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  1. No, thanks I did try that, and in a different browser just in case it hung around in cookies, but as soon as I entered my details (inc full name and DOB) it picked me and my FCC up and went straight to payment for a full amount. I was intending to call PUK to confirm but not while they are snowed under dealing with all of today's cancellations. Sandra
  2. I've been looking at booking a new Princess cruise directly from their site and we both have a small amount of FCC from a previous deposit. I'm finding that the Princess site takes this off the full amount which is fine but then there is no option to pay a deposit - it wants us to pay the full fare now - with more than 6 months to go until the cruise! Not at all happy - is that what we should expect? Sandra
  3. Found it interesting that another line in the Carnival group - Costa - have rolled out a contact tracing device called OceanOrbit clearly based on Ocean Medallion to one of their newest ships Costa Smeralda this last weekend. This was reported in Travel Weekly https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Costa-Smeralda-debuts-contact-tracing-device It reads: A small, round device resembling Princess' Ocean Medallion was offered to passengers boarding the Costa Smeralda in Savona, Italy, on Saturday that they were told would assist in contact tracing in the eve
  4. Nothing by mail in the UK as yet - we've been on 2 Medallion Class cruises and always have to pick up at the port (you can still check-in ahead of time though) Sandra
  5. Ahh yes, I had forgotten that! The Sabatinis wait staff said they had something completely different planned for Enchanted when we chatted to them on our first night on the Sky Med Inaugural. Interesting to see how they sell the experience!
  6. Thanks for posting. Yes, flummoxed by that space at 2:45! Looks like a conference table with lots of AV including a huge screen like the Ocean Medallion entrance at Terminal 2 in Port Everglades! Is it going to become the Phantom Bridge escape room/Discovery at Sea area on Deck 18?
  7. Had you heard about Ray Calouri leaving earlier this year too? We've seen him at quite a few launches for Princess. Sandra
  8. Yes, they first introduced these deeper Dolphin deck balconies on Majestic Princess, then Sky Princess and now Enchanted Princess. They can be found in the fore and aft sections and are partially covered. Here is a picture we took looking down from our smaller Baja deck balcony on the Majestic Princess Sandra
  9. Thanks for the pics!. Strange seeing the Good Spirits bar at the side now. And is that area with the different sections and red "James Bond" chairs the new Crooners with a bar at one end? Sandra
  10. There is a report and some pics of D222 on the Sky in the Cabin Reviews thread - those bigger balconies on Dolphin deck look great! Sandra
  11. We bought a black sports band to try out on the Sky Princess inaugural (as we were on the first ever Medallion cruise on Regal in 2017 and the blue wristbands they initially provided kept popping off our wrists!). The sports band was much more sturdy this time. However, we fell back to the lanyards for ease of use during the day. As our cruise went on, I wanted something girly to go with my evening outfits so spent some OBC on a silver bracelet which was lovely!
  12. All Royal-class ships since Majestic Princess have had deeper balconies fore and aft on Dolphin deck. Much like the Grand Class deeper balconies, these are partially covered. We took a picture looking down from our Baja cabin on Majestic Princess at these on the port side (see below). Didn't see the aft-facing balconies but google is your friend and there is a video by a previous passenger in D730 for you to watch. Sandra
  13. Princess have uploaded an edited version now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMOMTjTZZ-c
  14. Yes, that was last Thursday. Jan said there will be a virtual handover of Enchanted on Sept 30 and then she will head over to Trieste to wait it out....
  15. Plus don't forget the 2 new transpacifics for Diamond Princess that will be needed between Asia and LA in fall 2021 and spring 2022.
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