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  1. Thrak,our flights have been moved over for our May 2nd cruise.They were done at least a week ago.
  2. The last time we were in Victoria we visited Spinnaker Brewpub which was recommended to us from a friend .Then we visited an Irish Pub .We try and find an Irish Pub where ever we travel. A nice way to finish up a cruise.
  3. Thank you Ellie for sharing your cruise with so many of us!You have gotten me through rough times .Not being able to travel I looked forward to the travels you shared. Hope you son continues to improve and is back to normal soon. Maybe we will meet someday on deck! Smooth sailings,
  4. Enjoy your special trip!Congratulations on finishing your treatments. And thank you for your past service for your Country.
  5. Oh my ,what a very scary picture! We hope he is safe and stays out of harms way! All so many of us can do is send our prayers!
  6. Have a terrific cruise.Many of us are traveling along in spirit! Enjoy and keep us updated when you can.
  7. Those are numbers up to the end of May 2021,I believe. There is a real push for second does in Ontario.Our numbers for covid are dropping greatly. Over half the people vaccinated yesterday were second dose.Thankfully I was one of them.DH gets his second on Thursday.
  8. Thomas is a beautiful ray of sunshine, which I think we all needed. Give him a snuggle for us.!
  9. Tony I am so very sorry for you loss. Hopefully people will start to listen that this virus is so very terrible Stay safe.
  10. Congratulations to the parents and to you Ellie and your husband! So glad everyone is well.
  11. Congratulations! So glad every one is well.When a child is born so to is a Grandmother & a Grandfather .
  12. Hope all goes well for your daughter and all your family! Let us know how everything turns out. You may have to get a grass skirt or a flowered shirt to take home from this cruise.
  13. Ellie so glad to have you back and that your husband is doing so much better. You have given us a little ray sun on some very gloomy days. Thank you.
  14. Just boarding our plane to make our way to join you on the ship tomorrow. We are totally going to enjoy our adventure with you all.This is our first time on this ship.
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