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  1. Not entirely accurate. Profitability of a particular ship has a lot of other factors. Just some examples: Fuel Cost Crew Size Onboard Spend Loan Payments on Vessel etc. The Fantasy class ships haven't hung around this long because they are money losers. 🙂
  2. My prediction: We get the bomb dropped on us tomorrow after the markets close. (although it is possible today too) They are trying to get things figured out. I'm expecting to have 3 of my cruises cancelled and I hate it. 😞
  3. In my opinion the lawsuit is not a factor. 1. Lawsuits like these take years going through the legal process. We're not likely to see anything on that until at least 2022 or 2023 2. The basis of the lawsuit is weak
  4. So are the NCL ships that we know are not sailing. Sadly, we can't rely on schedules as an accurate guide as to whether ships will actually sail on those dates.
  5. There would be no real reason for him to talk about a delay that already happened in the past. Also, apparently there was a meeting at Carnival this morning where it was said that there would be ""an update about the Mardi Gras soon"'. This was posted by @stobe1 above and I confirmed that with a resource I have that works for Carnival. Not sure when "soon" is but I expect to hear it. 😞
  6. “There will definitely be delays in the arrival of the new ships. We have several coming this year — Enchanted Princess in our Princess line, Iona in our P&O line, (and) of course, Mardi Gras for our Carnival line,” Donald said. “Those ships all are going to be delayed.” You can see some more quotes from the interview here: https://thepointsguy.com/news/carnival-ceo-arnold-donald-interview/
  7. Travelling with Bruce is literally the least reliable cruise news "resource" on the internet /ignore
  8. IMO unlikely. What is for sure: do not book new cruises until you see cruises resumed. Happy cruising! Arnold Donald said on Monday that Mardi Gras would be delayed (again). See interview here: https://thepointsguy.com/news/future-of-travel-webinar-cruises-carnival-ceo/
  9. Based on the interview Arnold Donald did that is talked about in this thread I don't see how Mardi Gras sails as scheduled. He literally states that Mardi Gras will be delayed in that interview was from this past Monday (June 15th, 2020)
  10. NCL announced yesterday afternoon so I expect the other cruise lines including Carnival to announce by week's end. October 1st is probably the new start date. (in MY opinion)
  11. Thank you for posting the major points. I watched this last night. 1. He talked about the retirement of ships right after Brian asked about Fantasy class ships so it can be implied that his response was directly regarding those ships. However, with 100 ships in the fleet across 9 brands it wasn't certain that it was directed at the Fantasy class ships. Interesting that he said the retired ships would not be going to secondary or tertiary markets but rather straight to the scrapyards. Maybe this is because he expects demand for used cruise ships to be low and thus the bare metal is worth more. 2. I interpreted this as Mardis Gras is definitely going to be delayed again. I believe he said that even though the shipyards in Finland were up and running there were still supplier issues that would cause the further delay. I was surprised that no one else seems to be running with this part of the story because it sounded like a confirmation that it won't sell as scheduled. I wrote John Heald and ask him about it but he said everything is on schedule still. I suspect they haven't told him yet. I fully expect them to announce the delay to those booked on the early sailings within the next few weeks. 3. At around 44 minutes when he was talking about the financial situation and no revenue he said that they had a "runway" that takes them into November and potentially beyond with no revenue. For some reason I thought I had heard they had financing in place to take them deep into 2021. This is the 1st I recall hearing of November. So my big take away is that we won't see cruising until things like movie theaters, concerts, sporting events, etc. open back up in a manner where social distancing is not that huge a deal. Does that happen 60 days from now? 90 days? 180 days? I have no clue. My other big take away is that Mardis Gras is definitely delayed again.
  12. How did that work out for you?
  13. reading this makes me feel like the CDC is not going to be moving at anything faster than glacial speed anytime soon 😞 I don't see how we are back to cruising in approximately 60 days from now given this information which is sad 😞
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