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  1. Good OP. I believe iMessage used to work without Internet package. That was years ago when we were on Escape. The IT depts on these lines are getting smarter.
  2. NCL might be blocking certain traffic. Although that seems wrong if you are paying for internet. One method to avoid blocking of ports is to use a VPN that creates a "tunnel" to a land based connection that isn't blocked. It's also more secure for certain things. Many free VPN apps available.
  3. On NCL we had a large onboard credit that we were able to take out at the casino (for a service charge). That's what we did as we didn't use the full OBC. So, is it possible on MSC to cash out OBC from the casino? We have $200 OBC from MSC for booking online as well as some from our TA. --Russ
  4. We were on Seaside in October in December 2018 when Maria was an assistant butler. She would literally RUN down the hall to open our door and give us a hug as we would come back. Such a friendly warm person. She must be more "professional" as a butler, but obviously her genuine warmth comes out. So nice. We'd see Glen all the time in public areas. His smile was infectious. It just made you smile in response. Love love love YC and we are booked for next year. --Russ
  5. We were on NCL Escape in 2017 and had $500 OBC. We went to a slot machine and were able to take the "cash" out easily using our cabin key card. It wasn't "cash". It's a ticket that you can go to the booth for cash. We didn't even have to play the machine. I hope this is still true. --Russ
  6. Hey, it was worth a try. Seriously, it seems MSC has done a good job of getting into the American market. Between marketing and low fares to get people to try, I think they are filling up ships now. And with that they also seem to be increasing prices. It had to happen. As for YC, we've tried to keep it a secret. But the word is also out as those cabins are selling faster. --Russ
  7. Hey Marco, I remember on that Feb 2018 cruise you got them to include the pool deck cabana. We totally enjoyed that perk when we were on Seaside and give you all the credit and glory for that one. Hey...maybe you could hint that they should include a Ocean Cay cabana for RS. I can't wait for your report of that stop. You will be the first. Sady, they don't have the YC areas done yet. We booked the RS on Seaside next October and agree that the prices have gone through the roof for that category. I think we got the very last one at the old pricing before they jacked it 300%. And we got $800 OBC and prepaid grats. I'm afraid that will be the last time we can do the RS. Cheers, --Russ
  8. Coco Cay had a place "Snack Shack" that had amazing funnel cakes. I'm imagining that kind of snacky foods from food trucks. I was thinking of things like conch fritters. That would be a great snack. It may not be for everyone, but I'm excited that they have other options. --Russ
  9. Yacht Club is overpriced and over hyped. Don't do it. And it has a weird smell and is crowded and the staff are rude. No shade, the pool is the size of a postage stamp and I hear people pee in it. Restaurant food is all weird fish and burned steaks. Yea, we've stayed in YC and will never again. Bad. Stay with Aurea suites
  10. This was our experience. It's hard to find drinks over $12. It did include Venci drinks and anything we ordered. We typically drank Patron margaritas and brand named mixed (eg: Bombay, Grey goose).
  11. We use a Hootoo travel router. We used this on NCL Escape and it worked well. Also lasts a few days on a charge and is small enough to carry around the ship. Also can be a battery pack charger and media server. https://www.amazon.com/HooToo-Wireless-10400mAh-External-Performance/dp/B074LHG47K
  12. We were in a CL on Allure. Love that deck and the lounge and Coastal Kitchen right there. Allure has that wonderful shower. We are in a CL on Symphony next week and they replaced the BIG shower with a tub. I much prefer the large shower.
  13. This. It has views forward and side. Butlers will come out to serve drinks and such. It's a nice area. And accessible from the YC lounge.
  14. Yea, a taxi probably would be easiest. It's the opposite ends of the terminal island. Probably just over half a mile. We could walk it, but toting luggage and dodging traffic doesn't sound like fun. A big tip would ease the pain of such a short ride. --Russ
  15. We are on Symphony of the Seas and MSC Seaside. What is the best way to get from RCL terminal when we get off Symphony to the MSC terminal in Miami? We get off one ship and on another same day.
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