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  1. NCL Girl, it looks like you can make reservations on August 19 or so, is that right? If so can you post at the time to let us know if it is comp or not? I am not on ii until next May.
  2. Everything I read about Bernard's tours says or implies that it is private. Is this true? Can a couple just book it like you would a ship's tour?
  3. Does anyone know if the Choir of Man is comp. On MyNCL it still shows as $15.99.
  4. Sorry that should be Feb. 23 2020 cruise on HOTS.
  5. I knew there was a reason I checked CC every day! I just bought it for our May 31, 2020 cruise on HOTS. Canadian dollars so I was charged $23 a day. I guess as Canadians we will have to drink more. I will take it as a Canada Day gift!
  6. Excuse me for going slightly off topic, but what about visually impaired? My wife is legally blind but still partially sighted. She can see shows from the front. Anything towards the back would be a waste of time for us. I have enquired and told guest services will help us after we board. I have learned not to be too trusting of statements like this. Just wondering if anyone has experience with this situation.
  7. In Aruba, we came across a local tour just at the end of the dock area near the main street. Don't recall the name but it was $25 pp I believe. He had about 8 passengers and took us around the island for 2-3 hours. Four stops, including the lighthouse and the rock formation area which was covered in cacti. Good photo opps. Also the Aloe fields and factory. He then stops at Eagle Beach and will pick you up after an hour. That is optional. Seemed like much more value for money than ship excursion for sure. Never stopped talking about the island. I would recommend. We just walked around in Curacao but noticed local tours being sold in the area just after you cross the pontoon bridge. Considered a $35 tour there but after our walking didn't have enough time. May be worth checking out.
  8. We were to both a couple of years ago and in Hamilton they had a free walking tour with the town crier. Excellent and over 2 hours long. Larger and more shopping and such in Hamilton and also seemed safer with some roads in St. George with small or no sidewalks and cars whizzing by. The highlights in St. George are some old churches and heritage buildings plus the "dunking of the wench ceremony", either a hoot or politically incorrect depending on your sense of humour. You may want to google and check if Hamilton still has the free walking tour.
  9. I understand the process with specialty dining restaurants with a cover charge but how does it work with a la carte. What are my limits?
  10. ...straighten out your dining plans? After reading many posts here about traditional and MTD I am still left confused on the options we will have, especially concerning MTD and intend to head directly to wherever I can confirm/change/clarify our situation. Is it one of the dining rooms? TIA
  11. Thank you. I did not think they had tables for 2 in traditional. I will check that out.
  12. Interesting. Are they still showing as 5:45 in your planner? If you remember could you update this post after your cruise as to what happened. Thanks.
  13. Yes, but the point is that MTD does not start until 6:30 on the Harmony now, so showing up at 5 or 5:15 is pointless. The Compass on earlier cruises still said 5:15 but now clearly states 6:30 as per the edition posted on Royal Caribbean blog website. The best case scenario is that the policy is changed for our cruise in 2020.
  14. That is what I was counting on too but the above posts plus the revised MTD times in the May 26 Compass don't make it too likely.
  15. Yes, I just found the Compass with those times. 6:30 is too late for us. With 2 of us I am sure they would throw us at a table of strangers if we booked an early traditional seating. Seems they are trying to say "Hey we have flex dining too but only if you go after 630 and wait in line with a large mob". I guess I should have stayed loyal to NCL!
  16. Thank you. So the earliest you can eat with MTD is 630, reservation or not.. No wonder there is such a crowd! Wonder why they changed it from an hour earlier.
  17. Another vote for Cortrans here. Great service when we used it.
  18. About the My Time Dining. What time did you usually go that found it so crowded? What time did it open? It seems you can't reserve before 6:30 but Compass says it opens much earlier. We like to go at opening on other cruise lines and have never had trouble getting seated. If the earliest is 6:30 we will just go to other alternatives.
  19. You normally don't pay for theatre productions. Hence, the confusion re Choir of Man. As for reservations, you don't need to make them but if you do you can get your pick of seats by arriving 30 minutes before showtime when the doors open. Otherwise, you join the standby line and can't enter until 10 minutes before the show. Much better system than I experienced on Carnival where there were no ressies and you had to stand for close to 45 mins to have a chance at a good seat. NCL entertainment was superior also.
  20. I can see the theatre on the Harmony is spread over 3 decks 3-5. However the Cruise Compass refers to it being on decks 4 and 5 only. Does that mean that there is no entrance on deck 3 and that on Deck 4, you either go down or up? Also, are there many seats are reserved for the Key, suites, VIP's etc. Enough that early goers can't snag seats near the front? We are used to NCL where we have never had a problem getting front or 2nd row seats.
  21. I just checked this site for my cruise on HOTS the last week of February 2020. It shows Harmony at CC on March 1st and 2nd. The cruise actually ends at Canaveral on March 1. So I would question its accuracy obviously.
  22. Hope you are right. It certainly looks rather dubious, especially when you consider they say "book later" for Cavern Club which is normally not bookable at all.
  23. Because the app says so! It lists the entertainment options and for each one says either "book later" or "book onboard". For Kinky Boots it says the latter. And for Choir of of Man it says $15.95 as well. Pretty straightforward. I have always booked the main production before the cruise when reservations opened. It may be in error but that is what they are saying now! So I am not thinking that, I am seeing it!
  24. And they are listing it as costing $16 whereas it has been included in the past. Further, the main show, Kinky Boots can't be booked until onboard which is unprecedented I believe.
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