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  1. We bought two sets of these and have been quite happy with them. Packing Cubes
  2. As previously noted, travel with booze is a PIA. However, I will add that Jet Bags will make a little less so. They are made for wine bottles, but work fine for similarly shaped bottles.
  3. Thanks BNBR! We are fans of Havana 1957 and came to the same conclusion. We'll into the Padrinos option.
  4. I appreciate the tip. This is quite close to our hotel.
  5. I really enjoy exploring hot sauces of all types, but have never been a fan of Tabasco. I tink I would rather do without than use that,
  6. Any suggestions for Cuban food in FLL? Planning on arrival around 8 P.M. on a Saturday prior to sailing Sunday. Thanks
  7. 1-2 weeks if any. We have a good handle on packing for the most part.
  8. We typically have travel size bottles, but add in full size for things like sunscreen.
  9. We have taken maple syrup on board without any issues
  10. We ordered some of the tag holders from Amazon for our upcoming cruise. However, in the past we found that folding the printed tags and covering them with clear packing tape made them sturdy enough to survive boarding as long as you aren't stingy with the staples.
  11. I'm looking for some insight regarding the entrance to Cockleshell Bay. DW has developed some mobility issues and we would like to know if the area from bus/taxi drop off to the beach is a rough surface or very steep. Thanks in advance!
  12. You may want to Google "VRBO" and see if they have any options that fit your needs.
  13. We have been to St. Thomas a couple of times in the past and have used the typical open sided truck (Taxis) to go to the beach. However, since our last trip DW has developed some mobility issues due to RA. She can manage most level ground well enough for short distances, I/we have concerns about her navigating the tall and steep steps boarding the taxis. Would it be possible for her to ride in the cab, or are there other transport options we are unaware of?? Many thanks in advance!
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