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  1. We got our cabin allocated 3.5 weeks before the cruise. Have just described the check in process on this thread before this reply on post #15.
  2. You may be right- don't know the Sky situation. However the Regal crew were told they need to keep the strict protocols for longer due to their vacc status (and not needed on Majestic)
  3. I don't think our experience will be typical as it seemed to be the first morning for these set of testers. Our arrival time was 11:15 at Ocean Terminal so we got to the testing centre at around 10:35. They checked our docs (vacc printouts from the NHS app and passports) but then we had to wait in the queue for half an hour before the actual testing started. As we entered the testing area they checked our passports again, double checked our mobile numbers for the notifications and put a sticker on the back of our passports. Then we were waved through to the test area where the
  4. Yes they are - part of the enhanced protocols and could just be until the end of August on Regal while they line up the 2nd vaccinations for the crew.
  5. I will probably do a blog post based on the first Regal Princess Seacation departing on Saturday. I have done Live From threads before on the Med inaugurals of Majestic and Sky Princess but this is only a 3 nighter and am reluctant to spend it glued to my phone. It's been over 18 months since our last Princess cruise so want to soak it all in! But if you have any burning questions then let us know and we will aim to find out the answers.
  6. If you look at the patters posted. then the Deck 6 forward bar (the usual space for Club 6) is known as the Double Down Bar
  7. Anyone ventured up to the Hollywood Conservatory yet? Is it still full of funky topiary and musical instruments?
  8. Here is the main drinks menu from our Sky Princess cruise in October 2019 - am fond of frozen cocktail myself!
  9. Andi Sanders has now been appointed as Cruise Director - he was already on Regal as an ACD and had been a CD before the pause.
  10. Oh no! Not been on a cruise with Matt before and had been following his upbeat stories on Insta - we're due to board the Regal in 9 days for her first cruise out of Southampton. Really sad for him and hope he will be ok,
  11. Yes you buy the tokens by touching your medallion on the reader under the screen. We did this on the Sky Med Inaugural
  12. Yes we went to the Estrella dining room on Deck 6 mid on Sky Princess for Club Class dining. I think I'd like a donut room too though!
  13. The suite breakfast has been held in the Crown Grill on previous Majestic Princess cruises. See this previous thread.
  14. Thanks for that suggestion - we completed our Health Status and got a green lane for our UK Regal Princess cruise in 12 days yesterday. But loading the app this morning, it had turned to yellow for no apparent reason! I signed out and logged back in and we are now back at green.
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