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  1. We are both Elite & travelling to New Zealand from Australia on Celebrity Eclipse.   Was wondering if they still have a lounge for Elite members OR IS it just  drinks from most bars between 5 - 7 pm.    Thanks Judy

  2. 20 hours ago, ShellRay said:



    We have this room booked in December. Would love to see photos if you are able to get any !! We hope you have a great up coming cruise !

    We have booked 7572 on Ovation for transpaific crossing Sydney to Hawai.   Wondered if you enjoyed your cabin 7568 and was smoking on Deck 5 a problem  -  Lots of people have commented about the smoking problem.  Thanks Judy

  3. On 12/9/2018 at 7:01 AM, megsie said:

    Unfortunately Rock the Boat hasn’t been resigned by RC and we missed them on our recent Ovation cruise. A group called Pulse onboard, nothing close to RtheB.

    Lucy Dobro band was playing in Boleros.

    Tropical Pleasure duo around the pool or Boleros

    Piano melodies with Albert in the Schooner Bar and Martin in the Pub.

    There was also a Tribute to U2 on.

    Pixels still very popular (prebooking advised)

    Live Long Legs and the Dream still on as well.

    Some of the movies 2 weeks ago, were Mama Mia - Here we go again, Incredibles 2 in 3D and Oceans 8.

     Trivia was impossible to get to (Schooner Bar). But this was the cruise before CD Joff Eaton arrived and with his very amusing progressive trivia in 270.

    This was our 3rd cruise on Ovation and least enjoyable for a variety of reasons.

    Could you tell us what time the shows were -   wanting to booking dinner reservations.   

    Thanks  Judy

  4. On 10/29/2018 at 3:38 AM, cruisegirl1 said:

    Looking at dining for an upcoming cruise on Oasis and the FNDR is $20pp or $40 for the two of us.  That seems like a better deal than using the  D+ BOGO.  Giovanni's, Chops and 150 Park are all higher than $40 for just  one, making it more than $40 using the BOGO.   Am I missing something?


    Thanks, M

    I have just got to Diamond Plus.   Would you please explain what FNDR & BOGO mean.  Thanks Judy

  5. We just got back and were on the breakaway, we did have the dining package and ate at Cagney's twice, really enjoyed it there! If we didn't have the dining package, we still would have ate there at least once! I believe it was already said but they do not have lobster anymore. I got the filet and shrimp both times and wasn't disappointed either time.


    We are cruising on Norwegian Jewel while it is in Australia. If we purchase the dining package does that allow us to eat at Cagneys Le Bistro and Teppayakayi restaurant for no cost???? Thanks Judy. .

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