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  1. Lawsuit just filed re: whether CDC has plenary power per statute to indefinitely close cruise industry, etc. or whether CDC “mandates” have been arbitrary or capricious with respect to the cruise industry versus airlines, etc. Should be interesting.
  2. I stayed in L108 on a 26-day cruise to the Baltic’s back in 2014. Only reason a reserved it was the unbeatable price. It was a steal. Great location. Wonderful cabin overall. A couple of caveats - if people are above you in Sanctuary, you can hear scraping of furniture, etc. wasn’t a big deal at all on my cruise as very few people used Sanctuary. Bigger issue was vibration and wind. When it got windy, room would vibrate and whistle. Hard to describe but it was annoying. Also when windy, you really could t go out on the expansive balcony let alone open the sliding glass door. Didn’t have any is
  3. We are a free people. Free people don’t allow others to dictate when or where we can gather.
  4. Regarding EEOC - Not a ruling. Merely guidance to employers. A myriad of cautions and exceptions in the guidance.
  5. NY, NJ, MA, and MI comprise over half of the infections and death in the U.S. Let's concentrate on those hot spots.
  6. You should visit Utah - one of the most breathtaking states in the country.
  7. Florida Gov and Ft. Lauderdale mayor state the ship will not be allowed to dock.
  8. Agree. Any political stuff should be somewhere else. I'm going to start reporting all political stuff. This is ridiculous.
  9. That's not what he said. He said chance of layoffs after September.
  10. We would be unsecured creditors and, probably, receive nothing.
  11. They won't be getting any bailout. They should go to those countries where they're flagged and ask for money. They don't pay US taxes - they get nothing.
  12. That is correct. Cruise lines will get nothing - as they should get nothing.
  13. Ban didn't affect travel by U.S. citizens, permanent residents, etc.
  14. It's my understanding Florida has not as of yet agreed to allow them into any Florida port.
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