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  1. It looks like Empress is moving west again.
  2. What happened to the Empress of the Seas topic that has been on the boards for several months? It just seems to have disappeared. Have a cruised planned in May on this ship and I'm concerned that it to may disappear. I think the last post was October14
  3. Decided to hope for the best. Booked suite on Empress for May 31, 2021 to Bermuda. If it doesn't make it there is always Oceania in July with the same itinerary.
  4. Empress is the only one of these that can fit into St George, Bermuda. Fun fact The former Celebrity Horizon and Zenith were built to the maximum size to fit into St George. Sorry to see them go soon to the breakers.
  5. Oceania has three Cruise in July 2021 to ports of St George and Hamilton , Bermuda. Still pulling for the Empress of the Sea to make it to Bermuda in 2021. Our 2020 cruise was canceled to Bermuda on Empress. Took the credit and I'm hoping to use the125% credit.
  6. Was looking forward to sailing into St George Harbor in Bermuda in 2020 on RCI. May not happen in 2021 if this eastward trak continues. Only ship RCI that can fit into St George.
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