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  1. That is a great attitude and I would love to gamble for 2022 but our health is not the best and I can’t really plan that far ahead😟 Have a great time and enjoy some good times for us!,
  2. I knew it was coming but it is official. Just got an email from Princess that Alaska cruises are cancelled thru June. Sad for me but sadder for all the vendors and tour operators! They have got to be hurting! I cancelled instead of rebooking..tired of dealing with the uncertainty of cruises and airfare and hotels to rebook and cancel. Maybe 2023! Hang in there Alaska!
  3. Well I knew it was going to happen but now it’s official. My Alaska cruise on June 26 has been cancelled. I chose refund option cuz after three cruises being cancelled I just don’t want to deal with it anymore. I feel so sorry for the Alaskan towns who depend on tourism dollars. It broke my heart to cancel two private excursions cuz I know they MUST be hurting!
  4. Was that just wash to Alaska or did it start out of Vancouver? We have an Alaska cruise booked end of June from Seattle. I wonder if it too will be cancelled!
  5. Off topic a bit....gonna be ALOT of funny looking face tans from people laying by the pool with their mask on😀
  6. Just had a friend return from AI in cabo and if you were not at the pool or on the beach masks were required. Nope..not my ideal of vacation in Cabo😟
  7. Thru carnival directly..been trying all day to get thru
  8. Website no help...can’t get thru to Carnival on phone and we can’t ask anyone for a PCC..what the heck are you supposed to do? Time is getting short!!!
  9. I dunno.....but with a $200 refundable deposit it gives me something to think about with all the ugliness was in this world right now.
  10. Thinking of booking a trip next summer to Alaska. I see there are 3-4 ships going there for Princess Cruises. Wondering which might be the best one in your opinion? Thanks all..and fingers crossed!
  11. That’s how I am feeling..this was booked a year ago..prob our last time traveling with granddaughter. The back and forth..then the over 70 ban ..they told me today I could get a credit and partial refund...I just want my money back and be done with it so I can stop being sad!
  12. Trying.....when I talked to cruise agent approx 28 minutes ago he said they had heard nothing so the left hand does not know what the right is doing
  13. Mine also is on the 28th and still nothing. Craziness
  14. Being I the over 70 target group I just want to be done with all the confusion of going or not going. I don’t want to keep $3000 tied up for another year. This whole thing is a bloody nightmare!
  15. Just finally got a call back from cruise rep..he says they have not heard anything internally Bout them canceling cruising! GeeeZ
  16. Just finally heard back from cruise rep and he says they have not heard anything internally about carnival canceling......what a mess! I don’t want a cruise credit..I just want to cancel and get reimbursed from my travel insurance.
  17. Carnival has not sent me anything for weeks on the letters they have out ..how are we supposed to KNOW!???
  18. I have received NO letters from Carnival about anything! They put a date of March 21 on the over 70 cancellation...we are supposed to go..or NOT go being over 70 on Match 28 and time is getting close! Carnival is giving NO information..if it were not for CC I would know NOTHING!
  19. Yes and I have received updated letters with room changes I made etc. no use calling!
  20. Hope we get this....I have never received either of the previous letters! I guess that’s it for our cruise...my dr prob will not sign off on my husband 😟
  21. I have not received this letter to fill out a form, just as I never received the two previous cancel or one letters. Please provide a link to this letter, Thank you!!!!
  22. I wonder if this covers people on a cruise to Europe who will need to fly home after their cruise??
  23. Could you email me the PVP at IDKaren1@gmail.com please. My time is getting short and I. CAnt get thru!! Thank you,
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