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  1. Yes, I get it. You didn't want to tie up $8500 and chose to cancel. Your decision was prudent and I might have done the same given the time frame. (That was not the argument that I was responding to). It is not, however, absolutely certain at this time that our December cruises will cancel. I suspect they will, but if they don't, DW and I are going on those cruises. For the record, it did not take 2-3 months to get my refunds. But even if it did, it would only matter that I get it, not necessarily how long it takes. In fact, I accept the inconvenience that I'll likely have to wait a while.
  2. Biker19, I am faced with this scenario for our December cruises. The suspension has been moved back to October 31st, but my final payments are due in September. Surely I would love it if Royal would just cancel thru to the end of the year, but it is also true, I believe, that Royal actually does hope to resume sailings on November 1 as it is in their best interest to do so. I am not crazy about having to shell out a few thousand bucks then (probably) have Royal cancel after-the-fact, but we're in a pandemic and I choose to roll with it. I shall, therefore, pay the balance for my December cruises in September and hope for the best. In the end, I would rather have Royal cancel on me rather than the other way around. As my experience indicates, I will be refunded the total amount paid. I hear the gripe, but what would you (or anyone) have Royal do about that? As long as they pay refunds, I don't have a problem.
  3. OK. I'm a tad late to the thread, but I wasn't going to scan thru the thousands of posts. Thanks for clarifying. I am still baffled by the suggestion that Royal should time cancellations so they are outside final payment. Every cancellation is outside someone's final payment window. Again.. this makes no sense. Perhaps a person for whom this is an issue will answer that for me.
  4. That's a lot of assumptions. Why are you assuming that only half get (or want) a refund? Royal is required to return ALL monies collected if they cancel a sailing. If we agree that Royal wants to resume operations as soon as possible, what would you have them do? I'll ask again... Exactly what date would you have them announce a suspension so that no one has to pay their balance? I have had 4 sailings cancel, and had paid the full balance on each prior to the cancellation announcement. Royal has refunded every penny owed to me. It came in increments and took a while, but I have been fully compensated. I don't understand your complaint.
  5. If they moved the suspension date of 10/31 a month ago, then people who had already paid their balances for September thru October could make the same case. Your reasoning still makes no sense. I'll repeat: sailings are scheduled every day/week all year long; any cancellation will affect a lot of people regardless. Exactly what date would you have them announce a suspension so that no one has to pay their balance?
  6. This makes no sense. Ships go out every day/week in a normal year. There will always be some folks whose cruise is cancelled after final payment no matter when the suspension begins. This applies to ALL cruise lines.
  7. I'll throw in my 2 cents... agree with all the posts thus far. We have had terrific experiences on the Anthem. As we sail in Grand Suites, we have access to Coastal Kitchen and the Suite Lounge, both of which are outstanding amenities in Royal's suite class. Our last Anthem cruise was this past December. We booked one for March in a Grand Loft, our first time in Star class with a Genie, et al. Can't wait!
  8. Thank you for the reply, Boyetter2013. You evidently have a better grasp of the analyses as they pertain to Royal stock.
  9. My two cents, if I may. I had one cruise cancel--May 10 Oasis, but I have 3 more scheduled for July on the Adventure. As some of you have pointed out, those sailings will likely be cancelled as well. I do have one great fear in this, and that is the possibility of bankruptcy. I did some crude calculations. If most people (including me) take the refund, the cruise lines will be required to dig into their stash of emergency funds (if such a stash even exists). Let's say that 20,000 booked passengers request refunds amounting to an average of $1,000 per person, the cruise line will be paying out $20 million... and those numbers are highly conservative; depending on how long the crisis endures, those numbers could easily exceed $100 million by year's end. With enormous investments tied up in bigger and more expensive ships under construction and the loss of major revenue along with millions in outgoing expenses (refunds), cruise lines will be hard-pressed to stay fiscally sound. I hope Royal Caribbean can weather this storm, but if bankruptcy happens, there will be no refunds for any of us. Please tell me I'm wrong.
  10. Sure about this? I'm booked July 15 on Adventure and there is no such alert in Cruise Planner. To my knowledge, as Ourusualbeach affirmed, cruises beyond July 1 are still on.
  11. You're welcome, but the FCC may not apply to cruises already booked. Promise me you'll confirm that with Royal.
  12. I would imagine so since it was likely included in your original payment. Not 100% positive about that, so I'll defer to someone who may have direct confirmation of that. You might be served better by getting the answer right from the horse's mouth; call or email Royal with the question. Earlier the better.
  13. I have an update to my original post. I spoke with an Allianz customer service rep within the past hour. She confirmed what was posted by Heymarco earlier in this thread, that Allianz will refund the amount paid if the cruise line cancelled due to COVID-19. I was told I would need to contact sales support via email (salessupport@allianzassistance.com) with confirmation that I opted for the refund and not the Future Cruise Credit. If, however, I opt for the credit, Allianz will transfer the policy to another booking. That's righteous, IMO. Thank you all for your replies.
  14. Excellent, Heymarco, thank you. I'll call Allianz later this morning. I may just transfer the policy to one of our July cruises, although my first inclination is to take the cash. The way things are going, our July back-to-backs may cancel as well.
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