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  1. Looks very Special for sure!!!
  2. Never been on Princess.... Only Royal and Celebrity.
  3. Whatever happened to ordering dinner from room service and them bringing in a table, all set up?? Guess I'm stuck in the past....
  4. As a side note: Unless there has been a recent change regarding travel agents, I would consider removing this agent from your booking if you are able to do the leg work yourself. I went through this a couple of years ago. Spoke to a Res Specialist about an issue I was having with a travel agent. I told them unless we could get it sorted out, I would need to pull the reservation from that agent. The Specialist got the TA on the phone, (via conference call), and got the issue worked out. Bottom line: Res Specialist was willing to let me remove the TA if we could not get the issue res
  5. One night pre cruise. No car. Amenities: Clean, Convenient to Cruise Port, decent restaurant(s) nearby. Budget: $200/night max. Thanks!
  6. Very frustrating indeed. The state of California at this point does not have the vaccines available for a 74 yr old with pre-existing conditions. That is embarrassing, as well as dangerous.
  7. ALL cruise deposits should be fully refundable at this point. There are just too many variable outside of everyone's control!
  8. Agree 100%.Where is the science in wearing a mask out in the sun, (where the virus is killed within a minute or two), vs. sitting at dinner inside without a mask? Does the virus take a rest when you are seated at dinner?? Need to be scientific and logical....
  9. From what I've read on this post, (I believe), you are only able to get dishes from the MDR's in Blu or Luminae if you order ahead since the MDR kitchens are so far away....
  10. Just curious, if you are in a suite and assigned to Luminae, is there a problem eating in one of the four MRR's? (This would be on the Edge or Apex.....)
  11. Thank you! This at least gives me a starting point....
  12. Hi All, Looking for a recommendation on a a pre cruise hotel in Ft Lauderdale.... I know there are many, but just looking for a nice hotel before a special TA and European trip. Celebrating 40 year anniversary... oh, jeez!! Thanks
  13. The Matre’d also tasted it, agreed it too was corked, handed me the wine menu, and said, “Order anything you would like-on the house.” In fact, there was no charge for the SR dinner for both myself and guest. He was obviously quite embarrassed.
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