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  1. Funny "tipping" story regarding Loonies and Twoonies. When I travel and stay in a hotel for multiple days I generally empty my pocket change every night and leave it on a table, desk, or nightstand. No maid has ever done anything with it except for maybe push it in a pile. Over the course of a week it probably isn't even $4 worth of change. I spent several days at Niagara Falls on the Canadian side and stayed at the Doubletree there. I did the same thing about emptying my change every night but now it is consisting of Loonies and Twoonies which is obviously worth more than pennies, nickels, and dimes. I am not used to using change so I am breaking big bills all day long. Apparently over the few days it must have added up to a decent amount because one of the maids took all the change and left a note thanking us so much for being so generous. I have no clue how much it was but it would not have surprised me if it was over $20. I didn't realize I was tipping. LOL
  2. Hopefully sooner: https://www.forbes.com/sites/andrewsolender/2021/07/08/sen-rand-paul-vows-to-introduce-bill-repealing-mask-mandate-on-planes/?sh=67323fd1510a
  3. I will share. I was on the 1st Adventure of the Seas cruise out of Nassau (June 12th). I prepaid gratuities and left them in place. On top of that I gave the following tips on the ship: $100 to my head waiter $100 to my assistant waiter $50 to the hostess that took care of me all week long $100 to my room steward I gave these all on the last day of the cruise. I also gave $5-10 tips on a few occasions where I used bar service for soda as well as milkshake and ice cream purchases. This is pretty much double what I normally give in addition to the automatic gratuities. Yes, I did give more because they crew has been out for so long and there were less passengers on the ship. The crew treated us like royalty anyway but they really did appreciate the extra tips.
  4. Looks like this was already covered in the past: https://www.cruisehive.com/heres-what-the-new-cruise-port-in-belize-will-look-like/40176 So NOT a new RCCL private island 😉
  5. Sadly, it looks like not until at LEAST 2022 is correct when it comes to cruise passengers.
  6. Friend was just ported in Belize and showed me some video of an island being developed that he was told by a local tour guide was Royal Caribbean's private island they are doing construction on. I haven't heard anything about this before. Anyone know anything about this?
  7. I'll take predictions that didn't age well for $500 Alex. Reminds me of ALL those people saying that the Florida injunction filing against the CDC had ZERO chance of being successful. Oddly, those people remain quiet on the topic at this point. 🙂
  8. and not your job to tell me that it is not by job to tell yours LOLOLOLOL
  9. Yup, just let them handle it if they want. Not "our job" to do so. LOL
  10. Just tried making a reservation with a Grand Cayman tour operator for a November 2021 stop and they told me they are not taking reservations as they are expecting no cruise guests until at least 2022. Disney had some Grand Cayman stops scheduled for August but those have all had an itinerary change. The best I can tell is that the Carnival Vista's September 8th stop would be the first scheduled cruise ship stop to Grand Cayman that has not been reschedule yet.
  11. Let the moderators moderate 🙂
  12. HMC Beach where the sand is like walking on flour
  13. 2940 passengers is what John Heald said this morning. That is (2940/3934) 74.92% of double occupancy and (2940/4977) 59.07% of maximum. (all bunks full) That is still a LOT more than the initial sailings that RCCL and Celebrity have done. Anything over 50% of double occupancy is a bit shocking. (IMO)
  14. Starboard: anything 2365 and forward should be good Port: anything 2356 and forward should be good All that stuff is under dining room, guest services, shore excursion desk, etc. and those don't really generate noise.
  15. Yes, private tour. It was like $60 per hour for 4 of us and we did a 4 hour tour (10am-2pm) so it was basically $60 per person ($240 total). We toured around the island, had lunch at the fish fry strip, and got dropped at the airport at 2pm. We had toured before and we seen a lot of new stuff this time around. We could go anywhere we wanted when we wanted etc. It was totally up to us.
  16. I don't care if it teaches them or not. They aren't getting my money. The stop mostly consists of a bunch of bars and shops on Duval Street down to a marker that claims to be the Southern most point in the U.S. (which it is actually not) No loss for me
  17. Also. when we were at Ocean Cay Marine Reserve they told us there was absolutely nothing on the island we could eat and we would have to go back to the ship to eat. Only the buffet was open during that port day. 😞
  18. PLUS They didn't even have any Gluten Free Pizza option. The non-gluten free people in our group loved the MSC pizza and sadly we could not get any Gluten Free Pizza anywhere or at anytime even if we were willing to order ahead or wait. I've had GF pizza on Carnival, NCL, and Royal without issue on many occasions.
  19. That used to be the case with the pricing. Now I am seeing them charging more for the coves on many sailings. You do realize the ship has elevators, right?
  20. Bottom line is that they should be available and printable the day before sailing. 🙂
  21. He was trying to travel FROM England where he lives. I believe he said it was U.S. personnel that stopped them and not UK
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