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  1. Oh, thank you so much for sharing these photos. These look very nice!!
  2. Yes, I must say we were heartbroken!! We did our rebooking in April, as soon as they cancelled our cruise for this year. (Still haven't received our FCC or anything on that, by the way). But we are waiting patiently. As for the cruise tour, it took us a long time LAST year when we were planning for this summer to decide, but once we did and then had to rebook, I wanted to stick with the same tour number we had so I wouldn't have to research everything again. Then, based on that tour number, we then started looking at what ships offered it and the dates. We obviously didn't get our same s
  3. Oh yes, we are very aware. Unfortunately we had no choice, as the Grand will not be sailing in Alaska next year, and the grand suites on the other ships are no where near as nice as the one on the Grand Princess was going to be. So, we decided on the two separate suites. Thanks!!
  4. We have just rebooked our Alaska cruise for 2021. Had to change from the Grand to the Royal, and went from 1 Grand Suite to 2 Club Class suites (M107 & M108). Would love to see photos and hear all your details of those two cabins!!
  5. Not sure if it is still true, but NCL used to offer decent solo cruiser rates.
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