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  1. Swim, snorkel, eat, relax, drink, read a book..... It's pretty lovely. Since you have to take a water taxi to get to it, it's not as busy and you don't get hassled by people trying to sell stuff.
  2. So I haven't been in a while, but I vaguely remember one of the restaurants having wifi..... No pictures, but I would definitely google it. Because I'm pretty sure at least one of the restaurants is on FB or something.... We will be there next month and I'm hoping to convince my husband and friends that it's worth the trek! I have loved our visits there!!!
  3. Where is an updated beer list? I googled for about 10 min and everything I find shows those beers still on the menu. Didn't know where to find something more up to date!
  4. For the record, I don't think you're selfish for asking that. You're not complaining, just asking a question! 😁
  5. Yeah, we are on deck 7 on our November Pride cruise. I also love the convenience of being really close to Lido, but not at the expense of loud noises above the cabin. We once had a Lido deck cabin (on another ship, can't remember which) and it was SO convenient. BUT, we had cabins above and below us....
  6. It's worth the $15 upcharge for dinner there. It was out of this world!!!
  7. Just for the flip side... Not everyone loves Schwartz. Not because he's offensive, but because he's irritating and not as funny as he thinks he is. But I felt like people either loved him or hated him. The four people we traveled with were equally annoyed by him by the end of the cruise. We thought he was a bit of an attention-whore. But it seemed about split on loving and hating him (from all the people we chatted with on the cruise). So you may love him.... But hey, to each his own!
  8. When I'm planning a trip somewhere, I like to go to wunderground.com, put in the city, then go to the "History" tab. I did this for Baltimore after we booked out 11/2/19 cruise. I looked at the last few years to get an idea what the norm was. Although, of course, some years varied, it gave me an idea of what was more likely! I plan to be in the hot tub if it isn't warm! 😄
  9. You guys have never heard of the Natty Light special?? 🍻🤣 Well, I guess I'm wrong on many counts in my post. I didn't realize that form was only for one type of booking! Why wouldn't anyone with price protection get to use it? Ok, I'm learning a lot!
  10. You stole the words out of my "mouth". It takes me about 5 minutes to fill out the form online. I wouldn't spend time on the phone. And $20 pays for a bucket of beer. So it's worth my time.....
  11. I don't get mine for a discount. But when Kroger does 4X fuel points I will buy one. I don't use them to pay for my cruise. I use them to apply to our account for on-board credit. Even if our cruise were to be canceled, I could save the GCs for a future cruise. It's nice to have a few hundred bucks on our account when we board the ship. I buy them every few months. It's almost like doing layaway for our cruise alcohol. 🤣😂🍻🍹
  12. Above and beyond what you've asked..... You should also ask at dinner on day 2 if they still have any! I have done that for desserts and/or regular food that we missed the night before OR just wanted again. Often they're able to find it! Worth asking!
  13. I don't think that model/style was available last time I cruised in 2017. So I bought this one. I like the construction of yours better. But despite that, the one I have worked GREAT. It was so great to have a solution to my little bottles constantly falling down off that metal bar. All my stuff stayed in place and organized. I wish I'd had this from the beginning of our cruising days!
  14. Those stay up on the walls? I thought the walls were sort of textured? But if they work for you, I guess that answers my questions!
  15. OMG!!!!!! I may buy this version for our friends that are joining us on the cruise! Thanks for sharing!
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