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  1. For us, on an 8 day cruise, it was going to cost about $200 more. But beyond the extra cost, I don't see anyone mentioning the other conditions of the RU2 offer.... (Unless I missed it.) The best offer on this cruise has: Exclusive VIFP rates $50 per person to spend onboard Reduced deposits from $50 per person Free room location upgrade Price Protection Sale ends March 1, 2021 But the RU2 only offers: Cheers included in your offer! Great VIFP Rates Non-refundable Deposit Sale ends March 1, 2021 After factoring in the $5
  2. USD. We were out of Baltimore. You’re welcome!
  3. I feel like the minority, so I haven't said much about it, but I will never go on that ship or its equivalent again. I did find it too crowded. And there were only two small pools. I couldn't even sit in the pool because kids were jumping in and splashing and getting water in my beer. I swore after that cruise I'd never go on that one again. Just got off the Pride yesterday. WAY smaller. Adults only serenity deck. Even though there were almost no children on the boat, the serenity deck never seemed too crowded. And there were TWO other large pools for the kids. One thing I DID miss from the Vi
  4. Here’s pics of some of the menus from my cruise I got off of yesterday. Not all the bar menus, but hopefully this helps.
  5. A step back is right. Although they probably recycle, it's still incredibly wasteful to print out all those when you know most of them get thrown away. Not to mention the amount of time you have to stand there trying to find the stupid picture of yourselves. I mean, they did away with plastic straws, but it's ok to print all those photos on photo paper??? We sail on the Pride next week and I'm hoping it's on the Hub for us.... Although the screenshots with the watermark are useless to print, we had/have a ton of fun with our awful pictures and I still have those screenshots. 😂
  6. Short of going through every liquid in a suitcase, I don’t think they ever will. I mean, the run runners she has are shampoo and sunscreen looking bottles. Security would become a nightmare if they had to go through everything. Since an Irish car bomb is two liquors and a beer, I can’t imagine how much that would cost. Lol
  7. That does make sense. LOL. Luckily it's not my problem, I drink beer. But my friend is a professional Irish car bomb drinker and she's using a rum runner for her Jameson's, but was going to buy a bottle of Bailey's ahead of time. BUT, Bailey's, nor the equivalent are available in the Fun Shop. I guess she's going to have to figure it out once we board!
  8. Following. Someone told me on another thread that there are more options of liquor available via room service than from the Fun Shops. I haven't been able to find ANYTHING current online. So hopefully someone can educate us!
  9. I know why they don’t. But I wanted to see it. I figured an image existed somewhere.
  10. No prices. That was why I posted. Or is this in response to someone else’s post?
  11. Yep! And supposedly there’s happy hour before the ship leaves Baltimore. Yes! Super annoying.
  12. YES!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!! I can't believe my Google search didn't take me there. And the reason I didn't find it on the CC search was I limited it to the message boards. Thanks again!
  13. Hey all, despite a search on CC and an extensive Google search, I can NOT find a Red Frog Pub menu with prices that's newer than 2011. Does anyone have a picture of this? NOT the Red Frog Rum Bar. For some reason, those are plentiful. LOL
  14. So this is all very interesting.... My friend loves Bailey's for her Irish car bombs. She was interested in purchasing a bottle of Bailey's ahead of time but it's not on the Fun Shop menu. I'm also reading conflicting posts about whether they even have Bailey's on board. I just spent 10 minutes Googling for a menu of the liquor that can be purchased for Room Service and can find nothing. Does anyone have a current menu showing what liquor can be purchased in Room Service, please? Or am I misunderstanding how all this works. LOL. I drink beer so this is something I've never looked in to before!
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