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  1. Is that new? Using one of the free Diamond drinks loaded on the card in the dining room? I thought when I went last year that wasn’t permitted..
  2. So a strange question. If I bring a lanyard, without a plastic holder, does the pursers desk have a hole puncher? Or, I guess a better question, Carnival uses cards with touch technology meaning they don’t have a swipe on the back, correct? So if I get a lanyard with a plastic holder, I don’t have to worry about taking my card out of it all the time, right?
  3. Once again, thank you everyone for your suggestions.. I appreciate all of your input...
  4. Thanks for all of your suggestions. Will do. We'll probably do the therapy in the room 1 day (at least), but to keep it 'new' and to keep him engaged with it, I'd love to be able to vary the settings.
  5. Thanks!.. I'm not too worried about the noise from a lounge, but more of the distraction. If a TV is on, he'll watch it.. people walking by, ditto. I'll have to check out the Library.. Thanks, appreciate your quick response!
  6. No, I know the ship isn't quiet, don't worry. I've been on it before. But the next time I go I'll be helping my friend with her husband's Speech Therapy as he recently had a stroke. So i'll need a quiet place with not many distractions. I realize the cabin would work, but I don't want to always be in there. I thought about the Diamond Club in the early afternoon (yes, we're both Diamond members), and when looking at the Deck Plan I saw the Conference Center. Does anyone know if that room is opened and available when not in use? Any other suggestions?
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