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  1. Thank you! I had searched for this a few weeks ago and found a much older thread. Just found this current one, called the number, had about a 2 minute hold, spoke with Jordan and had 3 separate redemptions applied! even one that I had done 20 minutes prior! She said it would take 24 hours to show up in account, but it's been about an hour and it's already there!
  2. We went with our 3 & 5 yo last year on the 2nd sailing to Alaska after cruises restarted. If kids were going off ship, excursion was required through the ship. We did an excursion one day and then took them back onboard to kids club and my husband and I went back off ship without a problem. We have a cruise booked on celebrity this Christmas and it looks like restrictions have loosened a lot!
  3. I've found they don't care and don't check for kids under 16 either. My 13yo traveled with my parents and siblings last year to Alaska, different last name. We got a notarized letter and everything. Nobody questioned a thing, was never asked for verification. My parents have also taken my younger sons off ship and never been questioned. Again, different last name. Now, checking them in/out kids club is a different matter!
  4. We took our own. If we were flying to port, I looked up laws in each state to find requirements (some are more strict than my own). We also traveled with a gb pockit stroller. I bought a luggage cart that fit our car seat better for toting around the airport (it had 4 wheels!) after I determined that fastening the car seat to gb stroller that we owned wouldn't work. They have versions to attach seats to now. When the kids got bigger, we switched to bubblebum, mi-fold, and I LOVE our whiz rider vests! At one point we didn't need the car seat for the plane, but needed it upon arrival for uber and such, we had a bookbag designed to carry car seats (it was heavy all loaded up!) to assist and gate checked it. I preferred the luggage cart. As for tours: on buses, no car seats needed. Depending on age, sometimes kids were free! Just determine where/what you are going to see, and if seat is needed. We used it off ship in Hawaii multiple days for taxis/uber/turo and in l.a. before and after that cruise. Took tours in Alaska, and Mexico that were on buses and only used gb stroller there. But needed seats while in Seattle...kids were big enough and 1 used a bubblebum and the other his whizrider vest @ ages 3 & 5. DO YOU KNOW HOW EXCITED I AM THAT OUR NEXT CRUISE WE WILL NOT NEED A CAR SEAT OR STROLLER?!!! 🥳🥳🥳😆😆😆 Pics of my youngest and the seat and stroller we took to Hawaii. And last year before Alaska cruise in his whizrider vest. Link to luggage cart: https://a.co/9xgz9YU
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