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  1. We are arriving in Singapore 5.30 p.m.; Thursday 15th February and staying at Fairmont Singapore. I believe this is Chinese New Year - Is this correct. Will it be easy to get a taxi from the airport. Also how many days/nights are shops closed for Chinese New Year. Have you any suggestions on what to do during these celebrations - We are cruising from Singapore on the Sunday 18th February. Thanks Judy

  2. Currently on the Jewel sailing through the South Pacific. We are in the OS and it's a little out dated. Love the Jewel as this is our 9th time on her. Staff is amazing.


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    We are cruising on Jewel 14th December and was wondering if you could tell us what time the shows are on in the theatre at night. It will make it easier to book speciality restaurants. Enjoy your cruise. Cheers Judy

  3. We are cruising on Norwegian Jewel while it is in Australia . Have booked the speciality restaurants and was wondering what time they have thieir show times in the theatre on NCL. Also if anyone has any advice on speciality restaurants please advise us. Thanks Judy

  4. Absolute $#!t loads. As an Adelaidain myself who used to live at North Haven (the suburb which Outer Harbor terminal is right next too) I can tell you that the cabs are going to cost you around $70 mark minimum, if you can get them. A lot of cabs don't go into the area if they don't have a fare which takes them into that area in the first place. I would hope that there's a few around for the ships, but don't count on it.


    As an Uber driver myself I recently took a passenger from the CBD to Largs Bay, which the passenger paid approx $30 for. Distance between Largs Bay and Outer Harbor terminal is only another 3 or 4 kms at the most. That drive was a little over half an hour, so add another 5 minutes to get to Outer Harbor.


    However the train is by far your best bet. You're at the end of the line when you get on so space on the train won't be a problem as you get on. Plenty of seats for you. www.adelaidemetro.com.au is your friend for timetables and costs.


    My recommendations for transport options, in order of preference:

    1) Friend or family pickup

    2) Train

    3) Uber if available

    4) Walk it....

    5) Taxi if available


    Perhaps don't attempt to walk it though :D


    We are a family of 5 adults and arriving at the Outer Harbour on Norwegian Jewel on 20th December 2017. Ship is arriving at 7 a.m. We are wishing to hire a car to look around Adelaide and then go to Handorf for lunch. The ship sails at 7 p.m. Do we have to go to airport to hire a car. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Judy


  5. When I arrive back to Southampton Cruise Terminal on 12th September on Adventure of the Seas I am flying to Dublin from Southampton. What is the best way to get from cruise terminal to Southampton Airport and approximately how much ??????? Thanks for any advice. Judy

  6. Hi John, We are disembarking from Adventure of the Seas on Friday 12th September in Southampton. There are direct flights from Southampton to Dublin ( Ireland) with an airline called Bee Fly. Do you know anything about this company and how far from cruise terminal to airport terminal. The flight leaves at 1.25 p.m. which means we would have plenty of time and not be rushing. Thanks for your continued help. Cheers Judy:):)

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