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  1. I am SO confused on what to do! We are probably going to fly in a day ahead of NCL cruise. I see there are 3 ports so not sure which port NCL uses. I need to arrange my own accommodations at hotel that is convenient to airport and port. The people we are traveling with do not travel LIGHT with luggage so bus or train not an option. I am looking for a hotel that is convenient to both. Any and all suggestions are appreciated!
  2. Do you know which airlines NCL normally uses??
  3. I have never let a cruise book my air. We have recently booked a Baltic cruise and have done so. Air add on from NY to Copenhagen is only $399. That is crazy..what will they do..strap me on the wing or hide me in Cargo?😳 Who has used add on air from NCL? do they give you the worst flight times and seats on the airlplane? Are you allowed to pay more and upgrade to Premium Economy for the 12-13 hr flight?? Thanks all!!
  4. Did you need a VISA in Russia since you were not on a ship excursion?? My paperwork from NCL says if you are not on a ship excursion you cannot get off without a Russian visa. Thanks!
  5. Yes and I got that one butthole who gave us a bad time that he didn’t like the stamp..that ANYONE could make up a stamp😠..when I got home and looked at their own site it said nothing about a notorized letter! He even third degrees my 9 year old gdaughter if we were REALLY her grandparents! Cover ALL bases!!!
  6. Do not go by Carnival. Go to Homeland Security site. We traveled with granddaughter..had birth certificate and NOTORIZED letter from her parents and he still gave us a hard time because it wasn’t a RAISED notary stamp. They can be really nasty if they want. Print out a copy of their webpage about this and have it with you. Sure wish I had..it was miserable!!
  7. I have NO idea what an early save rate is??.
  8. Well dang..I was hoping for no cancellation rebook fee but I guess I could handle $50pp. It is not till next March but they changed my gdaughter spring break week. NEVER have they done this before! Ah well...
  9. I know I have seen the answer here. If you have to change your cruise to a different week do they charge you another deposit? Are you penalized?I will be calling Carnival when I find out the week change but want to be mentally prepared! Has anyone had to do this..how cooperative are they?? Thanks!
  10. I am on this cruise and have begun watching for it too. Guess we shall see!
  11. Talked to the Captain yesterday. He is such an amazing fun captain! He changes ships to the Edge in January!
  12. I looked on the boards but wanted info on this excursion thru Celebrity. Thank you!
  13. ANYONE????. Researching for nov cruise thanks!
  14. How do you get these perks on a reservation?
  15. I must say that Celebrity does not give very much info on their excursions. I see that Colon is not a place to be on your own and don’t want to take a 6-7 hr excursion. Wondering if anyone has been on this excursion and what it entails and how it is? Thanks so much!
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