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  1. Interesting. Mine do too, although I'm not concerned as there's still plenty of time. It would be nice to know.
  2. Aaaaaaand, they are BACK! This time I took a screenshot (LOL), just in case!!!
  3. No, thank YOU for letting us know! As I mentioned, I won't be getting in touch with them right away, but if you do, kindly let us know. I'm also waiting to see what happens to all the other cruises we have lined up. I'll let THEM cancel this time!
  4. Thanks for the reply... I made a note for myself to eventually check this again in the upcoming weeks (most likely months!) when things will hopefully quiet down. It's like, can they get anything right? Sorry for venting, I'm a bit frustrated with everything that is going on.
  5. Are those certificates still there? Today I logged back in, and while I can now see the FCC for my portion of the sailing, I can't see the CruiseNext Deposits that were put back in the account anymore! #FacePalm
  6. Please keep us posted. I just logged back in, and I can see them now, with the new expiration.
  7. I wonder exactly the same thing, and we have a few cruises coming up! Oh well, we'll cross that bridge when we get there, I guess! Stay safe!
  8. I think that/those will go back to your "My Coupons and Credits" section under "Account Overview". I have 6 I haven't used yet, and I'm currently waiting to see these two from the cancelled cruise show up again, so hang on tight as well.
  9. And OURS as well! We have A LOT invested in NCL, both emotionally and financially.
  10. Thanks! After receiving the second email and figuring out the missing amount, it does make sense. Now we only need to hope we will actually have a chance to use the FCC, hoping NCL won't go under.
  11. Hey Michael, I'll try to explain: We received TWO separate emails, one for each Latitude Member. My FCC was $500 lower than my husband's, and that is because I was the one who originally purchased the CruiseNext certificates. So to recap, my email stated: $1,332.41, his stated $1,832.41. The total is $500 shorts of what we "paid', and those $500 are the two CruiseNext Certificates which we're now guessing will be put back, in exactly that shape, in my Latitude Account. Hope this clarifies and best of luck for those June cruises; I like to think w
  12. Yes, it makes perfect sense. It has to be THAT. Also, it makes sense that the CruiseNext certificates were subtracted from MY total as they were in MY name. Thanks for taking the time to reply, I appreciate it.
  13. Yup, that's probably it. I was just editing my reply, when I realized that's the magic number. It would be nice if they mentioned that.
  14. Thanks for chiming in...! We just received the other email, and THAT one is for the correct amount $1,832.41, which, times two, gives us $3,664.82. At this point I'm thinking someone actually typed the incorrect amount (incorrect $1,332.41 vs correct $1,832.41), or ***EDIT*** maybe it's because we're going to get the CruiseNext Deposits back in the form of CruiseNext Deposits (that actually may make sense). I won't be calling them now, because I don't need the extra aggravation (sheltering in place and watching CNBC is enough!), but I will call when this will, hopefully, die dow
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