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  1. Hello all, We will be in Santorini on Friday, June 12. Our ship is in port from 7AM-6:00PM. If I was to schedule a 6 hour tour, what would be the earliest start time? Could I make an 8AM meet-up time? I am not sure with 6 ships in port that day how long it will take to get to the top of the cable car exit. Is a 9AM start time more realistic? Thanks!
  2. Paul-What website does Edward check every day? The Celebrity site or another? I love your blog! I am love all of the food reviews! Can't wait to hear how your dinner was in Aruba. (Sorry for the double post above.)
  3. We monitor the pricing daily. It is something that Edward checks on literally every single day when he gets to the office to see if pricing has declined. By doing this he starts to understand the trend in pricing and what is really a good deal versus what is not. We tend to initially book a cabin / room category we are satisfied with. Usually that means concierge class (since we want the extra points) and we upgrade from there. Many times we are upgrading after final payment as that is when we see pricing drop most often. With this cruise, specifically, Edward saw a suite guarante
  4. I haven't heard anything from Celebrity yet. One of my Summit cruises is "missing" on the site, yet still shows in my planner. I monitor the Summit sailings multiple times a day and they still have not been added online after the Oct. 4th sailing. 🙁
  5. I have no idea if it is the norm. It wasn't an issue for us on that day though.
  6. The attendant moved the chairs and umbrellas for us. The umbrellas were rented from the same vendor. As blue_water says above, there is very little natural shade. Definitely worth renting an umbrella!
  7. Thanks for the updates on this thread. We, too, have a cruise booked on one of these "missing" Summit sailings in Dec. 2021. We were in the process of booking a B2B when the system closed the bookings for Summit. We only have one leg completed. I keep watching nervously, thinking that maybe we need a back-up cruise just in case.
  8. We were on Summit last week and went to LPC. They were pushing it hard all around the ship. It was fun to do once.
  9. Hello all, I just wanted to tell you about our recent trip to Sapphire Beach on June 26. We had 16 in our party. It was easy to grab a big, open-air taxi for our whole party from the pier where Harmony of the Seas docked. The price per person was $11 each way. It was a 25 minute ride to Sapphire Beach. Our driver offered to return in a few hours and we took him up on it. Once there, we rented chairs ($9 per chair) and an umbrella ($20 per umbrella with a $20 fully refundable deposit). We moved to the left of restaurant (if you are looking at the beach) and planted ourselves there for the
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