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  1. Thank you for the link to the pdf
  2. Make sure you are on one of the first tenders off the ship! You will probably have to be up early to get tender tickets. We were probably the second group of people at Altun Ha in the morning and I got great photos of the site with no people in them. The buses were just showing up as we were leaving. I have used them twice and they were great both times.
  3. The travel summary says US citizens may present a Certified Birth Certificate together with valid photo identification.
  4. Thank you all for your replies. We have a call into Princess to confirm if a passport is needed or if the Birth Certificate and ID will suffice. I have read all of the Princess FAQs about what documents are needed and the US State Department info on the ports. I also know that Belize and Honduras had an agreement to allow cruise passengers without passports at one point. Multiple other cruise lines (Carnival, Holland America, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian) all allow birth certificates and ID for closed loop cruises that include Roatan and Belize. I just want to know if anyone has personal recent experience with Princess on this particular itinerary. I know that it comes down to whatever Princess says. Hopefully he can get an expedited passport.
  5. The Princess app is only allowing us to add a passport. I was under the impression he would be fine with a birth certificate too. Do you have any recent first hand knowledge of anyone using just a birth certificate?
  6. Belize and Roatan had, at one point, an agreement for cruise passengers that did not require passports. I do not know if that still stands. I am aware that most, if not all, South American countries require passports and visas.
  7. I am getting conflicting information about whether passports are required for a closed loop cruise embarking/returning from Fort Lauderdale with ports in Roatan and Belize. Since it is a closed loop cruise to the Caribbean, it should be okay to travel with WHTI-approved documents (birth certificates, etc) and photo ID. There is a little caveat on the website that says if you stop in Central or South America, you must travel with a passport. I have a passport but one of the people in our group was planning on traveling with a birth certificate. Has anyone RECENTLY traveled to the Caribbean with stops in Roatan or Belize without a passport? I do not need a lecture about how you should always travel with a passport. I have one and I strongly encouraged this person to get one while we still had time. He still may be able to get an expedited passport but this is stress none of us need right before our vacation. Right now, we can't get anyone to answer the phone to set up an appointment for an expedited and they don't do walk-ins. Thanks in advance!
  8. We used King David (AlTourNative Belize Tours) to go to Altun Ha. If you are on one of the first tenders off the ship, you will most likely make it out to the site before all the tour buses. They stopped for lunch at a restaurant on the way back. We did a combo tour with Altun Ha and the Howler Monkey Sanctuary. It was very cool.
  9. Butchart Gardens in Victoria is not close by the port area. It is a fairly long bus trip and depending on when you get there, your time there may be limited. Their summer hours are as follows: June 1–September 11 Monday - Wednesday9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Thursday9:00 AM - 8:00 PM Friday - Saturday9:00 AM - 9:30 PM Sunday9:00 AM - 6:30 PM *Late night openings are garden viewing only. The Coffee Shop closes at 6:00pm. Hours are subject to change.
  10. I sent mine in through email on May 23 and got an email back granting my OBC on May 29.
  11. Can you check and let us know if they are using deck 1 forward as the "COVID" quarantine area. On our past couple cruises, they had the area blocked off.
  12. There is a group called "Carnival Cruise Gift Cards Buy and Sell" on a popular social media site, which we aren't allowed to name. It rhymes with Spacenook.
  13. I believe there were 4 or 5, if you include the Welcome Aboard show. I have the Daily schedule (paper copies) at home and can check and come back with details if you would like.
  14. I have had interiors, outsides and balconies and they all have their good and bad. I typically book inside because I can travel more often if I book cheaper rates. We just traveled in a balcony room on the Panorama on 4/2-49 and it was a godsend since the ship was FULL. It was nice to have a quiet outdoor space to escape to. But, we are happily going back to an interior room for our B2B in November, unless I get an amazing upsell that will allow us to keep the same room in the upgraded category for both sailings.
  15. Are you all listed as cruising companions? If not, log in to your carnival account, go to Manage your Booking, and then to Booking and Order Detail. Scroll down to the section that says Your Cruise Companions. There will be a place to send an email to your friends to allow them to be your Cruise Companions. Once onboard, when you go to check in for a table, it should list all of the people under your room as well as your cruise companions, you can choose all or some depending on who is planning to eat together at that time. For example, we were cruising with another couple and ate dinner together every night. For breakfast, we were able to choose that it was just the two of us if they wanted to do something different or not have breakfast at all. Not everyone has to have the app although it is nice for each person to be able to look at the menus or schedule of events from their own devices. We usually only had one person per couple with the chat feature however.
  16. My boyfriend with be on this sailing as well as the first of a B2B. To answer your questions.... 1. As of right now, check in is being done 14 days prior to sailing, unless you are platinum or diamond and then it is 16 days. You will choose your check in time for the port at that time. Your traveling companions will have to check in and choose the same time that you do. 2. You should be able to go into your booking now and make sure your dining preference is set for Late Dining. You will also be able to add your cruise companions, if they are not already linked to your reservation. If you scroll to the bottom, it will show your companions or allow you to send them an email invitation to be listed as a companion. Once you are linked, when you check in for dining, you can choose all four of you or whomever will be dining together in the app. 3. You will go to your assigned muster station anytime prior to sailaway (I usually go as soon as I board) and watch a short (1 minute) demonstration of how to put a life jacket on. The safety video will be playing on your TV in your stateroom. 4. You can only activate the chat feature on Hub once you are on board. It is $5 per person for the entire cruise, not per day. Your cruise companions should show up or you can search their names to find them if they are not already listed. You can also add "new" friends if you meet people on board you wish to keep in contact with while sailing. It only works while you are on the ship, not in ports. You may have to log back in if you take your phone out of airplane mode or connect to wifi while in port. 5. The shows do not require reservations. Some are very popular and there may be long lines to get in or the showroom fills up (comedy).
  17. I have always been able to order my sandwich or wrap "my way". To be fair, I usually ask them to omit ingredients, not add anything. I like my food very simple, like a toddler. LOL I ate at the deli several times on my last cruise on the Panorama on 4/2-4/9 sailing.
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