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  1. Ah, now I see it's an overnight stop. I can tell you we arrived in Iguazu around 1pm and were able to see both sides by 5pm the next day before our flight home. And that also included a time-consuming boat tour on the Argentinian side which could be skipped if you're short on time. The Devil's Throat board walks(Garganta) was washed away (again) so we didn't do the train since we were staying in the Park and walked the paths that were open. Look here how you could split it in 2 travel days: Iguazu https://iguazufalls.travel/both-sides-iguazu-the-same-day/#:~:text=Can you even do both,falls on the same day. We used Iguazu Falls Travel and they handled all our transfers and the border crossing seamlessly. They will customize a trip for you and are great at answering questions. I think having them take you right to the Argentina side on arrival and then Brazil side next mid-morning would work great and allow you time as long as you are fast walkers (unless you were thinking of doing it in one day? They can give you good advice) We also found splurging on an overnight at the Iguazu Melia maximized our time being able to walk into the park right at opening and staying until close and was so worth it with our limited time (we had the cheapest room and it was still great and the only time I've ever thought the splurge was worth it if you can swing it. It truly is a magnificent experience). Hope this helps.
  2. I would say a very strong “maybe”. I would think 10am or later would be safer with after 11 safer still. But no guarantee. Princess strongly discouraged walk offs. I was told because the gangway can be steep and can be difficult to do with heavy luggage. We would’ve been fine. The earlier you get off the less Line in the hall. I think it helped tremendously we had a private transfer meet us bro. All said and done I think we were checked in and through security at AEP around 8:45 but it really depends on whether your disembarkation goes smoothly, how mobile you are, and all the airport variables and of course your risk tolerance. Getting to port is very very slow going up the river in BA.
  3. cross-posted just means I posted in more than one thread. I'm the one who used the transfer through https://www.buenosairestaxis.com/ It worked out well for us and we were able to see all we wanted on both sides of Iguazu. We used https://iguazufalls.travel/transportcombos/ for all our transfers from IGR directly to the Iguazu Melia Hotel (the best splurge, given our limited time, we've ever done!) to stay overnight and then transfer to the Brazil side next afternoon for self-tour before transfer to IGU in the evening for our flight home.
  4. Here is the teen program for the December 19 Sapphire Princess to Antarctica. I know I would’ve appreciated seeing this before our cruise but couldn’t find any information. My teen had a great time and made a lot of friends. 64 13-17 year-olds onboard for this Holiday period cruise. Your time, your place, your choice!.pdf
  5. Cross posted Just disembarked the Sapphire Princess Jan 04, 2024 for those interested we had an early disembarkation time of 7:10 (Brown 2, it was the 3rd or 4th group). Actual time our group was called was about 7:30. From there you ride a 10 minute shuttle to baggage pick up and customs (no passport check, I assume the ship had that all cleared). We had to wait another 10 minutes once at terminal to be allowed in to collect bags (grouped by tag colors and numbers). We went directly through x-ray check and our driver was waiting to take us right to AEP airport ($50). We had kept WhatsApp DM with the driver about our status. We were all checked in, paid overweight baggage fee at cashier (only about $10 for bags between 15kg and 23kg for domestic flight) and through security for our 11:45 Aerolíneas Argentina flight to IGR by about 8:45. It was way easier than I was expecting.
  6. For those of you who have taken the ship tour to Tierra del Fuego Park what order do they usually stop at the sights? My family is renting a car for DIY tour and hoping to avoid the crowds from tours as much as possible. Maybe go later in afternoon? Any other recommendations? We're hoping to also drive north of town for scenic views but probably won't have time. We're only in port 12-8 on Christmas Eve so not sure how much will be open. TIA. (cross-posted)
  7. Does the photo download include any scenic-type photos taken from the cruise (not stock photos) by the ship's photographer or just portraits? My family will be on the Christmas/New Year's sailing around Cape Horn and Antarctica and it would be great to get photos from the scenic cruising sections to supplement the photos from the ship's photographer with the ones we take. We weren't planning on taking an SLR so this could be a solution to get better photos of what we see.
  8. We were looking forward to 25th-anniversary vow renewal during our Antarctica cruise in December. I booked the cruise when the vow renewal price was reasonable and was shocked it went up so much. I wonder if they would've honored the old price had I booked it under the old scheme. Needless to say, we are not renewing our vows.
  9. Need to go directly to AEP from BA port. Are there taxis readily available or should I book a transfer ahead of time? Any recommendations? Thanks!
  10. We are booked to hike the Juncal Andean Park trail one pre-cruise day with Coigue Expeditions. They have less involved tours too to Cajon del Maipo if you're looking for something "lighter". We also are booked through PuertoSanAntonio tours for our transfer to San Antonio that includes Valpraiso and a winery stop.
  11. Good to hear since we're headed down to Antarctica on her this December!
  12. I just got an email noting my upcoming booking number in the subject line encouraging me to book excursions for my cruise in Costa Rica...except my cruise is going nowhere near Costa Rica. My cruise is to South America/Antarctica. Someone seems to have confused Puntarenas, CR with Punta Arenas, Chile. (though it is on the segment right before mine). Hope the Captain knows where we're going!
  13. I have the same issue with deleting an item from my cart. The button does nothing. I have time before my cruise so I'm hoping the code gets fixed so I don't have to call customer service. I have already spent a good amount of time trying to resolve another issue...
  14. Where are you staying the night before? And how far are you willing to walk? I live in Seattle (actually not that far from the port and cycle past all the time). My advice if you are staying near Pike Place Market is to leave bag at hotel and tour there in the morning and then go to ship. There is a VERY nice paved pedistrian/bike Elliott Bay trail right near cruise ship that goes along the waterfront to Myrtle Edwards Park and the Outdoor Sculpture Park to the Seattle waterfront area (it's actually part of my favorite bike ride). Heck, you can even pick up one of the bike or scooter shares that are around if you're into that. It is walkable to the start of the trail but unfortunately not straightforward through the port (involves walking to the vehicle bridge, up stairs and over it-sign posted at port for pedestrian access, unless it's been changed since last year). It is doable and not THAT hard but you should be able to walk stairs and walk on flat surface about 2.5 miles one-way (but you don't have to go all the way to enjoy the views. Having a map on your phone would be helpful but not absolutely necessary. You can even walk right to the main road (Elliott Ave) and get a bus to walk back one-way (I've actually taken the bus home from the port a few times before/after cruise). Or a visit to the Ballard Locks (the salmon are chock a block in the fish ladder right now) is an easy taxi/uber ride away (or bus with transfer if you're comfortable with that). I love hanging out at Seattle Center (Space Needle) too as part of my bike loop that you can walk to or take a direct bus. I can give more detailed directions if interested. Again, it depends on how much time and walking you want to do. I've attached screenshots of the Elliott Bay Trail from Pier 91/Smith Cove. It's the green line along the entire waterfront.
  15. I have spent over an hour going around in circles with a Princess chat agent. I booked an excursion using up our OBC and a significant amount on my credit card. I canceled that excursion and booked a cheaper one. It seems Princess used the credit card portion ($480 of what I should have been refunded) towards my new excursion booking instead of the OBC. The agent insists I have to go through my travel agent (Costco) to get this fixed. This really does not make sense to me since I booked the excursion directly through Princess and was charged by Princess. Now I'm afraid, despite the agent's assurance, that my OBC won't be on my account either. The inability to check charges and balances on your Princess account pre-cruise is maddening. And it seemed she couldn't see my excursion booking history either. Is what the agent telling me correct?
  16. I am also baffled how those on longer cruises with Plus packages still only get 2 included per cruise. Make it make sense!
  17. Family of 3 will be flying directly to IGR from AEP after disembarkation at Buenos Aires. How soon after planned docking (5am) is safe to book flight? We currently have a Noon flight but would love to get an earlier one if possible to maximize our time in Iguazu. TIA. Cross-posted in Cruise Airfare
  18. Family of 3 will be flying directly to IGR from AEP after disembarkation at Buenos Aires. How soon after planned docking (5am) is safe to book flight? We currently have a Noon flight but would love to get an earlier one if possible to maximize our time in Iguazu. TIA. Cross-posted in South America
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