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  1. We were recently on the Maasdam. She had a “Cruise and Travel Director”. For us he was underwhelming as he basically only introduced the evening show and read the Where and When after the Captain’s noonish update. I missed an actual port lecturer and a (visible) real Cruise Director.
  2. I believe I’ve heard of obtaining visas for Vietnam onboard. I know we had HAL do our Indonesia visas while onboard, so it definitely can be done - if the country permits. I’d be contacting HAL if I were you.
  3. Like you we’ve only done one Oceania cruise (Riviera) and had the same reactions. The cabin and our steward were wonderful. The food and service elsewhere.... 🤬 One more than one occasion the menu description did NOT match what was served (example tarter sauce and ranch dressing aren’t interchangeable 🤔). I didn’t bother contacting the head office after our cruise. When we realized nothing, absolutely nothing (not even a free cruise) would get us back on one of their ships - I wasn’t going to waste my time.
  4. Did you not print out your luggage tags? HAL clearly states their alcohol on the luggage tags. Never dreamed someone would be so petty.....
  5. Loving your ‘Live from...’ it is SO you. I can just hear you. Please say hi to Mrs. Whogo for us.
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