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  1. I was on the Epic this past September in the Mediterranean and the ship's wifi was awful regardless of time of day.
  2. This may not be an issue for you but: NCL = Pepsi products RCCL = Coca Cola products
  3. The only shows that you can book ahead are Priscilla, Burn the Floor, and the Cirque Dinner show.
  4. A "bribe" implies illegal dealings. What is illegal about asking for a few things, then being generous about the tip? That being said, I wouldn't leave cash until the request was fulfilled (why reward something that hasn't occurred yet?).
  5. Morality is not an issue here. IMO, NCL "turns a blind eye" to this behavior on purpose. They designed the usage of the package to allow a customer to get 1+1 drinks on a single card. On top of that they don't require the 3rd and 4th guest to be on a package of any type if they are adults, this reinforces the fact they don't care. If they truly were concerned then they would force all passengers (of age) to take the package.
  6. I was on the Epic last week with unlimited internet access and it did not work. However, I am not sure if it was because of the horrible internet on the ship or because we were in Europe (it did not work in Rome either).
  7. The upgraded package name is Premium Plus Beverage Package (because that isn't lazy or confusing, smh)
  8. something like this? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00U9ZTAJI/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_VrwzDbBJRKMW1
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