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  1. So I am making a booking and I come to the page where I choose my dining option and option to pre-pay grats. It also gives me the option to check off $310 Cdn pp. as a deposit refundable up to the deadline date. I check it off and hit continue and everything grinds to a halt because now it says I must pay $503 non-refundable deposit. Am I missing something or has anyone encountered what appears to be a contradiction here?
  2. Sorry, it WAS me. The option actually was for refundable at an extra cost of $310 added to the cruise. The deposit itself was still $503 Cdn. I took non-refundable and am now booked on HOTS next February. First time on RCCL since 2007 so I will be asking more questions I am sure.
  3. Booking from Canada with the quote in Canadian dollars. If I owe $3000 Canadian dollars, is that amount frozen or can it fluctuate? My experience with NCL is that is the amount I pay down the road at the deadline. However, I have seen many hotels which give you Cdn. dollars for reference only and you pay in US $ when you actually check out and are at the mercy of the exchange rate on that day. I just want to confirm it is the former and not the latter.
  4. Maplemoose

    Adventure to Canada

    I am in Halifax and July is usually in the low 20's, not nearly as humid as NY or Ontario. (I spent many summers in Ottawa where the humidity can be oppressive). Having said that, last summer was hotter than usual and there can be rainy spells any time. You should be fine in the pools. Some unsolicited advice. Halifax is a lot more interesting than Peggy's Cove, the darling of the shore excursion people and it is very walkable, though hilly.
  5. So may I presume that the non-refundable is probably the correct charge? Is that what most people are seeing? I wonder if there is any chance that they are rolling out a refundable option promotion and this is a kinda beta attempt. Probably too optimistic there! 😃
  6. Maplemoose

    Harmony "perks"

    I was doing a simulated booking for a 2020 Harmony cruise and I noticed dine/drink "perks"attached to various balcony categories. What seemed curious was that the lower priced cabins had perks such as wine and a Johnny Rockets meal listed while the higher priced ones didn't. Can anyone explain what is going on here. And is the soda package actually free when it is listed?
  7. How does the reservation system work for the major production (Grease?) in the Harmony theatre?
  8. Maplemoose

    Harmony "perks"

    Freestyle drink mug? Only one per cabin?
  9. Maplemoose

    Theatre Reservations

    Thanks to all.
  10. Maplemoose

    Theatre Reservations

    Thank you. I am more interested in what happens next. For instance, on NCL, you make the reservation and the doors open 30 minutes before the show for those with reservations. Standby people are admitted 20 minutes later. We have always been able to sit up front which is important because of my wife's vision problems. Does everyone need to make a reservation on RCCL? How early must one line up in advance. I am presuming seats are not assigned.
  11. Maplemoose

    Harmony "perks"

    Oh, ok. With 18 decks I did realize that there would probably be no line of vision to the water from 8 to 10 decks from the top. It is food for thought though for someone like me who always gets a balcony on a traditional ship, if there is such an animal these days. I am also used to the Waterfront on NCL which provides an uncrowded setting to relax overlooking the water. Does the Harmony have anyplace with a quiet ambiance overlooking the ocean?
  12. Maplemoose

    Harmony "perks"

    Ok, now I am a bit confused. Are you saying that there is not a good view of the Boardwalk and activities and people there?
  13. Maplemoose

    Harmony "perks"

    Thank you. It just seemed curious that the lower priced balconies got this. I can only surmise that they are not nearly as popular as the outside and they didn't want to lower the price so they added perks. So that leads me to ask for comments on those 2 categories from those who have experienced them. Anyone?
  14. Maplemoose

    Just off Symphony - the good and meh

    Do you have to make reservations for MTD? Seems to defeat the purpose. We have done NCL where there is no traditional seating and never had to wait and also Carnival where they had a separate room for ATD. It sounds like everyone is mixed together on RCCL. Is that true? Are there many tables for 2?
  15. Thank you. Can you tell me is there anytime dining as on a regular Celebrity cruise? I presume one can use the buffet to have a quick meal to see more performances. Also, does Celebrity drop the drink perk for this cruise?
  16. Hopefully someone will find this post one year later. I am thinking of the 2020 cruise and my major concern is "Will I get my money's worth in concerts? How crowded do they get and how many are "sold out" by queues an hour before? how many can I get to see each day? etc etc.
  17. Maplemoose

    Fish and Chips at O'Sheehan's

    It depends on the type of fish also. People seem to say fish is fish which is like saying meat is meat. I love haddock fish and chips which we get where I live. Others like cod. What type of fish is served would depend on the itinerary I would imagine. So many different types are possible.
  18. Maplemoose

    Thoughts on Orlando to cruise port?

    CORTRANS is a great shuttle service. Google them. We paid $20 pp one way from airport hotel to ship. So unless there are more than 2 people I would choose it over uber. There are many other good references for CORTRANS on here if you search.
  19. Maplemoose

    Specialty Restaurant Prices Exceeding $20

    Hope this is not off-topic but I have an SPD perk upcoming and this makes me wonder what limits are applied to Cagney's (and other restaurants). I understood I was entitled to an appetizer, entree and dessert. Is there a limit within these choices?
  20. Maplemoose


    Lupush, you said no problem about the straws but that doesn't help the OP who needs one! When you have a frozen drink you need a straw or wait 15 minutes till it melts. Easy answer is BYOS.
  21. Maplemoose

    Escape Chior of Man

    I am on the Encore in June 2020 and MYNCL lists it as in the theatre with a $15 cover charge. Hopefully this is a mistake
  22. Maplemoose

    Latitudes Question

    I received an email yesterday regarding Latitude Rewards for February. One point it mentioned but not in detail was up to $100 in OBC if I logged into MyNCL and booked a cruise. The impression I took away was that this was for all cruises for Latitudes members. However, after booking the Encore. making a deposit and checking my account I see no mention of OBC. Did I misinterpret this?
  23. Maplemoose

    Everything... Norwegian ENCORE! Launch Nov 2019

    So it is free on the Escape? Its says "15.95" and book when onboard in MyNCL for Encore. It also says Cavern Club can be reserved which does not sound right either.
  24. Maplemoose

    Latitudes Question

    So I am not going to get the points either? May have to do a rebooking at some point since the cruise is still 15 moths away!
  25. Maplemoose

    Everything... Norwegian ENCORE! Launch Nov 2019

    I just booked the Encore and looking at MyNCL there is a $15 charge for Choir of Man in the theatre. Is this the current policy for this show on whatever ships it is appearing?