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  1. It's all those degenerate gamblers!
  2. That's the starboard bridge wing. That's where Captain Kate and the officers maneuver the Edge in and out of port. They have an unobstructed view down the side of the ship from there.
  3. There are 2 Captain Dimitrioses (Dimitrioi?). One is Kafeztis, who has brother Captain Tasos (they're the funny ones). The other is Captain Dimitrios Manetas. He's a very nice guy and an excellent sailor, but he's very business like. Sailed with both them in my Celebrity history.
  4. I've been very fortunate to have been cruising since 1986. I've sailed on a number of lines and many different types of ships (several that no longer exist). My first X cruise was on the Silhouette in 2017. The first impressions were amazing. Throughout the whole week, all I could think of is this is what cruised USED to be like. It reminded me of Royal Caribbean in the early 90s. Less crowded ships, more extensive service, excellent food and an elevated feeling of luxury. So far, Celebrity remains my favorite line of all the ones I've sailed on. Can't wait for my Edge cruise in less than 2 weeks!
  5. This post is spot on. I thought it was awesome that she was out there handing out water. I've been on 27 cruises in my lifetime and I can't tell you one of them where I even saw the slightest glimpse of the Captain on Embarkation Day. I mean, I know the Captain is busy with departure preparations, the previous voyage, the upcoming voyage and all the shoreside stuff that has to be done on Turnaround Day. I think it's awesome that Captain Kate takes time to greet the guests and welcome them to her ship.
  6. Celebrity has never had the Cocktail Hour on Embarkation Day or the night of the Senior Officers' Party.
  7. We're scheduled for Roatan on the August 21st cruise. It looks like the inaugural port call will be 2 weeks before that (on the Western cruise prior to ours). I looked at all the port calendar websites and none show Edge making a port call there, but that could just mean they haven't been updated. Our cruise planner is showing tours available in Roatan. I'm sure Captain Kate will post plenty to her social media when the first port call happens.
  8. Just booked Celebrity Edge today for the August 21st Sailing and made final payment. We upgraded to the ELEVATE package. On our invoice, it said it would 10 business days to reflect on the booking. Is this normal? When did most people see this show up on the cruise planner, followed by options to upgrade to the Drinks & More package? Just wondering time frames. Thanks!
  9. Is that Captain Carl Brown? He was the Captain of the Bahama Star when she rescued the survivors of the Yarmouth Castle in 65.
  10. We're cruising to St. Lucia on Celebrity Equinox and will be there on October 12th. I'm trying to get the best recommendations for a sailing trip to see the Pitons. I'm familiar with the terrain in St. Lucia, so I think by boat will be the best way to see them. We'll be in port from 8-5. Can anyone recommend the best sailing tour operator to book with? We'd prefer a boat that's not too crowded. Thanks!
  11. Anyone know what Captain Tasos's schedule is? We're cruising Equinox on October 5th and would love to have him. I sailed with his brother and would love to sail with him!
  12. I was on this cruise. We were NOT told there had been 5 deaths. At approximately 6:30 (90 minutes past sailing time), Captain Sal came on the PA to tell us there had been a vehicle accident on an independent tour involving people from the ship. He said there had been fatalities (and NEVER gave a number). He also said that the road was blocked and we were waiting on approximately 3-400 people on ship's tours to return. He also said a Care Team from the ship, including medical personnel had been sent ashore and that a Care Team from Miami had been dispatched as well. Matt followed up with roughly the same announcement about a minute later. About an hour later, Matt made another announcement that said 1 person from Vista had passed away in the accident. It was a horrible feeling to hear that announcement and it really pisses me off when people exaggerate. This is how nasty rumors get started.
  13. I've never been a participator in the line dances or the activities on the Lido Deck by the pool. I'm normally a deck or 2 above it. I have a Fun Ship Special in hand. It's a great feeling when the ship begins easing away from the pier and you start moving. The Captain blows the whistle and I'm officially on vacation! I love the Sail Away festivities, even if I don't participate.
  14. Vista most definitely has a Red Frog Pub. It's the Red Frog Pub and Brewery. It's on Deck 5, just forward of Ocean Plaza.
  15. We loved our Cove on the Magic several years ago. Never had an issue with sea spray. As others have stated, make sure to check the deck plans and find out what's above you. We were right under the Guest Services desk and had no issues at all.
  16. Although I never cruised on her, I remember the Starward being NCL's San Juan-based ship. I'd say that sounds about right.
  17. Brad Calabresse was probably my favorite. He was so personable and down-to-earth. He wasn't in your face. Made the cruise enjoyable. I also really enjoyed Greg Kneale. It was my first introduction to "The Bedtime Story"!
  18. I remember back on the Holiday in 1987, they served sandwiches from the bus they had on Broadway (the Promenade deck). I believe they had other late night food offerings around there, too (French onion soup, etc). Of course, this was conveniently located right outside the casino and Reflections Disco.
  19. Almost all of my business communications with my TA are through e-mail. She's extremely quick to respond takes care of what needs to be taken care of. I always include in all my e-mails the phrase: "when you have time" and I like to think that's appreciated. If it's urgent, I can text. I know I can always call if need-be, but I have yet to be in a situation where that's necessary. I tend to book the cruise myself right away if I spot a good deal and then transfer it to her as soon as I can. I'd like to think I have a great relationship with my TA.
  20. It wouldn't have been Legend of the Seas or it wouldn't have been 1992. Legend's inaugural season wasn't until 1995.
  21. On the Carnival Freedom, all Muster Stations are along the outside of Deck 4, where the lifeboats are stored. It's semi-enclosed.
  22. Quick question about Cheers and Galveston. I know you can't purchase alcohol on the first day due to TABC laws, but does the rest of the program work on Day 1 (i.e. sodas and other non-alcoholic beverages)? I'm inclined to think "no" because you're only paying for 6 days. Thanks!
  23. I had started to calm down until the Security Officer decided to bring Mr. Jersey Shore (we sailed out of Bayonne) over to "apologize". His apology included the words, "Don't know what you're so upset about, bro. It's no big deal." Let's just say, I had to walk down the hall to avoid being in violation of the Guest Conduct Policy.
  24. I used to think this wasn't a problem until last month. Royal Caribbean does this procedure on the newer ships. We just returned from Anthem of the Seas in June. When the cabins were ready, we went to our's. Our cards were not there. I went down to Guest Services, stood in line and had new cards printed. When I opened the door, there were bags in our cabin that weren't our's and the envelope that had our cards in it was on the desk and the cards were gone. I checked the tags and the people who came into our cabin weren't even close to their own. They just showed up at a random door, entered, took the cards and went off about the ship. We spent an hour on embarkation day with Security and Guest Services at our cabin until the offending party could be located to retrieve their stuff and questioned as to what happened. To say I was pissed off was an understatement. I asked to have the cabin fully cleaned again and made sure nothing had been charged on our cards. So for those saying "It can't happen." I have news for you. It can and it does!
  25. The Oceanic was built for Home Lines in 1965. She actually retained the name Oceanic for her entire career (well, Star/Ship Oceanic for her time with Premier). The Big Red Boat was just a nickname.
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