see 2 chairs and a small table. I guess it differs from ship to ship.
  5. Wine-O

    Millennium Revolution -

    Looks like a C1 aft balcony on one of the M-Class ships.
  6. Wine-O

    New Program called "The Key"

    It's still $19.99 on Brilliance for Med 7-Nighter this fall.
  7. Wine-O

    Diamond status

    The concierge approached me with her clipboard and list in hand and asked what stateroom we were in since she did not recognize us. A lot of people seem to sneak in the roped off area of the overflow section.
  8. Wine-O

    Diamond status

    The concierge has a listing of all the D's and above.
  9. Call the Captain's Club and they will order your luggage tags for you. Should take a week to arrive.
  10. Wine-O

    Celebrity Bloody Marys 🤗

    ZingZang only has glass bottles with the normal 5th, plastic if you want to go with 1.75. That's why I fly with Mr & Mrs T's in the plastic bottles. Don't leave home without it.
  11. Wine-O

    Celebrity Bloody Marys 🤗

    I always bring my own, Mr & Mrs "T" Bold and Spicy. Can't stand the Demitri's crap they mix with tomato juice. I just order the vodka & celery stick. Works for me.
  12. Wine-O

    Drinks Package

    That's what I said if you read the post I responded to. They are not covered by the auto grats.
  13. Wine-O

    Drinks Package

    Not the sommelier -- he is covered like the bartenders.
  14. Wine-O

    Equinox C2 2104 or 2112

    Both staterooms have bed by the bath. I would go with 2112 as it has a larger balcony. You are under the carpeted area of the Oceanview Cafe, so not to worry too much about that. We were on the other side S2 Suite, 2115, and no issues with noise.
  15. Wine-O

    RC Shareholder Benefits

    I always check the senior/mil blocks but rarely ever see any of those discounts. With the Diamond C&A discount on balconies, you'll never see the shareholder OBC.