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  1. Control? Control by whom? So I'm guessing you don't wear a seat belt, either. How do you feel about other safety measures? Is that also all about the government trying to control you?
  2. st5310

    Bermuda in July

    Good day, folks... DW and I are booked on Insignia for July 2021 Bermuda. Apologies if this topic has been addressed earlier, but in light of Canada's recent closure of cruise ports thru 2022, have you any inside info as to whether Bermuda will extend their current closure into summer?
  3. Indeed it is, Tigrou, thank you. However, the Summit 2022 itinerary is not yet showing on their "Find a Cruise" site.
  4. Being from SF? What the heck is SF... San Francisco? And why do you think I'm from there? More importantly, why would I understand that attitude? Look, Hawaiidan, nobody likes pretentious people, but you are stuffing all suite class people into one basket by assuming all of us are "too cool" to hang with regular folks. Your prejudice is obvious. And ugly. I am sorry about your wife's condition and you are a good husband to want to make these days great for her, especially since you're in an unwanted upscale cabin with many of us "faux elitists."
  5. So you're booked on the Marina in an Oceania Suite with exclusive access to an executive lounge? And you have the chutzpah to criticize "faux elite classes?"
  6. Thanks for clarifying. TrulyBlonde is quite right. Nobody knows what cabin you're in unless you choose to share that information. As I'm walking thru the ship among the "multitudes" I cannot detect who is and is not in a suite. I never ask nor do I care. I happen to like the perks that accompany suites, especially the private venues. Even when I sail a smaller ship, like O's Insignia, I seek out quiet venues. We book suites and love the dedicated venues aboard, including the lounge and the restaurant, but we can also choose to stroll and shop through the "malls." I have had this argume
  7. Glad you asked that, 'cause I don't either. To address the question as to whether I would go if I had to wear a mask... masks WILL be required, no doubt. So, yes.
  8. I'm confused. You're criticizing the size of the Celebrity ships and complaining about the "general mass of people you have to endure," then in the next breath complaining about "us versus them" and paying to "keep others at bay" that you state is not for you. This makes no sense.
  9. I read you loud and clear, Doubt It, but I must ask... if you'd rather cook at home or dine out locally, why go on a cruise at all? For me a major perk of cruising is that I DON'T have to cook. Or clean up. And I can eat dishes I would not normally make at home. The price of a suite on Celebrity covers a lot more than just Luminae. And I do think it's worth it.
  10. Yes, that could be. And I agree that a bad experience in a ship's restaurant probably will not warrant a second try. What's the old adage... you get only one chance to make a first impression. In the case of Luminae, however, our experience has always been extraordinarily good; I do not recall "heavy sauces," or "gross" hamburgers. It's true that the Luminae menu is limited, but you can also order off the main dining room menu, which we have done many times. Luminae is smaller, quieter, and less frenetic and we dine there almost every night.
  11. So, ABoatNerd, you ate at Luminae once and came to all those conclusions after that one time?
  12. Wishuponasea, we did our first Oceania cruise on Insignia--the smaller "R" ship"--in 2018 after many years of Royal and Celebrity. I agree that Celebrity's 4 Perks program is a good deal and that Oceania "is more intimate, quiet and comes with fabulous food." In the end, Oceania was the most compatible for us. We are past 70 and really enjoyed the low-key atmosphere, especially the fact that there were few children on board. A daily combo played at 4:00 tea with dancing, scones and assorted pastries. The dining rooms, including the main one, felt like upscale restaurants. And there
  13. Yes, a glitch. No drink package comes with that level of suite. A few perks do apply, however--free Voom, access to the suite lounge, Coastal Kitchen, etc. You'll have to move up to a Grand Loft Suite to get an included drink package.
  14. I know... the boards are filled these days with refund questions and answers, but I'd rather not swim thru the thousands of replies to get to the one that is most relevant. So, here goes. My next cruise is scheduled for December 18. On or about September 18 if Royal has not cancelled thru to year's end, I shall owe a balance of $4K. I have had 4 cancel this year so far, had paid the balances, then received a full refund. This time I would rather not do that. Let's say for the sake of this thread that the $500 deposit paid is non-refundable. Gambling that Royal will cancel thr
  15. Yes, I get it. You didn't want to tie up $8500 and chose to cancel. Your decision was prudent and I might have done the same given the time frame. (That was not the argument that I was responding to). It is not, however, absolutely certain at this time that our December cruises will cancel. I suspect they will, but if they don't, DW and I are going on those cruises. For the record, it did not take 2-3 months to get my refunds. But even if it did, it would only matter that I get it, not necessarily how long it takes. In fact, I accept the inconvenience that I'll likely have to wait a wh
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