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  1. Here is what we do know from the CDC data: (https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/covid19/mortality-overview.htm) 80.4% of Covid Deaths are people 65 years or older 94% had identified comorbidities and the other 6% had suspected unidentified comorbidities So if you are under 65 and have no comorbidities you have an exactly 0% chance of dying. Moreover, there is currently no published evidence that anyone who was vaccinated had died as a result of Covid. (aka vaccinated people are not dying) And finally, 1.8% of people who got Covid have died (yet see abo
  2. Go read their criteria for determining what level to assign: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/how-level-is-determined.html and tell me how cruise lines have had 100+ per 100K over the last 28 days They don't even qualify as a Level 4 under their own system CDC are tyrants and lie to us
  3. You may not Keep listening to an 80 year doctor who doesn't even work for the CDC as well as the academics at both those organizations Do the same stupid things and get the same stupid results
  4. Where did she announce that "Carnival cruisers that do not have passports"? Also, where did she use the phrase "primary reason"?
  5. Literally a time when no one even knew what was going on. In the beginning there wasn't any mitigation taking place. They literally late people off to free roam in port. The documentary was ok for a fly on the wall look at the experience of a few people on Diamond Princess but otherwise wasn't worth much.
  6. let me stop you right there Both of these organizations don't know what they hell they are doing They cannot interpret their own data WHO should be held criminally responsible for some of their actions
  7. When you call someone a liar ... be right about it. You are full of it. See my list of cancels in my earlier post.
  8. Call whatever you want but here are 16 of them: 3/14/2020 Carnival Magic 5/9/2020 Carnival Vista 7/4/2020 Carnival Magic 8/15/2020 Carnival Magic 9/12/2020 Carnival Vista 9/24/2020 Carnival Mardi Gras 9/25/2021 Carnival Sunrise 10/18/2020 RCCL Harmony of the Seas 11/21/2020 Carnival Mardi Gras 12/13/2020 Carnival Glory 1/9/2021 Carnival Magic 2/20/2021 Carnival Panorama 4/3/2021 Carnival Horizon 4/11/2021 Carnival Horizon 6/20/2021 Carnival Glory 8/23/2021 Carnival Magic I'm on 7/17/2021 Mardi
  9. Justify it however you want but you are still trying to game the system and look for "loopholes" to turn the OBC into cash.
  10. Well aware of that. I've had 15+ cruises cancelled thus far. Either way you got your money back. If you booked another cruise you got free OBC out of the deal.
  11. technically they said they believe that the 6% had comorbidities too but they just were not identified so 100% of people who died of Covid had comorbidities
  12. Obviously you had to book a cruise to get the OBC part
  13. no "solution" is needed Carnival gave everyone ALL their money back as either FCC or refund to payment form AND gave the free OBC
  14. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24765-senators-introduce-bill-allowing-to-restart-cruising-by-july-4.html Fingers and toes crossed Call your Senators
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