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  1. Could you tell me how many paper luggage tags and how many of the fancy luggage tags Regent sends. Thanks!
  2. Since this is our first RSSC, I would love to have such keepsake to commemorate our cruise! Seems classy to me. Most other cruise lines, don't even send paperwork or luggage tags anymore-you have to print them all out yourself!
  3. Interestingly, we have always done the opposite, as we are not sun people. On all of our 14+ transatlantics, have always chosen suites facing north. For example, Westbound TA's, Starboard.... Happy Cruising!!
  4. Agreed! Especially the " It’s a no-win situation that I blame 100% on parents not being parents."
  5. To those who wish to express their appreciation for above and beyond service, since no tipping is allowed, try a letter to corporate outlining the job well done by the crew member. I have done this in many instances, and I believe this is more appreciated and the recognition is noted by the staff's bosses/supervisors, where it can serve the crew member the best! My humble opinion....
  6. Excellent!! Thanks for the information/advice!
  7. Hello Just2guys, Here is the basics for TA crossings that we have experienced in 14 TA's so far: -The age demographic: Since these cruises are not port intensive, and tend to be longer than usual, the average age tends to skew upwards... has never been an issue for us... are you cruising on your cruise?? -Onboard activities: May be slightly limited as opposed to the shorter, say, Caribbean cruises. Not to say that there is nothing to do onboard, but you may have to search it out as opposed to having a "sexy legs contest" shoved in your face! -Stay up late and watch the Sky/Stars/Moon on deck: You have absolutely nothing you need to get up early to do... unless you want to... Try to gt into the "Sea Day Vibe", (SDV). Do as much or as little as you'd like.... no schedules on sea days, no "have to get up to do this-or-that in port" days..... maybe get a massage, or watch the waves with a great cocktail in hand?? The decisions are yours... Make the trip what YOU want to make it...; ) Enjoy!!!
  8. Yes, I did figure it out. Yes it is for 2 passengers, but I wan't going under the Manage Your Trip tab. In fact, that didn't show up right away when I was on the the RSSC website. Once that TAB appeared, it was a no-brainer... Thanks Everyone!
  9. And where are we to report errors and omissions?? The link above results in an error message..... Thanks
  10. Just found the tap to both passengers information, now I feel pretty silly... Thanks for the help!! Happy Cruising
  11. Could someone please tell me how to register information for 2 passengers on a RSSC cruise? I am able to enter my information, (passport, etc.), but I see no place to enter accompanying passengers info? How is this done? Frustrated to say the least... Thanks for your help...
  12. I perfectly understand where the OP is coming from. We also travel with a lot of luggage, (some say too much), but, we use everything we bring. We refuse to be under-dressed for activities /events. So, we don't travel on trains or buses or..... Isn't it great that we have the freedom to choose. Such first-world problems, right! Happy cruising.
  13. Big brother is charging you to baby-sit!!
  14. We are scheduled on the TA on September 11, 2020. Should we be concerned??
  15. Thanks again for the warning and the advice. I did use this same TA for a Royal Caribbean cruise and saved approx $4,000 on an Owner's Suite. Had absolutely no problems whatsoever with them. Again, thanks for the advice.
  16. Thank you everyone, for the suggestions and advice. Just to be clear, I am not looking for airfare to be included. The price I have been quoted, in writing, is $2,000 below the non-airfare Regent quote. I have sent an email to the TA asking if the pre-cruise one night free hotel is included, (thanks for this suggestion!). Even if the hotel is not included, $2,000 less than the non-air cruise fare quoted by Regent is still a win-win for me. Will keep you informed.... Happy Cruising
  17. Good info to know...Is this possible in all embarkation ports, or just some? Thanks again!!
  18. Hello Everyone, We are booked on a 15 night transatlantic cruise out of Barcelona next September. We booked through an online TA due to the fantastic price for a Penthouse Suite, which was $2,000 less than my regular TA could quote. Question is: How do I book the free 1 night pre-cruise hotel in my debarkation city? Is that done through the online TA or do I call RSSC myself? Thank you!
  19. Thanks for the comments and reassurances everyone! Has helped to allay many of my fears. Guess this all started with a review where the writer booked an indoor on floor 9 to use as a closet/dressing room!! Would have been nice to include a little more hanging space since these are the second highest priced cabins on the ship. This will also be the smallest "Suite" we have ever booked, so, you know how over-active minds can get to working!! Thanks again everyone for your help/suggestions.. Happy cruising.
  20. Thanks for the video link jvsnana! However, for a 3+ week cruise/vacation in many different climates, still not a lot of room for coats, jackets, etc. Also, didn't see in this video any socks or undergarments. Big difference between a 7 day Caribbean cruise and a 27 day European cruise/vacation. Anyone else any suggestions?
  21. Since I have been unable to find much information on this, I'm asking you cruisers with experience on the Meraviglia: How do you deal with the lack of storage space in these suites? Is there room, someplace in the suites, to place an additional hanging clothes rack? Just for background, we will be on a 17 night sailing, with 10 days touring prior. We can only go so light without having to clean clothes every other day or so..... Thanks for any suggestions!
  22. Does anyone know if this is done on the Meraviglia as well? Thanks!
  23. So I'm a little confused: Are you saying the YC restaurant food is comparable to the MDR on the other (16) cruise lines you have been on? I would expect the presentation AND the food to be of at least a higher caliber considering the higher price point in the YC.
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