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  1. Win or lose I need to thank you @JamieLogical because I have used this thread and all your posts for advice on the whole process and how much to bid. 🙂 You are the bidding for NCL upgrades authority. Like you I was torn on bidding at all because I currently have an angled balcony. So thanks and I will let you know when the e-mail comes. hehe
  2. So Breakaway sails at 4pm on Sunday so I'm guessing that means we are guaranteed to hear something by Friday at 4pm?
  3. Wow, you could be a Celebrity stand up comedian as lame as that was See what I mean about the class thing people? These RCCL/Celebrity types like to think they are better than everyone else. Of course I'm not the one on here crying about the price of things like someone else. I guess I have a double wide. LOL
  4. No, I'm saying we don't want to hear your feedback noob. You know nothing about the purpose of these forums. Didn't I already tell you to leave? Why are you still here?
  5. You're easily entertained then. You should try Celebrity then LOL
  6. I'm fine. I am not the least bit emotional about any of this stuff.
  7. Ok, so you've established you are just here to troll. Now the only question is whether or not you are a paid or unpaid troller.
  8. I'm not loyal to NCL. I've been on Royal Caribbean and its not too terrible except for a lot of the fellow the passengers are a bunch of self-important idiots who are of average status in real life but think they are of higher status when they step aboard a cruise ship. I've been on Princess too and if I wanted a more upscale experience I would choose it ALL day over Celebrity which is is just an even more pretentious Royal experience. On top of the fact that Princess is better than Celebrity in every area. Now go enjoy your Celebrity cruise and go away. LOL You are obviously not here to do anything but bad rap NCL.
  9. Fantastic. Do I need to show you where the Celebrity message board section is at so that you can leave us all alone here?
  10. Probably raised the price $200 before having that sale. Royal has been having the non-sale sale for years. NCL too
  11. And try to get the bottled water for free by the gangway exit at port stops. Won't happen.
  12. Well what are you waiting for? Go book it and hop on board. Why are you hanging out here? Royal paying you to do it or something? LOL
  13. Yup that 30% off each sale is a thousand times different than the buy one get one 60% off sale they just had.
  14. Royal Caribbean ... the cruise line with the never-ending BOGO sale that ends in 2 days??? That Royal Caribbean. So tell me specifically what NCL doesn't tell you up front??? and how are they not "honest"??? Finally, if you love Celebrity so much and hate NCL why don't you just sail with Celebrity and dump NCL?
  15. Yes, please keep going because 1. Drink packages don't included bottled water on some other cruise lines either - that is neither a fee or surcharge btw 2. It depends on the port - In Galveston for example they are going to charge you taxes on drink no matter what cruise line you are on - a tax is also not a fee or surcharge 3. What specific fee are your referring to on Casino at Sea bookings? 4. Yes, they charge a service charge / gratuity on the "free" drink package but you pay a service charge / gratuity on the non-free drink packages on the other lines so paying a service charge on a drink package is not different on NCL than other cruise lines.
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