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  1. This week last year we were on the Symphony so we have been cruisless for one year as of this coming Sunday. Next scheduled cruises are in late June from Stockholm (most likely will be canceled) and August from Galveston (50/50) at this point in time. We have five booked in 2022 and certainly expect those to sail beginning in January.
  2. That ban also wipes out the fall sailings to Canada from Boston as well as the Jewel TA in late August.
  3. My 3/14/21 Oasis was a tier cruise and I couldn't switch it to my TA (me). They will list my agency number as they now pay a small flat fee commission on casino bookings made by TA's through the CR call center. They did move my tier cruise to 2022 without any problems since they canceled it.
  4. In addition to coordinating flights with several airlines, the TA webinar on Wednesday indicated that Royal will have charter flights our of MIA to Barbados on departure Sundays. There was no mention of costs but this may help get everyone to the ship since the ship will not sail until 10 PM, allowing day of flight arrivals.
  5. My March 14th tier cruise was cancelled. I went to my CR offers page and found nothing listed. I called around 730 this evening and got a great agent who basically lifted and shifted me to March 13, 2022 Oasis. I even got a small refund as the upgrade for 2022 was cheaper than the 2021 sailing. The whole process took 10 - 15 minutes.
  6. I jumped on CP and booked an aft JS around 1230 on Wednesday when I saw the announcement on Vicki's weekly travel advisors webinar. Got a great rate for a really interesting new itinerary. When I booked, there were already a fair number of booked/unavailable cabins. Part of the announcement is that Royal has partnered with several airlines to add capacity on Sundays for the Barbados departures. As noted above, the ship will depart at 10 PM which gives more time for same day flights. Fares are only available 11 months out so just becoming available for the first December sailings.
  7. My Casino Royale offer box is as empty as the cruise terminals in Miami and Ft Lauderdale.
  8. We lost two more as well. This makes a total of 9 for us. Three more in March and April and they will likely be gone as well. This is getting old.
  9. You have until October 31st to move your booking to a new sailing. The 5 days (September 28th) is the date by which Royal says they will complete moving all impacted reservations to new sailings. The original press release was a preliminary release and someone screwed up and inadvertently released it. They then pulled it down as the backup arrangements weren't yet completed and all in place.
  10. Here it is. Dear valued Travel Partners, Today, we are announcing updates to our summer 2021 deployment as a result of market research and valuable feedback that we’ve received from each of you and your clients. These unrivaled itineraries, combined with Royal Caribbean’s award-winning ships, are guaranteed to deliver an unforgettable vacation. With new options in Europe and additional island time in the Caribbean, this new deployment line-up opens the door for bucket-list adventures — both near and far! Reintroduci
  11. Just checked and Cruising Power and the public website plus Cruise Planner login pages are all "down for system maintenance". While it is true that Royal does IT maintenance on weekend nights, it seems unusual for all of their systems to be offline. Perhaps this maintenance includes a major change in itineraries like the short lived press release prematurely released late last week and removed form their Press Center within hours of posting.
  12. We've had some luck over the years as my wife has won bingo several times but the one time she went back to the cabin to get ready for dinner I went and won the free cruise. I've also won the blackjack tournament a couple of times and my largest slot jackpot was $3,000. My wife hit two jackpots in the $1,000 - $1,100 range on the same machine on the same cruise. (Yay! No W-2G from Royal when under $1,200.00). We also won the $300 OBC from Next Cruise on one trip plus lots and lots of RCL swag in various giveaways and Meet & Mingles.
  13. I agree these are great offers. Our problem is trying to fit one of these into an already busy schedule but I'll do my best to make something work. I haven't been in Alaska since I was there for work back in the early 1980's and my wife has never been there. Our original thinking about Alaska was to do a cruisetour but this is too good of an opportunity to pass up. I wonder if I can use an FCC for an upgrade? That and airline e-certs or miles and this is a win-win vacation. Just need a big slot win to cap it off. LOL
  14. I just checked and I have the 20CNE402 (balcony) offer for Bayonne sailings and $200 FP. I agree its the best I've seen. It's good through September 10th.
  15. At this point I would be ready for a 3 or 4 night cruise to anywhere or nowhere as long as the casino is open.
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