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  1. The only way the numbers would work is if the take up of the 3 and 4 night cruises had been very low.
    Firstly, if they had had substantial bookings, then why amalgamate the two cruises and secondly, they wouldn’t have sufficient cabins to offer everyone the opportunity to rebook on to the 7 night, given that they now have half as many cruises on offer. 
    perhaps people are less keen to book these cruises to nowhere than we think


  2. We booked via a travel agent and received our refunds for our transatlantic crossings in May and June a month ago. We were fortunate that our U.K. agent has just come in the top 3 travel companies for their customer service and certainly our refund experience bears this out. The only query I have is regarding the FCC. The deposit part of our booking was not refunded but replaced with a FCC, for which we have received no notification from Cunard. Does anyone know if this FCC will show up anywhere on our cruise personaliser account? What should we expect to receive from Cunard regarding this - if anything?

  3. 9 hours ago, davyjones said:

    It would have been useful to have one of the options to be that insurance was available.  At the moment all UK insurers won't cover anything to do with C-19 so I assume the majority will cruise with no insurance cover.

     Not quite true. My insurer will not cover cancellation due to Covid, but they will cover medical costs should you contract it. My policy renewed in April with this change.

  4. 2 hours ago, Morgans said:

    Apologies if this is covered elsewhere but where do we stand with insurance on a new booking? We would like to cruise later on or next year (this year's cruise has been understandably cancelled) and there is a repeat itinerary October 2020 and October 2021 but we gather that there won't be any  cover for coronavirus on a new booking -its a huge risk. Suggestions?

    My travel insurance has new terms. They will not Cover any cancellation on new booking due to Covid-19 but they will cover any medical costs should we fall ill from it. 

  5. It difficult to understand why the brands under the Carnival umbrella are not taking a collective approach. I have been impressed by the way that Princess has handled the situation, they have shown great crisis management under what have been the most trying circumstances. As a result, I suspect that they will retain the loyalty of their customer base and attract a good deal of new ones. On the other hand, this piecemeal catch up approach by Cunard and the uncertainty it causes is leaving their customers unnecessarily anxious. Witness today’s debacle of offering OBC and then withdrawing it, it reflects badly on the leadership and needlessly alienates what is fundamentally a loyal customer base.

    We cancelled our transatlantic cruise today. We don’t know if we should have waited to see if Cunard follow Princess and cancel their cruise timetable through to May, as we would have preferred a full refund rather than the FCC. However with less than 2 months before departure, we have to be aware of  cancellation deadlines that apply to all parts of our holiday - we have Amtrak bookings, 30 separate hotel bookings, dog kennels, cruise parking, plus a care package that we had arranged for  my 97 year old father all to consider. So we had to make the call. 

  6. 1 hour ago, 3rdGenCunarder said:


    I think most people looking at cancelling will have items not bought through Cunard and not refundable. If I cancel my crossing, I can cancel the hotels for the week in England before the crossing, but I will not recover money spent on the train tickets and theater tickets I've already bought. Still, I was beginning to think Cunard would do absolutely nothing, so I reckon I'm in a better position than I was a week ago.


    We have cancelled our May and June transatlantic over to USA and back. We have trains and accommodation plus car hire all booked separately to unravel, all part of a five week road trip. Luckily most of it except Amtrak is free cancellation, but with other costs, we will be out of pocket by a few £100. Looking at using the FCC, we are not seeing anything that we want to do, so are prepared to probably forfeit that as well. What price health and peace of mind though.

  7. I believe that if you are given a future cruise credit then you would not be able to make an insurance claim, since you have not occurred a financial loss. That is my understanding of my UK travel insurance policy.

  8. Anyone else notice that Cunard UK have updated their Covid-19 advice on their website this morning. No, not to bring their cancellation terms in line with other companies. Merely changing the look of it and adding pretty pictures. Talk about as much use as rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Good to see the PR team making efficient use of their time. I despair.

  9. 29 minutes ago, mickey89 said:

    P&O and MSC uk have yet to declare how they are going to treat their UK passengers while all the US lines are treating their customers with respect.  We'll book in the US from now on

    That is what we intend to do. This has been an eye opener on how the UK cruising public is treated 

  10. 1 hour ago, Onboard Bill said:

    Just rang Cunard UK at 0815 GMT and they're not budging on giving an FCC yet.


    The complacency that Cunard is showing towards its customers is breathtaking. We have until Friday to decide whether to cancel our two transatlantic crossings in May and June. Our May cruise is past payment date, so already a loss of 50% if we cancel, but June is still on loss of deposit. After Friday it moves to 50%. We have to cancel neither or both and I am not handing more money to this company, so it will be both. If that happens and I lose a significant sum, then I will not cruise with this company again. A FCC would retain my custom.

  11. 23 minutes ago, Eric79DAM said:

    We are booked on QM2 from NYC on April 25th and we were waiting for the travel advice from the Canadian Government. Now thankfully We can cancel and claim that stupid penalty Cunard is asking to pay 500$ thru our travel insurance. Given the circumstances I am bewildered  on how Cunard is handling this crisis ( charging a penalty and 90days to rebook ) #neveragainCunard




    You get away lightly, if I cancel our transatlantic, I stand to lose $1500. Then there’s the return crossing in June, another $500+

  12. Taken from twitter
    In light of the Coronavirus situation, we are reviewing our current transfer & cancellation policies to offer greater flexibility for our guests. Details will be available within 48 hours. For sailings within 48 hours please call us on 03453 555 111 to discuss your options.
  13. 5 minutes ago, oskidunker said:

    This tells me that as a smaller cruise line Cunard does not have the financial backing todo what Princess does. Cause for concern for sure. Sorry you are in this position. 

    Neither Cunard nor P&O are offering anything to their BRITISH customers other than their standard terms. We have two transatlantic crossing booked, out to New York in May, returning to the U.K. in June.  If we cancel today, we lose $2000, if we wait until next weekend we lose $3500. I am not aware of any UK travel insurer who offers cancel for any reason insurance, so the British cruisers really are being badly treated by these two companies and cannot use travel insurance to recoup their losses, unless they are declared medically unfit to travel.

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