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  1. What is he like? We are on the Indy on Saturday


    Look forward to meeting him for the first time next week.


    He is one of my favorites. very personable, works the room. Please tell him Brenda from Texas says hello. We specifically went on the VY out of new Orleans last March to see him!! and are trying to see when we can fit in a sailing once Indy gets to the US, to see him.

  2. ID Independence of the Seas (Concierge)Ryno Strapp--(Israel Sanchez as of 8/25/12)


    Have just noticed your recent update about Israel joining Independence on 8/25/12. Has he been transferred over from Voyager as permanent replacement for Ken Boodoo?

    that's the impression I got from him, but I could be wrong. He deserves it.


    Big, big, big grins!
    Us too, now to book ID when he is there


    Anyone like to share any info on Betsy??? Thanks in advance.

    I have heard mixed, but one that we sailed with that didn't like her, didn't like the concierge on the ship we were on and we did!!! I imagine on the TA there will be an overflow and that is where we will be.

  3. I was also on the Freedom and very much enjoyed the new menus. Thanks for posting Betsy. I did take pictures of all of them.


    are those menus for all rccl ships?


    thanks for all your hard work\\please advise




    they are trying out the menus on the Freedom. Not sure, did nto hear, when they plan to open it up to the rest of the fleet.


    I suppose I could google it.... but what's a Barramundi? :) Is it a fish?


    Barramundi is a fish from Australia. It is on the menu in portofinos. I had it the night it was on the regualr menu and it was OK. very mild fish

  4. Just returned from an outstanding week aboard the Freedom of the Seas and I can't say enough about Rahul Barua. He just made all of his guests feel like he was giving each of us 100% of his time. Rahul you demonstrate why RCCL is what it is and why we are loyal to Royal!!!!!!!!



    I was on Freedom last week as well and agree with you 100%. AND Aston & Orville were very good bar folks as well!!


    Just noticed Marcello Mello as FR Diamond Lounge Concierge. What happened to Verdine? What do folks know about Marcello?

    I did not go to the D lounge, but Marcello came down to the CL one night and visited and then I saw him later at guest services and he remembered me and visited some more. He seemed very nice.

  5. I LOVE next cruises and usually have several on hand, BUT we do not usually book full suites so don't have to upgrade to full deposit.


    While there have been many changes since I have been cruising with RCCL that I don't agree with, I do agree with the suite deposit. Too many folks were putting down a little bit of deposit and hanging on to full suites up until right before final payment time and then there would be a number of high dollar suites show up. I assume they figured that with the deposit increase, the only folks who will book are those that really want to book a suite. I have a number of clients that only book suites and while deposit is a big chunk of change they figure they will pay it all anyway eventually.

  6. THANKS for doing this kathy!!


    Currently the concierge on Indy is Ken Boodoo and Coumella Arandia in the Diamond lounge.


    Does anyone know if Kenneth will continue on the Indy when she comes back to US? He is one of our favorites.


    Does anyone know who the concierge will be on the Serenade the week of Jan 14th? Per the list it says Mario was there until Dec 14th and Francois will be back in February.





    Victor from Guest Relations will be in the CL until Francois gets back.(sorry I don't remember his last name) We had him his first week and he did a good job. This is his first time as concierge on a ship, but he was a land concierge in Mexico before. Mario left Dec 13 to go back to Liberty when we were on Serenade.

  7. I am very happy to congratulate newly promoted Captain Lis Lauritzen, who will take over the VI as of August 10.


    This is great news and a very well deserved and long overdue promotion. She was the interim Master of the Jewel of the Seas for a westbound TA a few years back and handled the position very well. I believe she left the ship shortly afterwards to get married and then came back as the Staff Captain. A very personable and able ship's officer.


    Very happy about Captain Liz. We were on the Jewel when she took over control of the TA and she was very efficient and personable. She did get married and declined a Captaincy for a while. She deserves the promotion.:D

    AGREED about Captain Liz, we were also fortunate to be on the TA with her. We were just talking about her this past week wondering when she would get a ship.



    ALSO, just off majesty & Captain Per will rotate off on September 30. We REALLY did enjoy him.

  8. I was just reading on the Princess board that some ships are collecting the cards as you debark the ship. Not all ships but there is chatter because most people like to save them as soveniers. I am one of those people and I have not had anyone ask for these back yet on RCCL.


    I have my first one from 1988 from the Soverign of the Seas and all the other

    ones, I hope to keep my collection going.


    Has anyone been asked for the card back on RCCL?


    one time they collected it due to equipment malfunction:( . didn't save a few from first cruises, but have them from the last 2 years, except the one

  9. my vote goes to Graham. Loved his morning show.


    It's a good thing that there are so many different types of CDs. My worst is someone else's best!!!!


    Update on the list below. Keith Williams is on Rhapsody now:( wish his contract would be up by the time we sail, but I don't think so. He isn't the worst I've seen, at least.


    Adventure of the Seas

    Mike Szwajkowski (Confirmed 3/2008)


    Brilliance of the Seas

    Bill Brunkhorst (Confirmed 4-14-08)


    Empress Of the Seas



    Enchantment of the Seas

    Marc Walker (1/2008)


    Explorer of the Seas

    Mike Hunnerup (As of 4/11/2008)


    Freedom of the Seas

    Richard Spacey (3/30/2008)


    Grandeur of the Seas

    Simon (Baker i believe) (3/22/2008)


    Independence of the Seas

    Ken Rush


    Jewel of the Seas

    Bobby Brown (Starting 4/15/08)

    Bobby to move to Legend Fall 08 (Per Bobby Brown)


    Legend of the Seas

    Mercedes LaFuente (Confirmed 2/2008)


    Liberty of the Seas

    Allan Brooks (updated 4/28/2008)


    Majesty of the Seas

    Jimmy Rhodes (Confirmed 4/4/2008)


    Mariner of the Seas

    Drew Devine (Confirmed 3/2008)


    Monarch of the Seas

    Johnny O (updated 3/2008))


    Navigator Of The Seas

    Kieron Buffery (STARTING 4/4/2008)


    Radiance of the Seas

    Kirk Detweiler (Confirmed 3/23)


    Rhapsody of the Seas

    Matt Sole (Confirmed 3/2008)


    Serenade of the Seas

    Carly Boileau (confirmed Dec 1, 2007)


    Sovereign of the Seas

    Chris Northey (Confirmed 4/14/08)


    Splendour of the Seas

    Jill Tasker (confirmed 4/2008)


    Vision of the Seas

    John Blair (Confirmed 3/23/2008)


    Voyager of the Seas

    Leo Papa (Starting 4/6/2008)


  10. Just back from the Voyager of the Seas TransAtlantic. We sailed out of Barcelona. They were very strict about alcohol being carried on and had a large table full of bags/bottles that were taken from passengers at embarkation to be delivered on the last day of the cruise. All carryons were screened. If you took wine to the dining room, even if was a gift from your TA, there was a $12 corkage fee. Alcohol purchased in Madeira and Lisbon was also taken and returned on the last day. No problems taking on bottled water or soda. A little inconsistent from what I've read on the boards. Guess it's to keep us guessing. :)


    glad to hear about the soda. I drink Diet Dr Pepper and they don't have that or I would get a soda pass

  11. [quote name='cruisecrazymama']I know she has a champagne bar, now I'm hoping she has the champagne card! Hopefully someone will report back before we leave and let us know, if not, well, I'll just have to sacrifice myself for this mission. I'll be sure to offer a full report when we return:D[/quote]

    [FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=darkorange]there is a WONDERFUL bartender on the Rhapsody--name is Chan. Last Oct he was in the Schooner Bar & unfortunately in Sept he was on vacation!!! He makes up drinks--and is so personable. Have fun on the Rhapsody[/COLOR][/FONT]
  12. On my RCCL cruise last month on the Rhapsody, they didn't even provide towels by the pool. You had to bring down the ones placed in your room and return them to your room, or you were charged for them :(


    WOW, I was on the Rhapsody 9/2/06 week and there were plenty of towels by the pool-you had to go to the "towel" room port side behind the bar, but there was always a pool attendent there waiting to help. I'm gonna miss the Rhapsody & her Texas-friendly crew.:(


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