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  1. Still dont see it. Only 2 passengers. No insurance. I only paid mandatory fees on free bar package. Care to take a crack at it?
  2. I paid $2300 for our cancelled cruise for 2 (including a $250 cruise next deposit) and I'm showing a future cruise credit of $488 plus bonus....I have no idea where this number even came from and is nowhere near what we paid. I tried to call but the man was outright rude. He didn't even ask my name or look up my booking. He told me to give it a few days.
  3. Id be happy to mount it on the wall next to our door if thats the case. We had 3 of these flags on a Nov NCl cruise last year and had no issue with them disappearing, even though we were roomed very close to public areas. As this is a transatlantic cruise I'm hoping for fewer hooligans. Thank you for your response.
  4. Does MSC have a door sign policy? My search is not really netting any results with the exception of a post from 2013. I have a magnetic mounted flag and this is our first time on MSC. I would prefer to know before I pack it and schlep it around Europe for the next 35 days. Thank you in advance.
  5. I've just skimmed through all 27 pages. What a great thread. We are on the Divina for a 20n transatlantic this fall. We were originally in an inside bella, room 8260 (looks really small but not sure on size exactly). It was only $1330 to upgrade to a bella balcony guarantee (2ppl) and we were assigned 13070. I'm excited to have the extra space and the views for such a lengthy cruise and found the price difference reasonable. I know about the overhang and as Floridians we definitely prefer sitting in the shade. Do these balconies get ANY sun? Also does the fact its reces
  6. I think the big overhang will be fine. We had a balcony for a Nov Caribbean cruise and it honestly was too "bright" and warm to sit on for a better part of the day. I'm just wondering if we will miss the sun given it is a transatlantic cruise in November. I expect we will have cooler weather at times.
  7. We are new to MSC too! I think the wait-listed bit means you are not guaranteed early dining and may wind up with late dining once onboard. I believe the two times are 6 and 9? I'm having the same issue with check in/arrival time. Actually I'd just be happy to drop off my bags and come back because I also have to check out of my AirBNB at 11. But we will be in Genoa and no one seems to know how early this would be possible. (I've successfully dropped off bags at 10am when departing from the states). I have no idea on the hair dryer but they seem nice in the pics I've
  8. We're good I think. 13070. I believe we are directly below a divider between the two pools so I'm hoping no chair scraping either.
  9. I haven't tried to print a boarding pass yet.... And unfortunately leaving it at the hotel is not an option. We are in an airbnb so no reception. I did contact the hostess who said "possibly" if someone doesn't wind up booking our check out day. But the place stays pretty well booked up so I'm not planning to count on that. Ive never had trouble dropping off luggage early, even as early as 10am. But my experience is in the US only so far.
  10. We were originally booked in an inside bella for a transatlantic cruise on the Divina (I was able to choose the room, deck 8.) I opted to pay the difference to upgrade to a guaranteed bella balcony ($1330 more for 2ppl on a 20N cruise) and we were assigned a Fatastica balcony on deck 13 in less than 12 hours (we are after the final payment date). I'm pretty pleased. I had a moment of panic after I saw some of the terrible balcony options (which I would have been just fine with had we paid for IS or OV). Have you seen the aft bella balconies on deck 13? LAWD!!
  11. Completely off topic but I can't find an answer for this question. We will be on the Divina for an East to West transatlantic in November. Do they manage to keep the offerings in the dining room unique every night or do the tend to recycle some of the menus?
  12. We will be boarding the MSC Divina for a transatlantic cruise in November. I don't think the entire ship will be disembarking as some will stay on until Rome. I plan to explore the port before actually checking in and boarding but I'm trying to figure out the best arrangements for luggage. We have to be out of our hotel room at 11 am. If the ship arrives at 9am, when can I attempt to check luggage? Are there porters? Thanks in advance!
  13. I'm trying to research the fun pass. I see its basically a higher value than whats paid but this has either changed or completely different in European markets. This is pasted from my current booking on the Divina out of Genoa: Prepare for all the fun you can handle and purchase your Fun Pass now. Valid for all guests in the same cabin, with the Fun Pass you can enjoy unlimited access to all attractions. Feel the rush while speeding through all of the Grand Prix official tracks in the Formula 1 Simulator, experience multiple new adventures in the Cinema 4D, and perfect your strike - bowling as
  14. I'm wanting to pre purchase a photo package. Does anyone know if there is a size limitation with this package. Its the same price as the 10 photo mix and match but comes with 10 photos AND a CD. Guess I'm trying to figure out the catch. I did read the FM package have to be posed pics only, no dining/embarkation/candid shots and they have to be chosen from what is already printed. Description on MSC: Family Moments Book Now and Save up to 47% vs Onboard Price! Including: 10 ready to frame prints 10 digital files to share with your friends, family and on
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