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  1. Hi all, Since there are very limited outlets in the cabin I was wondering if anyone brought an adapter to use the EU plug in the cabin. What we really want is just a plug with usb sockets. Thoughts?
  2. Hi All, So we ordered a 6 pack from Emed.com and then we ordered a two pack from Optum.com. If we have 3 of our 4 people prescribed on emed.com, how do we prescribe the 4th person? Or does the 4th person have to buy another $150 6 pack to be prescribed? tia
  3. What if you have been a loyal Carnival fan and have a high passenger status with them. Not many people are willing to go to another cruise line and start from the bottom. Just my opinion.
  4. Thank you for the great info. However my question was directed at whether each person is REQUIRED to take a minimum of one test or two in order to confirm the positive or negative result. Is one test enough if the result is positive?
  5. For the Abbott Binax home proctored test, how many tests are required? Do you need one or two test per person? We are leaving October 2 on the Magic. There are only four of us going. If we buy one 6 pack of the tests, that would be one test per person and two remaining in case of false positives or test failures. Or do we need to get two tests per person?
  6. So are we to assume that the testing at the terminals will start on September 13th??
  7. Has anyone seen this in the latest update with the new 48 hour testing window? What are your thoughts on this?
  8. Did you have to make an appointment and if so how far in advance did you have to make it?
  9. Hi Jay and company, This Binex Now rapid blue test that you took, was it a self test or did someone at walgreens administer the test for you?
  10. Hi Everyone! Can anyone please tell me if the cove balconies closer to the front of the ship are always wet from sea spray?
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