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  1. That's so weird! What were your two options?
  2. Oh yes! I knew you were serious! Besides what I listed, it's great for small items that I didn't need all the time. Oh! I also put my hairbrushes, my jewelry pouch... It's been two years so that's all I can remember. If you go to YouTube, you'll see all sorts of videos about using them to organize. Seriously, you can find a YouTube video on every subject. LOL
  3. For about the third or fourth time. We're not using it for shoes. And if you don't use one, AGAIN, why are you on this thread?? I'm asking for solutions. Not personal commentary about how you don't use one.
  4. I should have forbidden men from this thread. 🙄 (Forgive me if any of you with useful advice are men.) I have never put shoes or clothes in my organizer. I put all kinds of odds and ends in the pockets along with my hairdryer, flat iron, old fun times, etc. I'm going to look at the Dollar Tree for the one mentioned above, otherwise I think the 3M Command strip trick may be the solution! We'll be on a 14 day cruise so yes, we unpack, settle in, and I try to keep things organized in such a small space. And I have plenty of time to drink a lot of beer 🍻 when I'm done. If you think this is shenanigans, not sure why you're even on this thread.... Thanks to those of you who gave me useful advice!
  5. So I've been using an over-the-door shoe organizer on all our cruises, but there was one problem that's sort of annoyed me. I wondered if anyone else has this problem. And if you DON'T, can you please tell me the exact organizer that you have and where you got it? So the hooks that came with it, although not especially thick, keep the closet door from completely closing. And the organizer hanger on the far side by the closet hinge will move around and then slide and fall down which is also annoying. I'd love to hear models where this did not happen. You can't tell from a picture on a website if a hook will be thin enough to allow the closet door too close. I'd prefer someone to just tell me what they have that works. Thanks!
  6. Thanks, Arzeena! I will not plan to seek them out next month. I don't want to chase our tail when our time there is brief.
  7. So is it open or not? Their FB page has a picture from June 7th. The address shows as 14 rue de l'anguille. The OP said Marina Port La Royale, Marigot. I'm so confused. LOL
  8. Swim, snorkel, eat, relax, drink, read a book..... It's pretty lovely. Since you have to take a water taxi to get to it, it's not as busy and you don't get hassled by people trying to sell stuff.
  9. So I haven't been in a while, but I vaguely remember one of the restaurants having wifi..... No pictures, but I would definitely google it. Because I'm pretty sure at least one of the restaurants is on FB or something.... We will be there next month and I'm hoping to convince my husband and friends that it's worth the trek! I have loved our visits there!!!
  10. Where is an updated beer list? I googled for about 10 min and everything I find shows those beers still on the menu. Didn't know where to find something more up to date!
  11. For the record, I don't think you're selfish for asking that. You're not complaining, just asking a question! 😁
  12. Yeah, we are on deck 7 on our November Pride cruise. I also love the convenience of being really close to Lido, but not at the expense of loud noises above the cabin. We once had a Lido deck cabin (on another ship, can't remember which) and it was SO convenient. BUT, we had cabins above and below us....
  13. It's worth the $15 upcharge for dinner there. It was out of this world!!!
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