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  1. We use a Hootoo travel router. We used this on NCL Escape and it worked well. Also lasts a few days on a charge and is small enough to carry around the ship. Also can be a battery pack charger and media server. https://www.amazon.com/HooToo-Wireless-10400mAh-External-Performance/dp/B074LHG47K
  2. We were in a CL on Allure. Love that deck and the lounge and Coastal Kitchen right there. Allure has that wonderful shower. We are in a CL on Symphony next week and they replaced the BIG shower with a tub. I much prefer the large shower.
  3. This. It has views forward and side. Butlers will come out to serve drinks and such. It's a nice area. And accessible from the YC lounge.
  4. Yea, a taxi probably would be easiest. It's the opposite ends of the terminal island. Probably just over half a mile. We could walk it, but toting luggage and dodging traffic doesn't sound like fun. A big tip would ease the pain of such a short ride. --Russ
  5. We are on Symphony of the Seas and MSC Seaside. What is the best way to get from RCL terminal when we get off Symphony to the MSC terminal in Miami? We get off one ship and on another same day.
  6. We sailed Escape Owners suite. And standard YC on MSC. Haven has a dedicated bar and sundeck. So does MSC. MSC lounge is full forward with views. NCL is inside. NCL butlers will do anything, so will MSC. MSC butlers are EVERYWHERE. You can't get your own coffee. They will bring it to you. NCL is more on demand. Both have private sun decks and pools. I feel MSC does more to please. Want a bottle of wine, you got it. NCL would too I guess. But MSC seems to prioritize YC. Special elevators, butlers escort you EVERYWHERE including show and off ship. Both ships are similar YC is vastly less expensive for great service.
  7. Already signed up. MSC does the best meet and greet. Are you in YC? You should post in our roll call thread.
  8. Yup. We uploaded photos. No use. They take 'em at the port. Probably a good idea as I could submit any photo and fake the ID.
  9. We didn’t even request the desert. We simply mentioned that we enjoyed it. He took it upon himself to get it for us.
  10. Once you are in you are in. We never showed a card to access the pool or lounge. In fact everyone on yc gets the drink package so we never showed a card for drinks. That’s what is nice about yc. You don’t have to ever show a card. Want a bottle of wine just ask. Maybe. Just maybe if you ordered some super expensive drink you might need the card. Maybe you won’t get a butler. But that makes no sense either as someone has to clean your cabin and I doubt they would bring in a steward from outside just for that. Maybe the mini bar will be empty. Post how the upgrade works out.
  11. We asked for a lounger on our balcony. Butler looked confused at this request. Came back after dinner and a lounger was out there.
  12. Food is so subjective. I've read bad reviews, which I think had much to do with late dinner and a large party. We were on Seaside YC Dec 2018 and the food was good. Not everything. If you don't like something, just ask for something else. Others we spoke with found the food very good. We mentioned to our waiter that we liked the creme brulee in the seafood specialty restaurant. The next night he went there and got us some. Their pasta is fresh and delish. Filet mignon was always available and a good fall back. Room service pizza was really good. The 7 cheese or whatever they called it was great. Again, subjective as regional preferences will influence your opinion.
  13. We have this cabin booked for 4 adults. Does anyone have photos of the sofa bed made up? Can 2 normal sized young adults sleep on this comfortably? It looks like it would be a hard mattress. Maybe an egg crate to help? --Russ
  14. It's not about PLASTIC. It's about THIS video. It moved a lot of people to ban straws. I'm okay with paper. I'm not triggered by straws.
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