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  1. I has the Pfizer = 21 days. Seems like the moderna 2nd dose is giving people issues, from what I've been reading. 🍷
  2. They're still trying to figure it out. It's all about the politics. They need to take a poll to figure out their next step. It's all about politics and nothing about science. 🍷
  3. They are 3115 to 3127. Here's my assessment of that lot. 3115 - There's an entrance door into that passageway, but when we were on Millennium, it was always closed. Probably the case for Summit also. 3117 - This would be an excellent choice. 3119 -- This would also be an excellent choice. 3121 - I consider this stateroom the worst of the lot. It's right at the main entrance to that passageway, and if you open your stateroom door and someone enters the passageway, they can see right into your room. I would avoid this stateroom. 3123 & 3125 - There are service closets across from these two staterooms. 3127 - Right across is a door to enter the service area to the Tuscan Grill. It's a nice way to get into the morning Happy Hour breakfast without walking all the way across and down the passageway of staterooms 3112-3140 to get into the Tuscan Grill main entrance. I entered it a couple of times, and only got a curious look. 😉 Hope that was helpful. 🍷
  4. We were on Anthem 18 Oct 2018. It was freezing and windy. You better also pack long johns and a warm jacket in addition to your shorts, which should work just fine in the solarium. 🍷
  5. So, what was the outcome of the WH meeting? My guess is nothing substantial other than everyone wear their double masks for the remainder of the year. 😷 🍷
  6. I guess we all have different reactions. My 2nd shot was similar to a flu shot. Just a slight soreness for a day or so. The shingles shot (both doses) was the worst reaction I've ever had. 🍷
  7. You must mean 26 April 2022? Yes, only two Hawaii ports, Kona, and Maui. All the J4's are on the hump, which is a very convenient location. 🍷
  8. I wouldn't hold my breath. They're talking about more lockdowns, i.e. Florida travel. 🍷
  9. We did an 18 Oct 2019 NE/Canada on Anthem of the Seas, and it was freezing cold in Portland and Bar Harbor, not so much in Halifax. There was no global warming for us. 🍷
  10. WOW! $8500 for the cheapest balcony stateroom? That's with the D+ discount. Cheapest OV going for $6K. Cheapest interior for $5428. 🍷
  11. Most of the crew are in the age group to receive the vaccine last unless RCL purchases it direct from the vendor. 🍷
  12. Voyager and Anthem Transatlantics are now showing for the Fall of 2022. Voyager leaving from Copenhagen on 4 Sep to Iceland/Greenland/Boston, and Anthem leaving from Southampton on 17 Sep to Halifax/Boston/Cape Liberty. Nothing on the Med TA's yet. 🍷
  13. There are some AQ on Deck 12, but most are on Deck 11. Solstice is the same as Equinox. To answer the OP, if you want an aft Suite with protection from the sun and elements, Deck 12 under the O/V Cafe is your best bet. 🍷
  14. If you want covering in the aft facing sky suites (S2), you have to get one of the aft suites on Deck 12, underneath the O/V Cafe outside seating. The rest of the decks below have limited shade or covering from the elements. 🍷
  15. Both 1229 and 1122 have bed by the bath with the same size large balcony, and 1231 has bed by the balcony with the largest balcony. I would choose 1229 because I like bed by the bath and looking forward. Since I've never done a Westbound TP, maybe someone else can opine on which side gets the most sun during the crossing, if that is an issue. I believe the port side does during a Westbound TA, so it might be the same for a Fall TP. I agree, all three of those staterooms are in a great location to the aft elevators, up to the lawn club, and down to the dining and martini bar. 🍷
  16. It did happen to me a few weeks back, but not so much now. 🍷
  17. Why can't they stop for a few hours in Victoria and not let any pax off the ship. If no one gets off the ship, why would that be an issue for the Canadians? I believe that's what they did for cruises out of Calif where they stopped briefly in Ensenada, Mexico. 🍷
  18. Your travel agent should be able to track this for you. 🍷
  19. If you search for pictures with bed by the balcony, all the balcony staterooms basically look just alike, except of course for the suites. This stateroom has a normal size balcony with bed by the balcony. It certainly wouldn't be my first choice as it is all the way in the back of the ship -- a long walk to the elevators, especially if you forget something and have to go back to your stateroom. What are the other choices? What is your sail date? I can check and might be able to give you a different recommendation. 🍷
  20. I would check first to make sure the extra $100 wasn't for booking, or from a TA. Other than than, you could complain to your local bartender. 🍷
  21. How about a few details. What airline, to where, class of service, when to pay, what port/transfer? Just curious as it would be helpful info for others booking direct with celebrity on Air2Sea. 🍷
  22. Oh, please, don't start pointing fingers. It's like Cuomo blaming his nursing home death squads on the past administration. These guys are all political appointees, and the current director will take his marching orders from the current administration. Ergo, cruising won't start for a long, long time. They are making the cruise lines jump through hoops in order to cover their rear ends. 🍷
  23. I think it may have been a Swiss Air thing. We booked it as a United Codeshare.
  24. Correct. Air2Sea booked us a flight to Europe on Swiss Air, and didn't have to pay until final payment. I called the airline, and they wouldn't let me choose a seat until the fare had been paid. Not sure if other airlines are like that. 🍷
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