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  1. The part that really doesn't make sense is getting credits for our 2 daughters that weren't on the reservation. I decided to try the email route instead of waiting on hold.
  2. Oops I just started a new post about this. Yep ours is short and it has my 2 daughters and I on it. Not my husband and I, which it should be.
  3. Well we got our fcc today, but.... It's in my name and our 2 daughters names. They weren't going on this one with us. And my husbands name is not on it at all. Also it's for about $700 less then it should be. Now I'm waiting on hold. And I did account for what we will be refunded to our card for port fees and taxes. Our original sail date was April 26th.
  4. We are also from Montana, I understand wanting to go somewhere warm! We haven't gone on Harmony yet, we are going on her in 2021 when our daughter Harmoni turns 21. But we have been on the Navigator and the Liberty. We are in our 40's and are very active and we really enjoyed both of them. I agree with the suggestion of leaving from Galveston, you can fly in a day early and stay in Galveston the night before. Then we took the cruise lines shuttle back to the airport when we got back.
  5. Your photo's are amazing, I love all the bright colors! I need another trip on the Navigator.
  6. We are on the Grandeur, Oct 3 2019. @matj2000 no the refreshment package includes everything except alcohol. So bottled water, coffee's, pop, fresh squeezed orange juice, and any of the mixed drinks without the alcohol. For me the bottled water alone is worth it. I'm a picky water drinker and typical drink about 75-85 oz a day.
  7. I just purchased the refreshment package for $20 a day. A couple of weeks ago when I checked it was $26 a day. Saved us 127.44 for a 9 nighter. Might be a good time to check if you have been thinking about it. The deluxe is but 1 get 1 50% off, but I didn't price those before so I don't know what the savings would have been. I'm a light weight and want to remember my vacation. 😂
  8. Thank you everyone, they finally got it linked today!
  9. Hi, This is the first time that we have not booked directly with the cruise line. My DH convinced me to try using a big box store. I just have a few questions. Will we still have access to the cruise planner on RC's website? If we do, does it take a few days for your reservation number to link up? Thank you for your help.😊
  10. We has our 13 & 16 girls make sure they stayed together when they weren't with us. It's like a city and i wouldn't let them wander around a city by themselve, not in this day and age.
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