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  1. Depends how much development they do. I personally don't think there will be too much
  2. I saw this in an industry article (Cruise Weekly): and It sounds like there won't be much development of the island and they will leave it for what it is: natural beauty. Might be a few bars/restaurant areas but I doubt there will be many of the adventure activities you'd find on Labadee and obviously it won't be the theme park that is Coco Cay.
  3. I find it quite amusing that before drinks packages there were all these posts about drink smuggling, rum runners, strategies to smuggle etc. This is when most drinks were under $5 (plus tip). Then the drink packages came in and all was good with the world. Now the packages are very expensive, we're back to discussions on "smuggling". I wonder if the top dogs at RCL missed the lesson on the laws of supply and demand - in particular where price fits in to that
  4. I'm sure you'll be fine if you reserve as soon as you get on board. On my last cruise on ovation all the speciality restaurants were booked out but as soon as I got on board I made my preferred reservation without issue. I was told 50% is available to book online prior to departure and the half of slots are available on board.
  5. I think quoting your reservation number would be more secure than asking for your DOB or address - I'm guessing more people know these compared to your res number?
  6. Have asked, if I get a reply I'll be sure to let you know. If it's bad news it's unlikely to get a response I would imagine.
  7. From RCI Facebook page... Q: Brad_P: I might be missing something but I can only see those two changes. What about Skypad or Bamboo lounge etc? A: Royal Caribbean International Hi Brad - there are currently no plans to introduce Skypad or Bamboo lounge to Voyager of the Seas - however, along with The Perfect Storm and Laser Tag, there will be an upgrade to Adventure Ocean and Nursery (alongside Teen Spaces), upgrade to the Vitality Spa and Fitness Centre and a refresh of current features and areas.
  8. My bad, I thought they were the same thing - a lounge for GS+ only?
  9. Well there's always been a suite lounge but glad it's getting an upgrade. Our next cruise is an OS on Voyager so was hanging out for better news than this. With all those staterooms I think the reserved show seating will be very handy!
  10. Am I reading this right? The only additions are " The Perfect Storm", " Battle for Planet Z laser tag" and more staterooms? What about the other additions that other voyager-class ships got? Where's the Sky Pad? Bamboo Lounge? Playmakers....? Seems like yet again Aus/NZ/Sth Pac receive under investment 😞
  11. I work in the claims department of a travel insurance company (albein in New Zealand) so I see on a daily basis the many good reasons to take out travel insurance 🙂
  12. Haven't been to Coco Cay but on Labadee, there were loungers under fixed thatch shade areas so you don't need to bring your own umbrella. I've only done My Time but I do know that if you email the dinining team in advance or go to the dining room on embarkation day you'll most likely be able to get a table for two. It'll most likely be inches away from the next table of two though. Yes but don't expect them to be very cold. On most ships you disembark between 6.30am and 8.30am The only guarantee is that they'll be ready after 1.30pm - most of the time it's earlier though 🙂
  13. This literally made me LOL, I'd love to see someone do this 
  14. Here's my review but it's from Feb last year 🙂
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