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  1. Never been on a Cunard ship. I would like to know what is included in the price (if anything) for a Queens Suite level category. Drinks? Dedicated lounge? Water? Specialty coffees? Can't seem to find any details on this on the web site.
  2. You're my kind of dude, Sea Dog! Life is too short NOT to drink the good stuff. In this case, the REALLY good stuff. FYI... MSC Cruises has a category above their premium bev package that covers every brand on the ship. Not sure about Louis XIII cognac, but it does include Johnnie Walker Blue.
  3. Well, I actually said you MAY have to wait until the dining room opens. Again, depends on what you order.
  4. Never been on Harmony or Allure, but we've booked Grand Suites on at least 7 Royal ships and there were always menus. Did you ask the butler or room steward?
  5. You can order Eggs Benedict, eggs over easy and French toast on the room service card menu that goes out the night before on the door knob. Whatever is not listed on the card you can write in. We have always done that (DW likes Eggs Benedict, but it's never on the card menu). As for delivery time and depending on the dishes ordered, you may have to wait until the dining room opens.
  6. Well, they're bar brands. But if the OP has the higher-end package, then premium brands are available to him. Honestly, bar-brand vodka is fine in a martini; don't need Grey Goose or Tanqueray 10 gin.
  7. HostClarea... please explain Chops +1 on the Anthem. Is that the one that offers a BOGO on nights 1 and 2? Thanks!
  8. Yeah... like Poncho1973 said... broad brush. I do spend much time in the lounge; not the entire HH, but from 4:30 to early seating, then maybe return for a port. My DW and I have two drinks max each. We like the lounge because it's intimate, quieter, and exclusive, not because we are alcoholics. On the Grandeur, the ship we sail most often, they open up the Concierge Lounge during HH by extending the seating out into the Viking Crown Lounge, while the DL expands into the South Pacific Lounge to accommodate the overflow. There is plenty of seating in my experience.
  9. Americans generally prefer weaker coffee--no flavor, no nose or aroma (in my opinion), just brown water. For me, European coffee, usually bold and dark, is my choice. Starbuck's comes close. Anyway, this is a subjective standard to be sure. It's what you're used to... in the nose of the beholder. I might also add that I, too, have never heard of the list posted by Travelplus in his OP.
  10. You're quite welcome. You should be able to see the entire menu along with the paired wines in advance. Please remember that "cheap" is in the palette of the beholder! A subjective standard, to be sure. If the wines were higher end you would be paying a lot more for the experience. $60-$90 for a Chef's Table is really not that expensive, so the wines will reflect that. I've had excellent wines at Chef's Tables at country clubs, but paid more than double that amount. In the end, I still think the cruise line Chef's Table is a good value at that price.
  11. Yes, true. Adventure's Chef's Table was not held in a private enclosed venue. We did one this past July on Grandeur--still in a private room, but the wines were cheaper than previous Tables we had done.
  12. We have done Chef's Table many times on Anthem, Adventure, and Grandeur and I agree with all the replies--terrific food, nice wines, usually great people, etc. For the best price, you might consider holding off booking it until later in the cruise. This is definitely a splurge, so there will probably not be high demand. It is also true that the number of seats is limited at each dinner seating, so you may run the risk of losing out if you wait too long, but in our experience Chef's Table often does not fill up toward the end, in which case they will likely offer discounts. As an earlier poster mentioned, there is usually one waiter who runs the show, so attempt to seek him out to book it (he shouldn't be hard to find). Don't do it thru the concierge.
  13. Jelayne, what are "TA" and "TP"? (transatlantic/transpacific?) Regardless, can you not add the 4 perks as you're moving through the online booking process? Since they were added as part of the former "Go!Best" we have not sailed without them.
  14. We get the "4 perks" even in a Sky suite and that includes the Premium Beverage Package. We've only sailed Summit, so Is it different on other Celebrity ships?
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