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  1. Here is the link to the Service charge on MSC ships: https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/Manage-Your-Booking/General-Information.aspx Scroll down and open "Service Charge" tab. Taking a quick look at this chart, it appears ALL Adults are charged $12.50 or €10,00 per day, with children charged 50%. Hope this helps
  2. So, bottom line: The DSC covers all tipping in the YC. Tipping is at the sole descretion of the passenger. Correct, or am I missing something??
  3. This is a concern at least. As others have said, if this small change doesn't affect you, perhaps the next one will..... Or the one after that.... until the whole YC experience is diluted beyond recognition. I, for one, have been watching this thread as a new MSC cruiser, and am concerned that I may not be getting the product as promised when I booked my cruise. I also, posted, (after first hand communications with MSC), regarding distilled water and extension cords for CPAP users-was basically told to furnish my own-even as a YC guest, MSC couldn't be bothered. Is making think that the illusion of the promises and hype of the MSC YC may be just that.... Is the $3000-$4000 more for my cruise over the Area Experience really worth it? Sadly, I will be watching for other cutbacks before deciding to pull the plug.....
  4. Emailed the Special Requirements form to MSC yesterday, and today got the response.. in part: "Due to the very limited supply, it is recommended for guests to bring their own distilled water and extension cords as needed. Please ensure the distilled water is in the original, unopened container in order to be accepted on board." Unbelievably petty on MSC's part. (Especially when booked in the YC). Every other cruise line does provide both if requested.
  5. Was on the RCI Independence of the Seas several years ago, and experienced severe weather in the Bay of Biscay for 2 days. Were told it was due to the ocean depth in that area, not unusual to have large waves and big seas. Didn't really bother us too much, just had to hold on more when moving about the ship. Be sure to bring your favorite motion sickness meds-just in case! Think positive, and have a great time!!
  6. Hi everyone, Was able to book a 4:00 PM flight from EWR on the second day out of New York. Am very comfortable with this, and confident that there should be no problem making this flight.... Thanks everyone!!
  7. Thanks everyone for your input! At this point, I'm actually only confident in reserving a later flight on the second day in New York. Don't want to get into anything too involved or complicated, which could obviously go awry... Don't need the stress... LOL Thanks again!
  8. But don't you have to go through customs any time you leave the ship? If the ship is cleared the first day, then when a passenger leaves the ship, whether to disembark or to sightsee, don't they have to go through customs? In other words, won't passengers have to go through customs every time they leave the ship?
  9. so, do you have to leave by a specific time the day earlier, or can you leave anytime after the ship is cleared by immigration, say 5 am to catch an early plane home? thanks for the info....
  10. We used a private Vaporetto shuttle both from airport to hotel and hotel to cruise ship. With all the luggage for a 30 day European holiday, we weren't about to schlep it up and down and across bridges. There is a website that show hotels in Venice within walking distance to cabs/buses, without any bridges. Very useful...
  11. By the way, how do some people get off the cruise one day earlier?
  12. Hope this helps, I'm booked on a TA next September, (2010). I'm able to book excursions at maybe half of the ports on the itinerary. I'm also able to book spa appts and specialty packages. Hope this helps! Oh, I'm also booked in the Yacht Club. Happy Cruising!
  13. I understand your feelings. We were on a Royal Caribbean cruise where we both lost weight, (not on purpose), the food was really that bad. Have been on other RCI cruises both before and after where the food was considerably better. Sorry to say, "it" happens!!
  14. Fog can most definitely be an issue! We were scheduled to depart on a cruise out of Venice in November, and were instead bused 2 hours away! Not an ideal way to begin a cruise.... I would stay an extra night in Venice if I could not get a later flight out... Why stress and ruin an otherwise nice cruise?? Happy Cruising
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