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  1. We’re also among those who won’t sail on Oceania again. I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t trust them with our health/safety in a normal situation, certainly not now.
  2. No way to tell, besides I know of some who definitely left dirty clothes in their luggage. One didn’t let his wife know until after they were home.
  3. Nah, they were slow because they didn’t give a rodent’s posterior about anyone else.
  4. Exactly. While we look forward to getting our luggage ‘someday’, we have absolutely NO problems with the crew being repatriated first. Although, we don’t have any “dirty underwear” (or any other dirty clothes) in our luggage. Even if it had only taken the expected few weeks for the Amsterdam to get to Florida, I didn’t want anything fermenting in our luggage. All of our dirty clothes flew home with us. Now, being in a non-climate controlled container for awhile, even our clean clothes will probably have accumulated some aroma..... 🥴
  5. Ah, NO. We were just left cooling our heels for 20 minutes after the scheduled start of the show because the heads of HAL and CCL hadn’t finished their dinners.
  6. This is exactly what we encountered on the E’dam inaugural and why we won’t ever do another again. We expected to have things/crew a little rough around the edges. We could have lived with that. To be treated as an ‘inconvenience’? Never again.
  7. Yes. To get to their expected layup in Cyprus the shortest route is through the Suez Canal.
  8. They are doing their layup in Cyprus.
  9. The Maasdam and Veendam were built earlier than this press release of the sale indicates. While the ships aren’t named, the tonnage and year built are given. https://www.bonheur.no/latest-news1?SelectedRelease=http://publish.ne.cision.com/Release/GetDetail/7CDB812CA7F9D5C5
  10. I’m glad you realize how “outrageous” that suggestion was. They are keeping basically in their own cabins (passenger cabins) and meals are delivered to them. Going ashore... NOT going to happen. 🤯
  11. NO. Once they leave the ship they are off. O. F. F. There is NO coming back. Right now they are safe and healthy onboard - and they want to keep it that way. No one went ashore in Fremantle, not even to do the normal wheelchair assistance. Good grief.
  12. You choose not to be on FB. He chooses not to be here. I don’t see any problem.
  13. I know for a fact that (at least in the past) senior management in Seattle (senior as you can get) was well aware of what gets posted here. A family member was involved in one of those discussions. From what I was told their opinion wasn’t necessarily positive and I can’t say I blame them. My relative didn’t admit that they knew someone here, let alone related. In this particular case they were discussing the reactions of posters here to an event that was reported in a ‘Live from...” thread. Some posters were having snit fits and management thought it was funny because the people on b
  14. We sure hope they don’t just reuse the planned 2021 itinerary for 2022. That itinerary has absolutely no appeal to us. We’ll be trying to find alternatives to use up all of our future cruise credits from 2020 and we’d rather take another WC.
  15. We’ve also done this crossing twice. Both times the seas were extremely calm - because the Captain changed the original plan and went further north to avoid storms. I’m one who gets seasick very, very easily. I didn’t have any problems, but I was prepared. The first time we had very heavy fog for a few days. That meant the fog horn sounded for 5 seconds every 2 minutes - around the clock. In our inside cabin we heard nothing but everyone else had the opportunity to attempt to sleep to the sound of the fog horn. We could hear it in the passageway outside our cabin but once our door closed, abso
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