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  1. We have eaten dinner there several times on different ships. It was delicous.Desserts are really good. Well worth $15 pp.
  2. I have had my first covid shot. Now I am waiting for the second one. I was thinking that by June, everyone who wanted a vaccination would have had one. It was well organized. Maybe they will step up production.
  3. Am I over hopefull? People on this site stay caught up on the crusing news. I would love to hear some opinions.
  4. Carnival Cruises has announced they will implement the following Covid-19 prevention protocols aboard all ships when their cruising reopens in November, 2020 In November, Carnival Cruises is scheduled to ADD departure sailings from: Miami Port Canaveral Orlando They have a list of things that will happen. Protective wise. May be true. May not happen. Interesting article,
  5. I grew up in Muscle Shoals. We played a High School in Huntsville (football) my Senior year. I remember when Huntsville was not a big city! North West Alabama is beautiful and the people are so nice. I don't miss the winters. I still have family in MSC. I called Carnival today, and they said it had not been cancelled. I think it is sailing, if it does. with fewer passengers. If we have to use masks, I am fine with that. If they serve all of the food, I like that. If they give a covid test when you board, I like that. If they take our temperature, that is fine. Currently my social life is going to Publix. And I really like Publix, and like their staff and food, but I just want to see people. People safe spaced. With masks. Well tested. Who use the same huge amount of disenfectant as we do.
  6. I was burned very badly when I was a child. Plus I have a very rare blood type. The local radio stations put out a call for people with my blood type to please donate. My Mother told me people lined up to get tested and donate blood. I was in the hopital for six months, and then spent years having plastic surgery. Every day of my life has been spent thanking those volunteers.. And when I had a small pox shot, I was already immune. I had received it from a donor. It does greive me that in time people have been forced to do it. But my donors volunteered. They saved my life. I like to think that they are all a part of me.
  7. I had a lot of Carnival Gifr Cards from my cancelled cruise for my husband and me, and my daughter's family. It took a long time to get a refund but I did. I do not want Carnival to go belly up. So I figure that if they cancel all cruises until 2021, I would get a refund. If they tested everyone getting on the ship, and just floated around for a week or so, I would be happy. I like ending the buffet too. Holland America, I think, always serves the food when you go thgough the line. ( think they do so). They have, or are, moving the Breeze to Cape Canerval. We are booked on the Dec. 5.2020 Cruise to Aruba.
  8. Thank You. Volunteers like you always amaze me. Many of our worst diseases have been cured by brave people stepping up. God Bless You.
  9. The Magic will be sailing out of Port Canaveral on Nov. 8, 2021.
  10. I am leaving a fun Trivia round, heading to the casino to donate my $40 bucks, then when I have lost it, heading to the coffee shop for a skim milk latte and a big chocolate cookie. I wish!
  11. If you live in Northeast Florida, and read the Florida Times Union, there is a LOT of testing going on. And More is coming. The Death rate in Duval for the entire pandemic is 70 people. All over 70. Every death is a loss, but all of those who died were very old. ( I am too) Most were in nursing homes. Very expensive nursing homes so it was not a lack of care. The Deerwood area in JAX and one in Orange Park. I do not know anyone who has had it. I do not know of anyone who knows of who has had it. I have had three repair folks in my home during the Pandemic. I asked them if they had been busy during the Lock down. All said they were swamped from Day one. They did not know of anyone who has had it here and do not know of anyone who knows of anyone who caught it. Our Hospital beds are not full. Ordinary surgery has been delayed. I think they do some now. Medical workers have been laid off. We have a good governor. He sent the National Guard in to disinfect all nursing homes, and there has been one small outbreak. I think something fishy is up. But I don't believe in most conspiracies. I do think some are using it for political reason . I hope it is over sooner than later. Everyone stay safe and well. Live to cruise another day.
  12. I have received my e-mail. It stated that cabins would be assigned starting last Friday, and we would be notified of our cabin number. It also said that we all have $200 On board credit.
  13. We were booked on the Radiance for Dec.2020. 1 Made the reservation almost 2 years ago. I am worried about catching the virus, but I do take hydroxychloroquine ( for Rheumatoid Arthritis) and have for 20 years. It lessons the damage inflammation RH does to heart, lungs, etc. Makes sense it would help lesson any inflammation. But my husband does not. I am praying we have a vaccine before that. I think about when it will be normal again, but will we be the way we were then? DO you have hand sanitizer in your car, your glove compartment, your China cabinet?) Do you have enough masks to host a Halloween party? Will you ever let anyone shake your hand again? Hug you? Other than that, I love the Breeze. We have been on it once. It is big. Lots of dining venues with most free or very affordable. Loved the casino even though it did not love me back. Loved the Trivia. I am very hopeful. And I thank God every day that no one I know, or know of, has had covid-19. If we get onboard credit, can we use it to upgrade to a Cove Balcony on the Breeze? We were booked in an Ocean View on the Fifth Deck of the Radiance ( the new ones). It seems to be like the Sunshine except the Interiors with windows on the Third Deck does not have the sofa on the Radiance. I LOVED those cabins on the Sunshine. They were the best deal we got in cruising.
  14. It was a HUGE hassle to get my refund. I had been told that $400+ ( cruise credit) would be added to a reservation I booked for March 2021. That was some weeks ago.. So that means I have to call Carnival again. and just the thought makes me grit my teeth. I love to cruise, I have always loved Carnival. so from now on,..after I use the gift cards I received for the refund, it will be in cash. That might just be me. But for me, it is not worth the hassle.
  15. Thank for the photos. I did not realize that they were that obstructed. I may see if we can change cabins.
  16. Carnival Legend. Upper Deck. Cabin 5142 Does anyone know how obstructed it is? Thanks for any information. The cruise is not until next year. It is to the Panama Canal, and I would like to see some the canal from the balcony when the ship does a partial transit. Thanks for any information.
  17. I received my replacement gift cards this week. I was stunned. As I have no other place to spend the cards, I am booked on another cruise for next year. I will NEVER pay for a cruise with gift cards again. I will NEVER buy travel gift cards again. But After getting the cards back, I was not so mad at Carnival. I like cruising. I have never had another complaint against Carnival. I am not quite the cheerleader I used to be, but it is going to be tough on Carnival. Everyone I know is scared to death of this disease and the doctors, imho, pile it on. I still have about $400 in a cruise credit I think, and I did not get the $600 in onboard credit because my daughter's name was on the booking, but on my credit card. That chaps me. But all in all, I am a lot happier with Carnival than before this lock down. AND I do not believe there was any covid-19 on Carnival ships. I know they were on Princess, and HAL, and they are owned by Carnival, but ran by other groups. I have always felt like Carnival was clean.
  18. I thought I was getting the shaft. I cancelled my reservation March 10. It was paid off with AARP Gift cards + a 507 deposit. It was for my daughter, son in law, grandchild. It was an Alaskan Cruise from Seattle, It Cost 3461.92. I was told the refund would be in gift cards with a check for the deposit. But even though it was charged to my credit card, only my daughter could get it, because the booking was in her name. And the rest would be loaded on a gift card which could only be used by her, because the booking was in her name. I am platinum on Carnival I am platinum on Princess I have sailed on four cruises with Holland America. My daughter and her family were on five of those cruises. I paid for them with my credit card. I said O.K. Then I called at the end of the 8-10 days they said it took. No cancellation confirmation. No cards. Then carnival sent an e-mail. I ( my daughter) could get a cruise credit and $600 onboard credit. I did get a note..(one line) when I clicked on that one. I did not take a screen shot. I never got any notice about having a cruise credit. It is now April 21.2020. I have tried not to call too much. I have been told the cards are on the way, the cruise credit is fine, 8-10 days. the card for my refund was cut on April 1, and should arrive in 8-10- days. I have called accounting. WOW. Rude. Dismissive. Told Up to 90 days. click' The first agents I reached always tried to help me. I stayed on line for hours yesterday. I talked to guest services, accounting ( little talking, lot of holding) and as of now......the gift card will be sent. Ditto check. I can use the cards, and the check will be made out to me. I am to receive it within 90 days. I think that when that happens , pigs will come out of nose, and monkeys will be flying around my head. I will call again after the 8-10 period. I may be dumb, but I am persistent. I wish someone had the President of Carnivals' number. We should be calling him/her. I commiserate with everyone who posted. God bless you all, and keep up hope we all get our refunds or future credits. ( Either one would be fine with me. I can't use the cards any place other than Carnival) THIS is the first time I have had an issue with Carnival.
  19. Thanks to all who responded to my post. The cruise I had to cancel was an Alaskan cruise. Now that I know others are in the same situation, I feel more hopeful of one day getting those gift cards back. ( or new ones to replace them) Cruise Critic is a great source of reliable information.
  20. Thanks for the advice. Thanks for Cruise Critic. Just blowing off some steam made me feel better. I do know they are swamped. I have cancelled a cruise in past, and I think I received an e-mail that they were coming, and they were delivered by Fed.X I don't think I will pay with gift cards again, though.
  21. My refund, if I ever get it, is coming back on AARP gift cards because that is how I paid for it. I cancelled on March 10th. I requested a cancellation notice. I never got one. I called last Friday and was told it would be 90 days. NOT CASH. gift cards. ( Gift cards are fine. I did not ask for a refund on my credit cared) I was told to call back on Monday, March 23. I did. NO one at Carnival knows when the cards were mailed to me. But it is my fault if they are lost. YOU have to sign for their cards. We have lived in the same house for 45 years. Our mailman has been here for years. I order a lot from online sites. He knows my name and address.. So on Monday I was transferred to Guest Services. I was put on hold. After an hour or so, I hung up. I am not good at keeping on calling people who are rude,. Dismissive. I know Carnival is having a difficult time right now. SO am I . I cancelled the cruise because I had three artery surgeries in a one week period. And it worked out well. Now......does anyone know any department at Carnival which answers their phones, and can tell me when they mailed those cards? if they do, I can go to the Post office and see if they got hung up there. The refund of gift cards is over $3000.00 Took me a good bit of time to save it up. To Date......I have never before had an issue with Carnival. And we have sailed many, many times on most of the Carnival line. Thanks for any advice.
  22. I have sailed on Carnival over 20 times. I am also platinum on Princess and have several cruises on HAL. I have never had a problem with any of the ships we cruised other than we had to get off when our vacation was over. But Now I am pulling my hair out. I had to cancel a cruise for June 2020. I had used AARP Carnival gift cards to pay for it. The cancellation was due to my having surgery. The cruise was totally paid for. I cancelled before final payment. Carnival said my refund would be in gift cards. That was fine with me. That I would get a cancellation notice. ( I did not), and the cards would reach me in 8 to 10 days. They did not. I called Carnival. I was told it would take 90 days for me to get my refund. I called again the next week and was told I needed to check with guest services and I was put on hold. And I stayed on hold for an hour. Then I had to hang up.I know this has been a stressful time for Carnival, but it is impossible to get anyone to give me an answer. No one knows when the cards were mailed. They know the cruise was cancelled. NO one knows when the refund was mailed or if it was mailed. (They suggested my address was wrong. You have to sign for those cards when the Postman delivers them. We have lived in the same house for 45 years. we have had the same mailman for years.) IS there anyone in Carnival who can tell me when my cards were mailed , IF they were mailed, so I can track them down.? The refund was for an Alaska cruise that cost over $3,000.00. And I am not mad at Carnival. We would use the cards on another cruise. But I cannot get anyone at Carnival who can tell me anything about my refund. Thank you for any advice you have to give.
  23. I hope so. The devastation that hit the Bahamas is hard to even see . It looks like it was nuked. The US is sending in Military troops for search missions, as well as the Coast Guard. Food and medical help is there, or on the way. ONLY the USA is there at every disaster that hits. Americans are a good and decent people. They get little recognition for what they do. My sister worked for an International charity for years. Americans--YOU-- feed half the people on this earth. American missions are all over the world. If they have to use another port until the Bahamas are back on it's feet, will it be Key West.? The Fascination used to sail to Key West out of Jacksonville. We took that cruise one time.
  24. Is it SEA? I found a Hampton Inn, but it did not say anything about a shuttle to the port? Could someone recommend a hotel with a shuttle? Thank you so much. We live in Florida and while we cruise a bit, obviously, we don't fly a lot.
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